[Audio] digitalfoxglove reMixes The Knocks & St. Lucia’s ‘Modern Hearts’


the knocks

digitalfoxglove tunes. Like busses, if you’ll excuse the cliché. You wait for ages for one then two come along at once. Pulling up to the rear of yesterday’s Daytona comes DFG’s ReDub of The Knocks and St. Lucia’s awesome recent single Modern Hearts. Take your Disco hat off though, this one is going to get deep.

Italo Dub, if you will (and we do!), this reMix get under your skin with a relentless hypnotic groove. Quite Techno in places, the synthetic arpeggios and machine drums pounding out a mid-paced rhythm create an unwavering core for the track. Heavily modulated snatches of the original’s vocal float in and out of the track alongside Dub-like effects bringing a slightly unsettling vibe to the track. It’s no-less compellingly funky though.

♫ The Knocks (Feat. St. Lucia) – Modern Hearts (digitalfoxglove ReDub)

The Knocks’ Modern Hearts is out now.

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Michoacan’s ‘Disco Sucks so Good’ reMixes


Michoacan’s Disco Sucks So Good, or D.S.S.G was originally the B-side for his 2006 Lectroluv 12” Basshead. It seems the track made such an impression on those at Eskimo Recordings that six years later they are about to present the track, and a ton of remixes, fresh for 2012.

Disco Sucks So Good is a wicked crossover track Indie-Disco in a LCD Soundsystem or The Faint vein with an added injection of heavy Dub. A haunting raucous electronic workout that somehow manages to keep a groove while post-punk vocals wail over the top. The reMix package has been expertly chosen. Kasper Bjørke delivers our favourite as he holds on to the space Dub feel of the original, but mixed it deftly with some hypnotic Disco and Italo (maybe ‘Italo Dub’ is a thing after all?). Making Vito Areoplane’s monthly mix tape this month is Martin Dubka’s take on the track, who brings an explosive Moroder Disco style to the tune and takes the spaced-out Dub effects into Cosmic Funk territory. Also on the release you’ll find an Acid Funking mix from tiger Stripes.

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Original Mix)

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Kasper Bjørke reMix)

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka reMix)

Michoacan’s Disco Sucks So Good is out 29th October on Eskimo Recordings.

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Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine

flemming dalum kid machine

Two of the worlds finest Italo minds have come together, at last, for an original recording. DJ legend, King Of The Cut,  Flemming Dalum and Manchester’s new Italo godfather Kid Machine are gearing up for the release of their new collaborative 12”, titled Fantasmi.

Fantasmi is a futuristic thrill ride of a track. With in it’s five minutes it takes the listen on a journey, a narrative, that slide from one mood to the next whilst keeping solid time with the machine beat. From the offset you are presented with rapid fire arpeggios and Industrial percussion but soon the track eases you into, not a frantic tune, but a mid-tempo synthetic odyssey. mixing in a lot of Dubby elements into their brooding Sci-Fi synths, highlighting the offworld feel and acting as a nice foil for the piercing melodies, the human side of the Fantasmi. Fantasmi is the lead track from an EP highlighting Mantchester’s electronic talent, including work from Ste Spandex, Il Bosco, and Starion.

♫ Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine – Fantasmi

Fantasmi and EP1 will be out on limited edition 12” soon, via new Manchester label Red Laser Records.

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Chew Lips reMixed by Big C

Chew Lips

Sound your air horns! It’s a premiere! On his continuing quest to infect all our brains with his infectious, chilled out, Italo/Dub mix London based producer Big C has taken Chew Lips’ fantastic new single, Hurricane, and give it both a retro ElectroPop workout and an island swing. At the same time. It’s like a musical threeway!

Hurricane is the biggest, Popiest track we’ve heard from the newest Chew Lips album so far, and a highlight of their new live set, but in Big C’s hands it becomes an atmospheric groover that really draws out the sultry drawl in Tigs vocal. Haunting Rootsy piano plays nicely against the Euro-dancefloor arpeggios with an almost Morricone feel at times. It’s a mysterious, Caribbean vibe that shouldn’t go into retro Robot music at all, let alone Chew Lip’s eclectic ElectroPop, but Big C manages to combine all three elements with an effortless cool and seamless production. Basically, it’s like a Frenchman in a futuristic black and red leather suit sipping rum on a beach in Jamaica. Or a dreadlocked warrior living it up off the shores of Orion. Italo Dub should be everyone’s new favourite genre.

♫ Chew Lips – Hurricane (Big C remix)

Chew Lips’ new single Hurricane is out now.

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