[Video] Pyramid’s ‘Film Noir’


Pyramid   Film Noir ft. Holy Oysters   YouTube

One of the most interesting producers coming out of France right now, and in the past half-decade, is Pyramid. Film Noir, (a collaboration with Holy Oysters)  is out now on Kitsuné Music as part of the Night Tales EP, alongside this official video.

Rodrigue Huart directed this turbulent tale of band in-fighting.

Pyramid’s Night Tales EP is out now.

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[Audio] Chelas ‘Zero’ reMixed by Backstroke



One of our favourite Australian artists, Chela, is gearing up for the release of her new single, Zero. The track originally appeared on her Zero Mixtape EP last year but will soon be presented accompanied by an impressive reMix packed featuring storming tracks from Clancy and Keljet. Due to Kitsuné Music’s esoteric PR decisions we can’t actually play you any of the forthcoming release, and probably never will, but you can check this reMix from American producer Backstroke, it’s not actually on the single, but it’s quite nice in it’s own right.

Backstoke folds in a whole bunch of influences into his mix, there’s a bit of Future R&B, a bit of LA Funk, a bit of Dreamwave, and a bit of Tropical Disco all held together with some booming beats. Chela’s vocals flow over the track like water, giving you an indication of how they play out in the other reMixes (spoiler alert: awesomely!) and should get your mouth (ears?) watering for the single to drop.

♫ Chela – Zero (Backstroke reMix)

Chela’s ‘Zero’ is released 10th March.

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[Mixtape] Clancy’s ‘Kitsuné New Faces’



Clancy – Kitsuné New Faces = Clancy get’s his latest single Overdue, on the latest compilation from Kitsuné Music, New Faces; and in exchange delivers a storming hour-long mix to celebrate the album’s release. Most of this isn’t taken from the record, rather Clancy’s own personal jam bank, with a few extra bits of Clancy just for good measure.

♫ Clancy – Kitsuné New Faces

The tracklist:

01. Clancy – Overdue
02. Baunz (Feat. 3rd Eye ) – Out Of The Window (Walker & Royce reMix)
03. Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik reMix)
04. Finnesbassen – Jaeger
05. Sakorka – Felling Inside (Clancy reMix)
06. Pirupa (Feat. Leon) – Every Life (Tube & Berger reMix)
07. Jimmy & Fred – I See Lights (Karmon reMix)
08. Clancy – Can’t You See
09. George Fitzgerald – Magnetic (Original Mix)
10. Clancy – Overdue (Urulu reMix)
11. Joshua Jesse & Minus 104 (Feat. Ricarda) – Changes (Original mix)

Kitsuné New Faces is out 24th February.

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[Audio] The Swiss’ ‘Kiss To Kiss’ (+ Amtrac, Pyramid and Breakbot reMixes)



Australian Disco duo The Swiss released their latest EP last week. The follow up to their Eloisa EP, and again unleashed via Kitsuné Music, Kiss To Kiss is a classy DiscoPop epic backed with four storming reMixes featuring works from names such as of Breakbot, Pyramid and Amtrac. It’s a pretty impressive package, with each version taking on a life of it’s own. You won’t find four cookie cutter Disco mixes here, each one has a very separate identity.

The original version of Kiss To Kiss is a lush and opulent affair. Rich in Cosmic Disco synths applied to a 70s Mirrorballed arrangement. Canadian singer Roxane Ashley Aiston (from Cordova’s amazing Paradigm) lends her sweet voice to the track, her vocals gliding across the track like silk, rising and falling with the track, melding with the think synths to create something both Funky and pretty cinematic. This is epic DiscoPop right here. Amtrac does an excellent job of taking that vocal line and going all Deep House with it. Growling sine basses and 909 hats are the order of the day here as Amtrac weaves the surprise standout on the EP, a sure-fire club hit. Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid plays up the bombastic nature of the track as he delivers one of his soaring Terminator version of the song. Gruff bass and cascading synths from a dystopian soundtrack dominate the track only to be tempered with some unexpected sweet Disco licks. We we’re half prepared to be a bored with the Breakbot reMix, he’s gotten a little samey of late, but subverting out expectation he turns is a massive vintage Cosmic Disco oddessy, loaded with electronic zaps and pows and a tough, but funky, analog bassline. Alongside an extended version and B-side Golden Century, this really is an awesome collection of tracks. Pity the cover artwork is truly awful though.

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Original)

♫ The Swiss –  Kiss To Kiss (Amtrac reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Breakbot reMix)

The Swiss’ Kiss To Kiss is out now.

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[MP3] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’



We dropped the video for London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG’s Mogadisco a few months ago, well this week the single finally saw it’s release. It’s now available to but in all it’s urban Tropical glory and the single package comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of Fare Soldi, Pharo Black Magic and Eliot. Thanks to Continental Records, the original version of the tune is right here as a free download.

Mogadisco is a popping, carefree slice of instrumental DiscoPop. With a solid House beat behind it and heaps of Tropical purcussion, Mogadisco conjures up a mood of late night good times, good friends and good weather. Of those times when your in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor and nothing else matters. Hint’s of retro stylings in it’s B-boy breakdown and grumbling synths give the track a little twist, but really, it;s all about that euphoric lead line. The picks of the reMixes has to go to Pharo Black Magic, who deliver a deep Disco rendition of the track with an infectious bass and an almighty breakdown and Eliot’s Tropical Euromix in all it’s early 90s glory. This is a collection that deserves a place in your crate.

JBAG – Mogadisco

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Eliot’s Tropical Euromix)

JBAG’s Mogadisco is out now.

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[Mixtape] Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix by Jerry Bouthier



Jerry Bouthier – Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix = Kitsuné Music have got their latest instalment of the Maison compilation series lined up for an October release. Can you believe it’s volume fifteen!? All Kitsuné’s freshest cuts for the past few months are present and correct alongside some future treats. Once again JBAG’s Jerry Bouthier is on MiniMix duties.

Jerry Bouthier – Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix

The tracklist:
01. Antimatter People – Only Ark
02. Years & Years – Traps
03. The Swiss – Kiss to Kiss (Amtrac reMix)
04. Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oliver Nelson reMix)
05. Jonny Pierce – Home
06. Techniques – Switch (Adelaide reMix)
07. Horixon (Feat. Robert Owens) – Lifeline
08. Chela – Romanticise
09. Nonono – Scared
10. Denitia And Sene – Casanova

Kitsuné Maison 15 is released 21st October.

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[Audio] Crayon reMixes Is Tropical’s ‘Lover’s Cave’


Is Tropical

This week saw the release of the new single from Kitsuné Music dance-rockers Is Tropical and sat amongst the reMixes is this shining star from one of our favourite producers, ex-Le Crayon, now just Crayon. The track, Lover’s Cave boasts a whole host of sweet reMixes from the likes of the amazing tesla Boy, Dombrace K-X-P and Jonjo Jury, but we think Crayon’s just takes the prize.

You’ll realise why this reMix is our pick of the release the second that warm, thick, 80s synth funk bassline kicks in. It’s pure Boogie, who’s Boogieness is only compounded by the rolling modulated synths and spaced-out delayed vocals snatches. It’s an utterly compelling track, revelling in nostalgia and vintage groove, but with both feet planted firmly in the present. Play out all this over a poppin’ B-Boy beat and Crayon has done it again. Frankly, this reMix is far too good for the mediocre original.

♫ Is Tropical – Lover’s Cave (Crayon reMix)

Is Tropical’s Lover’s Cave is out now.

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[Video] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’


JBAG   Mogadisco  official video    YouTube

This is the brand new video for one of London’s première ElectroPop duos JBAG’s Mogadisco. It’s a carefree piano House and Electro tune that features on the forthcoming Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 compilation, which put together by JBAG’s Jerry Bouthier and Kitsuné Music’s Gildas.

Caio Zini put the video together, and animated affair featuring some robot shenanigans.

Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 is released 1st July.

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[Video] Gigamesh’s ‘GTFO’


Gigamesh   GOTF  Official Video    YouTube

GTFO, Minneapolis based synthetic Disco merchant Gigamesh’s contribution to Kitsuné Music new Kitsuné America 2 compilation is a spellbinding slice of Boogie that is now available for your viewing pleasure in video form.

With such an awesomely retro tune, the video could only be like it is, loaded with vintage video effects and bad dancing.

Kitsuné America 2 is out now.

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[Audio] Alison Valentine’s ‘Circles And Triangles’


Alison Valentine

Out this week is the new compilation from Kitsuné Music, Kitsuné America 2. Amongst the many great tunes held within is this gem, the new track from New York Indie-ElectroPop princess Alison Valentine, Circles And Triangles. So settle back and prepare to be enveloped by Valentines musical dream.

As it;s title suggests, Circles And Triangles is a daydreamy, doodley piece of music. A swirling audio painting with an almost Chillwave atmosphere underpinned by some solid Funk bass and drums. Alison delivers her hazy vocal with the kinds of intriguing quirk that we haven’t really heard since the first Marina And The Diamonds records. Managing to somehow be both and smokey  and insanely catchy Circles And Triangles is utterly intoxicating.

♫ Alison Valentine – Circles And Triangles

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