Plexi Grace’s ‘Midnight Boy’

Plexi Grace

Time for some full-on retro dancefloor action now in the form of Johan Agebjörn and Le Prix, who are once again release under the name Plexi Grace. For their forthcoming new single they have teamed up with German singer Sylwia Van Der Wonderland for some early ‘90’s awesomeness.

And Midnight Boy totally brides the gap between early ‘90’s dance and Disco. The bassline that is pure Bomb The Bass alongside some classic orchestral hits bring that ‘90’s excitement to the tune while the smooth grooves are covered by a slick Italo-Disco feel. While all this electronic greatness is going on Sylwia’s sultry croon fills out the track, sliding from husky to ethereal with relative ease. Stick around, the track descends into an Acid workout toward the end. this is the kind of shit that make you want to go out and party.

♫ Plexi Grace (Feat. Sylwia Van Der Wonderland) – Midnight Boy

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Plexi Grace


So, by now you’re all familiar with Johan Agebjörn ‘Casablanca Nights’, on of the best albums of the year that saw Johan teaming up with a plethora of talent throughout the record, noticeably fellow Swede Le Prix. The two of the have decided that future collaboration between the two will fall under the moniker Plexi Grace.

The first released from Plexi Grace will be a selection of reMixes of the first track we heard from ‘Casablanca Nights’ featuring this team-up, the Lake Heartbeat featuring ‘Watch The World Go By’ the reMix package will be released on Fektive Records and contain work from Jam El Mar (the Jam from Jam & Spoon) who turns the track into a lush big room tune. Agebjörn will be returning the favour by reMixing Jam & Spoon’s ‘Find Me’, to be released in 2012.

♫ Plexi Grace (Feat. Lake Heartbeat) – Watch The World Go By (Jam El Mar Rmx)

The ‘Watch The World Go By’ reMixes are out soon.

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