[Audio] Todd Terje reMixes Jaga Jazzist’s ‘Oban’


Jaga Jazzist

Ready for another ten minute Cosmic Disco freak out from the wonderful Mr. Todd Terje? Ever the tasteful lot, the crew over at Ninja Tune have called on the Norwegian groovemeister to reMix Oban, the new 12” from freeform eight piece Jaga Jazzist. Actually, they all hail from Oslo, so are probably homies and hang out and brap all the time. Todd really indulges himself on this cut, so settle in and enjoy.

Stripping most out of the Jazz out of the equation, Todd rides the breakbeat with waves of space age synths; making the reMix a Norwegian Disco epic with an old school Hip Hop feel. An undulating symphony of burbles and swooshes that jokey for attention over a hypnotic walking bassline. Punctuated by rousing string section, this is everything you look for in a Terje track. Tundra Disco at it’s finest.

♫ Jaga Jazzist – Oban (Todd Terje reMix)

Jaga Jazzist’s Oban 12” is released 25th May.

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[Video] Todd Terje’s ‘Alfonso Muskedunder’


TODD TERJE   Alfonso Muskedunder  official video    YouTube

Norwegian Cosmic Disco king Todd Terje latest release from his utterly amazing album, It’s Album Time, is Alfonso Muskedunder, which has just been released as a reMix package. Check out the new video for the track.

The clip was made ‘with love’ by Bendik Kaltenborn and Espen Friberg and is four minutes of madcap animation, kicking off with Todd himself.

Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time is out now.

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[Audio] Todd Terje’s ‘Inspector Norse’ reMixed by Justin Van Der Volgen


Todd Terje

If there’s any dance track of recent years that can genuinely be called a ‘classic’ already, it’s probably Norwegian Cosmic Disco kind Todd Terje’s instantly recognisable Inspector Norse. Despite being a couple of years old now you can still hear it played out now, and come festival season are bound to hear it a lot more. Terje himself commissioned a couple of reMixes from ex-!!! man Justin Van Der Volgen, including this version of Inspector Norse. This and Van Der Volgen’s take on Strandbar are available on 12” now.

Making Inspector Norse your own, while retaining the qualities that make it so loves, must be no mean feat; but Van Der Volgen has a good old crack at it. He wisely let’s himself be indulgent with the percussion without trying to replace the instantly recognisable synths too much. Giving us teases of the tracks hook here and there amongst it’s off-beat keys. The track is ten minutes long, and in that time seems to build and build and build on the back of screaming synth sweeps until the seven minute mark where it explodes into it’s own galactic version of the originals hook. It’s an odd beats, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

♫ Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Justin Van Der Volgen reMix)

Todd Terje’s Inspector Norse is out now.

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[Download] Little Boots’ bootleg of Todd Terje’s ‘Inspector Norse’



We don’t normally write about tracks twice, but we’re going to make an exception here. ElectroPop queen Little Boots’ amazing vocal bootleg of Norwegian Cosmic Disco groover Todd Terje’s instantly recognisable Inspector Norse, which we wrote about a couple of weeks ago, is now available as a download, courtesy of Boot herself.

You can read what we wrote about it here, we won’t harp on about it again (but it is very very good). “hat you’re probably after is the track itself. Grab it below while it’s hot.

Todd Terje (Feat. Little Boots) – Inspector Norse (‘Todd Is So Hot’ Little Bootleg)

Little Boots’ Nocturnes album is out now.

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[Audio] Little Boots’ bootleg of Todd Terje’s ‘Inspector Norse’


Little Bootleg   Todd is so hot   YouTube

Little Boots returned this this weekend to bring a ray of sunshine into our lives in the form of this cheeky bootleg of Norwegian Cosmic Disco king Todd Terje’s now legendary Inspector Norse. We’re not really sure what it’s called; it comes from a mixtape Boots did for Vice’s Thump website where it is noted in the tracklist as ‘Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Little Bootleg)’, whereas she uploaded it to YouTube under the moniker ‘Little Bootleg – Todd Is So Hot’. So we’re calling it ‘Todd Terje (Feat. Little Boots) – Inspector Norse (‘Todd Is So Hot’ Little Bootleg)’, which we think nicely covers all the bases. Also; ‘Little Bootleg’ is genius.

Boots delivers an edit with a twist. Well, if you’ve got a voice like Victoria then why wouldn’t you sing all over stuff? Taking Inspector Norse, and already incredibly and catchy-as-hell- tune, to the next level, Little Boots lends the track a floaty layer of vocals, exceptionally suited to the burbling dancefloor groove. Terje delivers vintage, cosmic and quirky while Boot’s serves up shiny, glamorous and mirrorballed; the two work together perfectly. We’d love this to be released!

♫ Todd Terje (Feat. Little Boots) – Inspector Norse (‘Todd Is So Hot’ Little Bootleg)

Little Boots’ Nocturnes album is out now.

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[Video] Todd Terje’s ‘Leisure Suit Preben’


TODD TERJE   Leisure Suit Preben  sort of official video    YouTube

Leisure Suit Preben is taken from Norwegian Cosmic Disco king Todd Terje’s frankly stunning new album, It’s Album Time. A playful slice of jazzy Disco with a lean Italo bass.

Espen Friberg & Emil Høgset direct this ‘sort of official’ video, following a day in the life of Preben.

Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time is out now.

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[Audio] Todd Terje’s ‘Delorean Dynamite’


Todd Terje

Here is the first track Norwegian Cosmic Disco king Todd Terje is teasing us with from his recently announced forthcoming début album. It’s Album Time (great title!) drops in April and includes a collaboration with Bryan Ferry (who Todd amazingly reMixed). This tune, Delorean Dynamite (the man has a knack for names!) is a great taste of what’s to come.

Injecting a little retro Italo into his spaced out SacndiDisco style, Delorean Dynamite rocks a powerful 80s-esque arpeggio. The galactic synths glide over the track, which has the sense of spaciousness that Terje does best. As the track progresses we’re treated to wicked little Disco licks and soaring leads that rise toward the tracks emotional finale. Pure dancefloor excitement.

♫ Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite (Album Version)

Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time is released 7th April.

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[Audio] Todd Terje’s ‘Spiral’/’Q’


Todd Terje

The Cosmic Disco champion who only thinks big, Todd Terje, is back with two brand new tunes on his new single. We knew a new epic release was due this week, we weren’t prepared for just how SynthWave the single’s lead track, Spiral is though. It’s pretty amazing, alongside it’s B-side, Q, it represents over twenty minutes of blissful retro synth Disco that it’s hard not to loose yourself in. The man’s working on his début full length record, due next year, and these two tracks have us more excited than ever for it’s release.

Spiral is really, really, SynthWave. Surprisingly so for someone so knows for quirky, Scandinavian Cosmic Disco. But Spiral is an 80s soundtrack masterpiece. With a pumping bassline and starlight arpeggios, Spiral builds up a tension, adding vintage synth stabs to the mix until the track pauses briefly for a big drop, then slams on the accelerator with a massive synth riff a thick chords. It’s B-side, Q, is a little more traditionally Terje. Cowbells and quirky, reedy, synth hooks create that tundra sound we are so used to from him. Hypnotic and fun, Q proves Norwegian Cosmic Disco can’t be beat.

♫ Todd Terje – Spiral

♫ Todd Terje – Q

Todd Terje’s Spiral is out now on his own Olsen imprint.

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[Audio] Todd Terje’s ‘Strandbar’


Todd Terje

The king of the summer, or at least the king of the festival season, Mr. Todd Terje is back with a brand new single, The Norwegian maestro is serving up another platter of typically quirky galactic grooves under the title Strandbar (Norwegian for ‘Beach Bar’). Comprising of three version of the same track, the single hold a Samba version, which didn’t really float our boat as much as the Disco version and the chaotic Bonus take on the track.

The Samba and Disco versions clock in at over eight minutes each, the Samba mix delivering a Jazzy, freeform feel. But it’s in the Disco version that the track really shines. From the opening bars of it;s wobbly bass, you know you’re in for an analog Disco treat. Loaded with cheeky purcussion and raw, space-age, synth work, the Disco version is basically an infectious nine minute Cosmic Disco brap, that gets dangerously, but groovily, proggy toward the end. An organically evolving Disco oddessy through warping synthetic soul that leads you toward a relentless House piano riff that ties the whole track together. This one is reaching for the stars, but never looses Terje’s off-kilter sense of musical humour. The bonus version is an interesting exercise in sweeping synth sound effects and Terje’s painfully intricate purcussion programming, a real treat for fans of his complex rhythms. Get ready for your open air anthem of the summer.

♫ Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko)

♫ Todd Terje – Strandbar (Bonus)

Todd Terje’s Strandbar is out now.

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[Audio] Lindstrøm & Todd Terje

Lindstrøm & Todd Terje

Well, this was bound to set the internet alight. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ll already be aware of the new single from two of the standout producers of 2012. Lindstrøm and Todd Terje both owned last year when it comes to quirky, spacey Disco, and now the two Norwegians are together as one.

Lanzarote is the name of the single, which strikes a nice balance between the sunlit warmth of Disco and ice Scandinavian electronics. Clock in at over eight minutes, Lanzarote feels like a journey through frozen tundra wearing Bermuda shorts and shades. Typically Scandinavian piecing synths and vintage tones are all present, but tempered with a Tropical undercurrent, the end result is fun as hell.  Diskjokke, who also had a hand in the original writing of Lanzarote delivers an even spacier reMix that hits just the right synthetic Disco notes.

♫ Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote

♫ Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote (Diskjokke reMix)

Lanzarote is out now on Todd Terje’s label, Olsen Records.

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