[Audio] Flemming Dalum reMixes Decadance Vs. Italoconnection


Disco Modernism records have got something a bit special lined up for their next release. Italo pioneers Rago and Farina are set to, once again, unleash their classic Decadance track On And On (Fears Keep On). Originally released in 1983, the track has achieved near-legendary status amongst Italo fans. here it is presented re-produced for 2013 with Italoconnection and a little additional vocals from Vik. Featuring on the release is a fresh remix from none other than the King Of The Cut, Flemming Dalum.

Flemming delivers a absolutely blinding reMix here. Thick with pulsating synths, Flemming’s reMix is a Sci-Fi epic. The original stood it’s ground  as early 80s futurism, and this reMix delivers the same attitude. The bassline alone is so full and deep that you’re looking over your shoulder, half expecting our robot overlords to be arriving. Add to this the growling vocoder work and that amazing arpeggio progression from the original and you’ve got yourself the soundtrack to a rainy near-future dystopia and a track that compels you to hit your local Italo dancefloor.

♫ Decadance Vs. Italoconnection (Feat. Vik) – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Flemming Dalum reMix)

Decadance Vs. Italoconnection’s On And On (Fears Keep On) is released 1st February.

Check out more from Decadance Vs. Italoconnection on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Flemming Dalum reMixes Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder

reMixes of Disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder’s From Here To Eternity (our second favourite Moroder track) seem to be coming this and fast. First MB Disco released a bunch of reMixes, including work from Aeroplane and ATTAR!, now Disko Selectors have dropped their second anniversary compilation and it features a version of the track by one of our favourite producers, Italo legend Flemming Dalum.

As to be expected, Flemming’s mix is a masterclass in solid Italo Disco. A futuristic electronic soundscape build on a foundation of BladeRunner arpeggios and Sci-Fi synths. With hints of Kraftwerk and Industrial percussion, Flemming creates an urban-dystopia mood of their ‘77 classic, juxtaposing the dark future groove with shining, optimistic leads. Robotic boogie at it’s best.

Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (Flemming Dalum reMix)

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Flemming Dalum’s ‘Italoween’ mix

Felmming Dallum

Flemming Dalum – Italoween = Here’s a spine tingling, feet moving hour from Italo legend Flemming Dalum. Deep, Sci-Fi snyths and Fantasy sounds fill this mix. Expect loads of atmospheric retro Electro with a cinematic feel. Flemming has dropped some real nice exclusives in this mix too. Get Involved.

Flemming Dalum – Italoween

The tracklist:

01. Flemming Dalum – Italoween (Unreleased)
02. Heinrich Dressel – Blue Atmosfear
03. Kid Machine – Assault On John Carpenter (Exclusive For Italoween)
04. Don Shelley – Dance To The Music
05. Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (Josh Benzin Sunbird reMix) (Unreleased)
06. Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum – Fantasmi
07. Pastry – Lover Boy
08. The Late Great Fitzcarraldos – Jesu (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine reMix)
09. Ray Cooper – Breakdown
10. Dilemma – Il Buffone (Bijou Productions) (Unreleased)
11. B.B. Bonsai – Prince Of The Night
12. Emile Strunz – Deception
13. Italoconnection – My Rhythm (Paramour DMT Rmx)
14. Lost Years – The Harbour Heist
15. Kid Machine – Forever In The Stars (Unreleased Demo.)
16. Synthia – Shadow Dancing (Bijou Productions) (Unreleased)
17. Visions – Everybody
18. TBA – Don’t Give Up
19. Starion – Darkstar
20. Army Of God – Salvation (Spaventi D’Azzurro Remake)
21. Casionova – Mystery Desire
22. Mechanical Principle – Cobalt
23. Marc Fruttero (Feat. Polymnia) – Hero
24. Fred Ventura – When I Let You Down (Flemming Dalum reMix)
25. Ghost Of Garrasco – Love Sex For Sale (Exclusive Demo.)
26. Box 20th – Midnight Horror
27. Mario Moretti – Spaziotempo
28. Cherook – Licanthrope
29. Savino D.J. – We Rock You (Unreleased Demo.)
30. The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Flemming Dalum reMix)
31. Stylar – Blue Cars (Unreleased)
32. D.F. & Pam – On The Beat
33. Retrolazer – Visitors From Space (Unreleased Demo. From Radio Cosmos)
34. City Center – Profondo Rosso
35. Private – Everywhere (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine Remix)
36. Nouvelle Phenomene – Au Fond De Mon Coeur
37. Fred Ventura – Looking For A Western Beat (Demo ’88)
38. Stylar – Feeding On The Souls (Unreleased)

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Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine

flemming dalum kid machine

Two of the worlds finest Italo minds have come together, at last, for an original recording. DJ legend, King Of The Cut,  Flemming Dalum and Manchester’s new Italo godfather Kid Machine are gearing up for the release of their new collaborative 12”, titled Fantasmi.

Fantasmi is a futuristic thrill ride of a track. With in it’s five minutes it takes the listen on a journey, a narrative, that slide from one mood to the next whilst keeping solid time with the machine beat. From the offset you are presented with rapid fire arpeggios and Industrial percussion but soon the track eases you into, not a frantic tune, but a mid-tempo synthetic odyssey. mixing in a lot of Dubby elements into their brooding Sci-Fi synths, highlighting the offworld feel and acting as a nice foil for the piercing melodies, the human side of the Fantasmi. Fantasmi is the lead track from an EP highlighting Mantchester’s electronic talent, including work from Ste Spandex, Il Bosco, and Starion.

♫ Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine – Fantasmi

Fantasmi and EP1 will be out on limited edition 12” soon, via new Manchester label Red Laser Records.

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Private’s Everywhere’, with Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine


Danish ElectroPop outfit Private is making a massive bid for worldwide appeal with their new single, Everywhere. Having scored a couple Euro hits a few years back, they are ready to unleash their massive Pop sound on an unsuspecting world.

Everywhere is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, made up of part from here and there all mixed into one big Pop beast. On the whole it’s a summery, slightly Indie-electro sounding hit that’s as catchy as it is slick. It;s an excellent example of contemporary ElectroPop. There is a ‘but’ thought, unfortunately the track is marred by some of the worst rapping we have ever heard. Both lyrically and in terms of flow, the rap, by someone called Genasis is just amateurish. But if you can ignore it, you’ll be rewarded with some summer fun. There’s tons of reMixes, but obviously the most exciting comes from the team up of Italo legend Flemming Dalum and Manchester’s finest Kid Machine who deliver the single package’s clear standout track, A shimmering Italo ElectroPop tune powered by space age arpeggios and haunting melodies. Flemming and Kid Machine bring a little retro cool to the single and make the vocals sound a bit more comfortable with themselves. Also amongst the host of versions of Everywhere are a massive Trance lead lead commercial dance mix from Aylen and JKF from MSTRKRFT’s noisy jump up Electro-House pit-bull-of-a-reMix.

♫ Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine reMix)

♫ Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere

Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (Aylen reMix)

Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (JFK MSTRKRFT reMix)

Private’s Everywhere is out now.

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Flemming Dalum: Interview & Exclusive Mixtape

flemming dalum

Flemming Dalum is a name that will need absolutely no introduction to anyone who knows anything about Italo. The man is a legend. For many of us, when we first begin to dip below the surface of Italo music, it’s Fleming’s celebrated mixes that serve as our guide.

Known as ‘The King Of The Cut’, Dallum is probably the world’s most famous collector of Italo records and a DJ who as bolstered the Italo scene since it’s beginning. A self-confessed vinyl junkie with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Italo, Disco and Synth music in general, Flemming crafts mixes that take the leister not only on a journey through Italo, both the hits and the obscure, but also on a journey through a Sci-Fi landscape, Flemming Dalum’s mixes always have one foot on the dancefloor, one foot in space. Never loosing fait, even when Italo seemed to fade into obscurity, Flemming is still a central figure on the scene, supporting and championing the next generation of Italo producers though this Italo resurgence we are currently experiencing.

The King Of The Cut recently took some time to chew the fat about his history with Italo music and present electronic rumors with a special exclusive Italo mix! Having an electronic rumors mix from Flemming Dalum feels like unlocking an end of level boss!

ER: You known for being the all round authority on Italo, but before the early 80’s when you become enamoured with Italo, was there any other types music you are into?

FD: I grow up with the typical Pop and Rock sound in the ’70’s. In the late ’70’s and early ’80’s I became very fascinated by the new synthesizer sounds! Before my Italo passion started back in 1982, I was actually very much into electronic music from England, Canada and USA.

ER: And how was your love for Italo born?

FD: A good friend of mine came back home from holiday in Italy in 1980, 1981 and 1982 with lots of great Italian disco music. At that time we called it for “Italian Space Disco” (properly only a local theme) I remember one record in particularly: KOTO – Chinese Revenge… I guess after hearing that record there was no way back for me… soon I discovered so many Italo records full of amazing synths!, so fantastic and great… I simply had to go directly to Italy to buy more! In 1983 one of my friend invited me to join him on a trip to Italy to buy more of this fantastic music. He spoke perfect Italian which helped us to become friends with the staff at Disco Magic and Il Discotto… After this trip I continued on my own and I’d visit them approx. 10 times. It was perfect for me to buy Italo directly from the source.

ER: In the early ’80’s were the records hard to find in Denmark?

FD: Yes pretty hard actually. A few shops did import from Italy… but in the end I had to go there myself to ensure that I didn’t miss any records.

Also funny/interesting to see: in the ’80’s I could actually have many of the records approx. 6 or even 8 months before it was available in shops in Denmark. And still only a small part of Italo Disco reached the Danish record shops…

ER: How did you first manage to hook up with the big Italian labels?

FD: The crew at Il Discotto and Disco Magic was very friendly and totally amazed that I wanted to travel all the way from Denmark to Italy, just to buy records 🙂 . In-between my trips I talked with them over the phone, to ensure I didn’t miss any essential vinyls.

ER: What came first, the Italo collecting or the DJing? How did the DJing come about?

FD: I played in a band on synth/keyboards in the early ’80’s. After some years I started to buy records with this fantastic synths sound (they sounded better than when I played on my synths hehe). So I started to DJ around 1982/1983. I have a nice memory of the summer of 1984 I played a 45 minutes Italo set in a club in Italy. The heavy record collecting started around my first trip to Italy in 1983.

ER: How did you cope in-between the fading of Italo in the late ’80’s and it’s underground resurgence in the 21st century?

FD: I was so fascinated with the underground electronic/synths sound, so I followed the cutting edge/frontier of electronic underground from the Italo faded away in 1986 until today!

ER: Is there any Italo record you’ve always wanted a copy of but have never been able to get your hands on?

FD: No… Actually I was lucky to have a complete collection in 1986, after 3 years of extreme record hunting I found everything I wanted. During the last 8 years I’ve met so many nice friends from all over the world who kindly helped me with new discoveries. Times change, and it’s been interesting to see how other records are popular now.

ER: I know it must be hard to pick, but what are your favourite records from the golden age of the ’80’s?

FD: I have very clear all time favorites which haven’t changed much for many years:

‘Lectric Workers – Robot is Systematic
Steel Mind – Bad Passion
B.W.H. – Stop/Living Up
Klapto – Mister Game
The Creatures – Spacefly/Solar Eclipse
Future State – Future State
Peter Richard – Walking In The Neon
Cellophane – Gimme Love
Trophy – Slow Flight
Charlie – Spacer Woman

ER: What do you think of the current crop of producers making Italo (or Nu-Italo?) these days? Which producers do you really rate?

FD: Until a few years ago I only focused on the original old classic from the ’80’s. Recently I found a lot of great new producers – here’s a few: Mark Wilkinson aka Kid Machine, David Vunk, Fred Ventura, James Penrose, Frederic Bergamaschi, Mike Salta, Michael Künzer/Aube Records, Edward Den Heijer/Iventi Records, Ken Dutrieue, Fredag I Firenze, Kai Lüdeling, Alden Tyrell, DJ Overdose, Ali Renault, Rude 66 and more…

ER: When you sit down to make one of your famous mixes, where do you begin?

FD: I always have sooo many ideas in my mind. I love to pick a theme and try to create a certain vibe/atmosphere. And I guess I’m pretty lucky to be able to select tracks from a unique and complete collection.

ER: Do you still DJ with vinyl? Have you gone digital yet?

FD: I’m addicted to vinyl.

ER: Are there any exciting new project in the pipeline?

FD: Well I’m working on lots of exciting new projects – for example with Steen Gjerulff, James Penrose, Kid Machine, Fred Ventura, Savino, Fredag I Firenze and Mike Salta.

ER: And would Flemming’s choice of breakfast be?

FD: Nice strong coffee

ER: Thanks so much for speaking with us Flemming!

Here we can, very proudly, present, Flemming Dalum’s exclusive electronic rumors mix, a jaw dropping hour of synthesizer goodness. There’s a few premières and surprises in there too. Stick some headphones on and take a hour out of your life to experience pure Italo.

♫ Flemming Dalum – Flemming Dalum Exclusive Mix For electronic rumors

The tracklist:

01. Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum – Test Demo. 1 (Unreleased And Exclusive For electronic rumors)02. The Creatures – Spacefly (CGD)
03. Marzio Dance – The Adventure (Xenon)
04. Go Nogo – Good Morning (C. Love’s Dungon reMix) (Emerald & Doreen Recordings)
05. Go Nogo – Good Morning (Marius Våreid reMix) (Emerald & Doreen Recordings)
06. Kid Machine – Sections (Exclusive Unreleased Demo.)
07. Radiorama – Desire (Out)
08. Aki – Tokio’s (Time)
09. Steel Mind – Bad Passion (Delirium)
10. Casionova – Space Commando (Exclusive Unreleased)
11. Hipnosis – Astrodance (Memory)
12. East Wall – Ice Of Fire (Elettrica Dischi)
13. J.D. Jaber – Don’t Stop Lovin’ (Memory)
14. The Creatures – Believe In Yourself (reMix )(Full Time)
15. Simon Bennett – My Sweet Dream (CGD)
16. D.Carred – You’ll Be A Winner (‘Lectric Dub By Flemming Dalum & Mike Salta) (Bordello A Parigi)
17. Alden Tyrell & Fred Ventura – Don’t Stop (Exclusive Upcoming Release On Disco Modernism)
18. Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover (Hole)
19. David Vunk – Disco Sysex (Moustache)
20. Bijou Productions – Special DJ Italo Trax 121 BPM (Exclusive Unreleased)
21. Sky Creackers – You Should Be Dancing (Memory)
22. Bijou Productions – Special DJ Italo Trax 122 BPM (Exclusive Unreleased)
23. Future State – Future State (Eyes)

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Flemming Dalum’s ‘Immortal Flight Of The ‘80’s’ mix


Flemming Dalum – Immortal Flight Of The ‘80’s = The world’s foremost authority on all things Italo, Mr. Dalum delves into his collection once more for this new hour of awesome Italo, old and new.

Flemming Dalum – Immortal Flight Of The ‘80’s

The tracklist:

01. Kid Machine – Night Freaks
02. Electric Shock– This Is The Beat
03. Kid Machine – Cold Planet
04. VIdeo Liszt – Ektakröm Killer
05. Casionova – Xenon Fantasy
06. Savage – Only You (New reMix)
07. Teknokrats – Basement Ouverture
08. Kid Machine – Return To Space
09. VIdeo Liszt – The Tube
10. RADAR – Una Splendida Emicrania
11. VIdeo Liszt – Photoflex
12. Casionova – 4M Operator
13. East River – We Need Protection
14. Fred Ventura – When I Let You Down (K&C Edit)
15. Mark Turner & Lorens Goodman – Live Your Life
16. De-De-Mo – Cause I Need You I Love You)
17. Tom Hagen – Atomic
18. Nemesy – You Can You Can
19. Savino – Lena’s Run (CR Edit)
20. Suzie And The Cubans– I Feel It
21. Mario Moretti – Safety Station
22. Üdytü Ützel Trúk And His Male Harem – Kairo
23. Firefly – Kiss Power
24. Daniela Alverman – Who Does? (Disco In 1982)
25. Salta & Dalum – Theme From Immortal Flight
26. Black Magic Disco– Axel Def
27. D.Carred – You’ll Be A Winner (Lectric Dub)
28. Boney Style– Sará Bello (Marcello Edit)
29. Infinity Night– Sequenzer Dream

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Flemming Dalum’s The Other Side Of Italo

Flemming Dalum – The Other Side Of Italo = An absolutely amazing hour of Italo and dark ElectroPop from a man who is an Italo legend.

Flemming Dalum – The Other Side Of Italo

The tracklist:

01. Synthia – Nuit Synthetique
02. Hysteric – On Earth
03. Psyche – Prisoner To Desire
04. Bijou – Marine
05. James Saunders – Spectra
06. El Deux – Wir Tanzen
07. Casionova – Where Eagles Dare
08. Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau – Top Machine
09. Radar – Una Splendida Emicrania
10. Bijou – Run Stop!
11. George Fenton & Ken Freeman – Mobile Unit
12. Rodrick – Love’s OK (Albion Edit)
13. Radar – Zona Endoten
14. Eva Eva Eva – Invasione (Albion Edit)
15. Kennyboy – Eastendboy
16. Psyche – Uncivilized
17. The Warlord – Alpha And Omega (Albion Edit)
18. AP Project – Hyper Gamma Spaces
19. Music Makers – Musik Makers
20. Kaméléon – Genocide (Hanoben Shizzo Edit)
21. Linda Lee – There’s No Matter
22. Analisi 91 – Disco Magic
23. Dee Jay Roby – Dance Not Dance
24. Enigma – Cave Man
25. Psyche – Unveiling The Secret
26. El Deux – Computer-Mädchen
27. Barbarella – Move In Do It
28. Die Partei – Ostafrika
29. Omni – Green Line
30. K. Bytes – Omega Race
31. Barbarella – The Queen Of Love
32. Psyche – The Outsider

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