[MP3] Pat Lok edits AlunaGeorge’s ‘Outlines’



London Electro R&B (now) superstars AlunaGeorge’s début album, Body Music finally hit the shelves this week. It’s a record that should definitely be listened to by all, and a strong contender for album of the year, showcasing in perfect light AlunaGeorge’s unique blend of ElectroPop, R&B, Garage, House and avant-guarde weirdness. Amazing Canadian Disco/House magician Pat Lok has whipped up this tight edit of Body Music album track Outlines, which is actually more of a full on reMix despite Pat’s modesty.

Pat’s Crayola edit serves up Aluna’s sweet vocal with a side helping of big walking Disco bass and a pumping House beat. It’s a playful and deeply funky reMix, pairing that irresistible bassline with cheery Tropical hook and purcussion which give the track an instant outdoor, sunshine vibe. Which, considering that AlunaGeorge are festival darlings, makes Pat Lok’s edit of Outlines the prefect festival anthem. Keep the summer going.

AlunaGeorge – Outlines (Pat Lok ‘Crayola’ Edit)

AlunaGeorge’s Body Work album is out mow.

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[Audio] Reflex’s new single


REFLEX Photo 1

We’ve been eagerly waiting for this one for quite a while now, it’s the new single from France’s finest ElectroPop duo Reflex. Out next week on Continental Records, the single, titled Together, is the prefect material for these two to make a return to releasing original tunes. it’s big, bombastic and fun and has a hook that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Together, drops just in time for the warmer months, and that’s a good job too as there is a touch of the Balearic about it. This is all about big piano riffs and rumbling Disco bass, all wrapped up in a surprisingly euphoric package that’s ripe for some festival season anthem kudos. Loaded with groove laden House undertones that permeate every corner of the track, from the irritate beats to Lud’s chanting, call-to-arms vocals, Together is just what’s needed on this summers dancefloors. reMixes on the single come from Boys Get Hurt, Pat Lok and Ryan Riot. Pat brings one his wonderful deep, retro House tunes to the table. If the original is set for open air dancing, then the Pat Lok reMix is destined for warehouses. Abrasive House riffs and Chicago organ hooks relentlessly power the track on featuring all manner of modulated vocals. Ryan Riot gives the track a little 80s flavour with his SynthWave version of the track. Mixing in a hint of 90s Trance, Riot bring his typical fair for rolling synthesizer love. You won’t be able to shake that arpeggiated bassline. A pretty stunning release from Reflex, we’re hoping there is an album in the works.

♫ Reflex – Together

♫ Reflex – Together (Pat Lok reMix For Jessie)

♫ Reflex – Together Ryan Riot reMix)

Reflex’s Together is released 17th June, head over to their SoundCloud page to download the Boys Get Hurt reMix for free.

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[MP3] Pat Lok’s ‘Crazy Juice’



“I made some not disco” Canadian, er, Disco, producer Pat Lok exclaimed on Twitter yesterday evening. Well, for a start he wasn’t lying, and it’s awesome to see producers playing fast and loose with genres. Many artists produce their best work when experimenting and branching out, and let’s face it Nu-Disco is getting a bit repetitive, it’s no wonder the more creative on the scene want to spread their musical wings.

So where does that leave Pat, the track Crazy Juice is a brooding Chicago House/early 90s Rave crossover that keeps Lok’s funk, but channels it toward a darkened warehouse. Loaded with shuffling 909 beats and a big warping bassline, Crazy Juice brings the kind of strobe light vibe that takes us back to our youth. One for a full-on night out.

Pat Lok – Crazy Juice

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[Mixtape] Pat Lok’s ‘Digging Holes For Something’ Mix


Pat Lok – Digging Holes For Something Mix = Pat delivers over an hour of dancefloor beats in his new mixtape. Spanning Disco and House with a decidedly deep twist Pat fits in a whopping 20 tracks to put you in a beat trance.

Pat Lok – Digging Holes For Something Mix

The tracklist:

01. Lone – Ultramarine
02. Waze & Odyssey – I Want You You You
03. Jimpster – Can’t Stop Loving
04. Villa – Mint (Softwar Remix)
05. Fulbert – First Time House
06. Plezier – On Time
07. Bodhi – Culture
08. Jakwob – Fade (Club VIP)
09. The Other Tribe – Sing With Your Feet (Shadow Child reMix)
10. Chaos in the CBD – So Proud
11. Youan – Easy
12. Artifact – The Way It Do
13. Worthy – Dip
14. Pat Lok – Crazy Juice
15. Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Feather Fight
16. Mendoza – Blush
17. Myd – Javier
18. Sirmo – You Are
19. LB Lynam – Get Things Straight
20. Blacksmif – Kangs Odyssey

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[Audio] Pat Lok reMixes Goldroom


We love it when our favourite producers work together. Just look at this pairing. The inventor of Dreamwave, deliverer of electronic bliss Goldroom with is (not Saint Lou Lou anymore) SLL featuring Sweetness Alive, as reMixed by Canadian’s top party starter Pat Lok. Before you listen, just think about that for a second. Yes, it is as good as it promises.

Pat’s Dip And Drop reMix continues down this Disco don’s journey into the realms of deep 90s House. With a jackin’ sound Lok contrasts Goldroom’s laid back sunset vibes with a pumping warehouse sound. It;s no wonder that The Magician chose to include this tune in his last Magic Tape, it’s a total floorfiller, with just enough of a retro feel to keep people smiling, but a large contemporary sound. most of all this track;s a lot of fun, can’t wait to hear it out, and we will no doubt.

♫ Goldroom (Feat. SLL) – Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok Dip And Drop Mix)

Goldroom’s Sweetness Alive is out now.

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Ride The Universe (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – A Little Better


Today sees the release of Ride The Universe’s ‘A Little Better’ on Juno. I can’t tell you how proud we are to be releasing this package, it’s already getting shit-loads of play and even now, after hearing it a million times, it still leaves us grinning from ear to ear.

I’m just going to copy and past the press release right here (I know, copy and pasting press releases is the single lamest thing a music blog can do, but I wrote it, so it’s all good!).

The long awaited début single from Dreamwave supergroup Ride The Universeis finally here!

After a string of acclaimed Nu-Disco reMixes Ride The Universe are now ready to drop their première original single. A Little Better is a summery, funk fueled, synth Disco juggernaut that features the sweet vocals of Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight(Vulture Music) and is the first step on a wonderful galactic beach-party journey.

With reMixes from legendary Electro & Pop producer Frankmusik, rising stars of the Nu-Disco scene Pat Lok and Dublin Aunts, analog Disco guru Auxiliary Tha Masterfader and Disco-House master Melee, A Little Better is going to be rocking dancefloors in the coming months. Get involved.

♫ Ride The Universe (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – A Little Better (Single)

Ride the Universe’s A Little Better single is released Today as a Juno exclusive, 19th November elsewhere via electronic rumors.

Cover art by: Tricia Lopez (http://trishalish.com/) Nice!

You can pick up the single right here, right now on Juno.

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Pat Lok inspects something

Pat Lok

It was played everywhere, all summer, and it obviously got deep inside Canadian groovster Pat Lok’s brain. So while the rest of us were slowly going mad having Todd Terje’s Inspector Norse stuck in out heads, Pat decided to exorcize his demon and make the track his own.

So, here’s is Pat Lok’s homage to the tune, Inspect A Horse. This isn’t a piss-take, or a cheesy cover, though (although you get the feeling it may have started out that way), this is a sweet House tune all on it’s own. Pat takes the atmosphere if the original and makes it his own, loading on the electric piano hooks and Disco strings. Although ‘Terje Unapproved’, the tune is getting support from the likes of RAC, Jeremy Glenn, Cosmo Baker, Sammy Bananas and Bufi.

Pat Lok – Inspect A Horse (Terje Unapproved)

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Pat Lok’s new single


Today Canadian Nu-Disco guy Pat Lok releases his new single, Remember, on Frances excellent On The Fruit Records. We caught a listen to the original version back in March, it’s a floaty, spacey slice of electronic Disco with a dreamlike quality that wraps you in it’s funk warmth. Now the track has a full release with some pretty awesome reMixes.

reMixes come correct from fellow Canadians Sp00nfed and British production duo of Glyn Cosford from ICOMPUTE and Tronik Youth’s Neil Parnell, otherwise known as Wayving. Sp00nfed do a good job of keeping the dreamy vibe but Housing things up a little, morphing the laid back Disco into Laid Back beach House. Laying a little piano riff and some piercing synths Sp00nfed get right inside your head with this one. Pure funky dancefloor bliss. Wayving’s take on Remember is a rich, full, Disco experience, don’t let the toytown synth riff fool you, this is big tune. Riffing off ‘90’s House, Wayving lay down a solid groove guaranteed to move you.

♫ Pat Lok – Remember (Sp00nfed reMix)

♫ Pat Lok – Remember (Wayving reMix)

Remember is out today.

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TheLook’s new EP


Neonized’s latest release comes from Spanish Nu-Disco rising star TheLook. Tracks from the Nightwaves single are already making waves with tracks from the package already getting play from the likes of A.N.D.Y., Jeremy Glenn, Douze and DCup. The single holds two originals and a bunch of reMixes, all of which are top quality.

Nightwaves is a slick-as-all-hell Disco tune with some nice nods to ‘90’s House. A relentless funk drives the track powered by a body moving digital bassline Nightwaves combines the best of robo Disco with a soulful side guaranteed to move you on the dancefloor. You Can Dace, the tracks flip side takes a more House-based approach, there’s loads of Chicago overtones here, and a hook that will be stuck in your head all day. Amongst the reMixes you’ll fine these gems from Freak You, who delivers a ponding piano-led progressive mix, energetic but deep, that is an intoxicating call to dance, and Canada’s Pat Lok turns in his Lawn Sprinkler Dub (which we presume is names for the shuffling percussion) which also channels a strong ‘90’s vibe. Whist we were expecting something a bit more Disco from Mr. Lok, we can’t say we’re disappointed with his awesome ‘90’s Rave tune. This EP is seriously worth checking out.

♫ TheLook – Nightwaves (Freak You reMix)

♫ TheLook – You Can Dance (Pat Lok ‘Lawn Sprinkler’ Dub)

The Nightwaves single is released 16th July.

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Pat Lok’s new track

Pat Lok

On The Fruit Records have just dropped the latest track from Canadian Nu-Disco producer Pat Lok. the title track from Pat’s new single. Good times!

‘Remember’ is a dream of a track. Even though it has a really solid groove, the track seems to float on by, carried on clouds made of Funk. In general ‘Remember’ has got a bit of an LA vibe about it, both in the Funk and in the beach Disco departments, I imagine that this tune is going to go down a storm at quite a few parties in that part of the world, that’s not to say it won’t be rockin’ more than a few dancefloors elsewhere too. Keep hitting play ‘cos once the track gets 5,000 plays, On The Fruit are gonna’ release the download!

♫ Pat Lok – Remember

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