Chew Lips reMixed by Big C

Chew Lips

Sound your air horns! It’s a premiere! On his continuing quest to infect all our brains with his infectious, chilled out, Italo/Dub mix London based producer Big C has taken Chew Lips’ fantastic new single, Hurricane, and give it both a retro ElectroPop workout and an island swing. At the same time. It’s like a musical threeway!

Hurricane is the biggest, Popiest track we’ve heard from the newest Chew Lips album so far, and a highlight of their new live set, but in Big C’s hands it becomes an atmospheric groover that really draws out the sultry drawl in Tigs vocal. Haunting Rootsy piano plays nicely against the Euro-dancefloor arpeggios with an almost Morricone feel at times. It’s a mysterious, Caribbean vibe that shouldn’t go into retro Robot music at all, let alone Chew Lip’s eclectic ElectroPop, but Big C manages to combine all three elements with an effortless cool and seamless production. Basically, it’s like a Frenchman in a futuristic black and red leather suit sipping rum on a beach in Jamaica. Or a dreadlocked warrior living it up off the shores of Orion. Italo Dub should be everyone’s new favourite genre.

♫ Chew Lips – Hurricane (Big C remix)

Chew Lips’ new single Hurricane is out now.

Buy Chew Lips’ music from:

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