[Video] Cyclist’s ‘Shine’


Cyclist   Maiko    Shine  Music Video   YouTube

Last summer Torontonian groover Cyclist enlisted fellow Canadian songstress Maiko Watson and tore up dancefloors with their track Shine. Better late than never, here’s the video!

Directed by Adam Goldhammer, the clip is freaky neon fun that sees Cyclist presiding over a funky future dancefloor.

Cyclist’s Shine is out now.

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[Download] Mannequine & Jas Crew’s ‘Bombay Night Story’


Mannequine & Jas Crew

Get ready for some summery vibes coming from the new release on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records stable. The release in question hails all the way from Switzerland and laid back Nu-Disco duo Mannequine team up with three piece Hip Hop outfit Jas Crew. it;s an unusual combination, but one that end’s up working really well. Tropical-Hop anyone?

The track’s called Bombay Night Story and it revels in it’s dual facets. Musically it’s filled to the brim with Island beats, steely purcussion, warm, nostalgic synths and a skippy little snare that add a little playful swing. Add to this some Swiss-rhymes with a hazy flow that finds a home in the beach party disco perfectly. Bouthier himself has worked up a cheeky little Club Dub of the track (available as a free Download) that brings all those beats, basslines and chords to the front, delivering hypnotic dancefloor groove, whist labelmates Shindu inject the track with some tough snyths and some lush 80s keys for something a little darker and deeper. Another interesting release from Continental.

Mannequine & Jas Crew – Bombay Night Story (Jerry Bouthier Dub Edit)

♫ Mannequine & Jas Crew – Bombay Night Story

♫ Mannequine & Jas Crew – Bombay Night Story (Shindu reMix)

Mannequine & Jas Crew’s Bombay Night Story is released 2nd December.

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[MP3] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’



We dropped the video for London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG’s Mogadisco a few months ago, well this week the single finally saw it’s release. It’s now available to but in all it’s urban Tropical glory and the single package comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of Fare Soldi, Pharo Black Magic and Eliot. Thanks to Continental Records, the original version of the tune is right here as a free download.

Mogadisco is a popping, carefree slice of instrumental DiscoPop. With a solid House beat behind it and heaps of Tropical purcussion, Mogadisco conjures up a mood of late night good times, good friends and good weather. Of those times when your in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor and nothing else matters. Hint’s of retro stylings in it’s B-boy breakdown and grumbling synths give the track a little twist, but really, it;s all about that euphoric lead line. The picks of the reMixes has to go to Pharo Black Magic, who deliver a deep Disco rendition of the track with an infectious bass and an almighty breakdown and Eliot’s Tropical Euromix in all it’s early 90s glory. This is a collection that deserves a place in your crate.

JBAG – Mogadisco

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Eliot’s Tropical Euromix)

JBAG’s Mogadisco is out now.

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[Video] Reflex’s ‘Together’


REFLEX Together   Official Video     YouTube

The current single from French ElectroPop duo Reflex, Together, out now on Continental Records, has been getting some serious play round these parts during the warmer months. It’s now available in video for that perfectly captures the summery vibe.

Pieced together from footage of Reflex’s recent trip to the US, the clip contains some nice bits of Las Vegas going on. Ah the memories.

Reflex’s Together reMixes is out now

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[MP3] Cyclist’s ‘Shine’ (+ Rogue Vogue reMix)



Our friend Mr. Penner is back. Next week Cyclist releases his new single on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records, and it’s a stormer. Featuring the vocal stylings of fellow Canadian Maiko Watson, it’s full-on vintage DiscoPop gold that comes equipped with reMixes from Rogue Vogue,  Lou Teti & Drop Out Orchestra.

That track’s called Shine, and it does what it says on the tin. Bringing tons of Nu-Disco and even more Boogie to the table, Cyclist heaps on squelchy Moog-esque basses and a wired Disco beat to create a rock solid foundation of Electro-Funk for Maiko’s massive, soulful vocals. This one could easily be slotted into most kinds of Disco or House sets and would undisputable keep the dancefloor moving. One of our favourite Chicago House acts, Rogue Vogue, deliver a slick warehouse jam, deep and funky with a glamorous twist. Pure vintage House vibes. The whole package is pretty sweet and definitely worth checking out when it drops next week.

Cyclist (Feat. Maiko Watson) – Shine

♫ Cyclist (Feat. Maiko Watson) – Shine (Rogue Vogue reMix)

Cyclist’s Shine is released 29th July.

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[MP3] Reflex’s ‘Together’ reMixes (with Punks Jump Up, Oxford and Tempogeist)



Our favourite French duo (which is quite a sweeping statement, ‘cos, y’know, Daft Punk) Reflex are back, mere weeks after the release of their new single, Together, with a swanky reMix collection to fill your ears with. Together is currently out on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records with the reMix collection coming next week. The line up for the package includes the like of Colour Vision and Tronik Youth, alongside Punks Jump Up, Oxford and Tempogeist.

Punks Jump Up’s take on the track is full-on jackin’ House. This one’s all thumping 909 beats, thick basslines and an utterly compelling piano hook. Ripe to get the dancefloor whipped into a frenzy in some dark, strobe lit, club, Punks Jump Up’s reMix is just a pure House juggernaut. Oxford, on the other hand, turns-in a typically smooth Disco reMix, all rolling basslines and vintage stabs. A lush slice of laid back synth Funk, Oxford’s version injects the release with a little poolside cool. Playing out the EP with some shuffling retro Funk is Tempogeist, who’s massive reMix combines synthetic Nu-Disco with slick vintage Pop sheen, delivering a version of Together with a feel of a 80s extended 12” reMix, this one;s a free download too. It’s a storming reMix package and a nice compliment to the original single, easily worth your attention.

♫ Reflex – Together (Punks Jump Up reMix)

♫ Reflex – Together (Oxford reMix)

Reflex – Together (Tempogeist reMix)

Reflex’s Together reMixes is released 15th July.

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[Audio] Reflex’s new single


REFLEX Photo 1

We’ve been eagerly waiting for this one for quite a while now, it’s the new single from France’s finest ElectroPop duo Reflex. Out next week on Continental Records, the single, titled Together, is the prefect material for these two to make a return to releasing original tunes. it’s big, bombastic and fun and has a hook that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Together, drops just in time for the warmer months, and that’s a good job too as there is a touch of the Balearic about it. This is all about big piano riffs and rumbling Disco bass, all wrapped up in a surprisingly euphoric package that’s ripe for some festival season anthem kudos. Loaded with groove laden House undertones that permeate every corner of the track, from the irritate beats to Lud’s chanting, call-to-arms vocals, Together is just what’s needed on this summers dancefloors. reMixes on the single come from Boys Get Hurt, Pat Lok and Ryan Riot. Pat brings one his wonderful deep, retro House tunes to the table. If the original is set for open air dancing, then the Pat Lok reMix is destined for warehouses. Abrasive House riffs and Chicago organ hooks relentlessly power the track on featuring all manner of modulated vocals. Ryan Riot gives the track a little 80s flavour with his SynthWave version of the track. Mixing in a hint of 90s Trance, Riot bring his typical fair for rolling synthesizer love. You won’t be able to shake that arpeggiated bassline. A pretty stunning release from Reflex, we’re hoping there is an album in the works.

♫ Reflex – Together

♫ Reflex – Together (Pat Lok reMix For Jessie)

♫ Reflex – Together Ryan Riot reMix)

Reflex’s Together is released 17th June, head over to their SoundCloud page to download the Boys Get Hurt reMix for free.

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[Video] Shindu’s ‘Just Go’

Here’s the video for Shindu’s Just Go, which we premiered a few weeks ago. Out now on the excellent Continental Records.

The clip feature sultry singer Chibi glamming it up, retro Disco style and fits the 80s groove of the track perfectly.

Shindu’s Just Go is out now.

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Shindu reMixed by Jerry Bouthier


We last saw Belgian ElectroPop act Shindu releasing on Kitsuné last summer. their storming cover of Siouxsie And The Banshees’ Happy House went down a treat. Now the slimmed down two piece are back with a new single on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records which is already getting a ton of support from some of the coolest DJs ion the planet.

Just Go is a big, rousing, slick of European SynthPop, all vintage synths and sultry vocals. Alongside the Original and a reMix from the amazing Cyclist, Jerry Bouthier himself gets a look-in with a rocking Dub version that’s primed for the dancefloors. Spinning the best of the original out into a floor-filling five minutes, JB works the buzzing analog synth bass and baroque leads, bringing out their most euphoric qualities. Mixing in just the right amount of vocals in the chorus the track takes on a new, anthemic, quality. Expect to be hearing this one all over.

Shindu – Just Go (Jerry Bouthier Dub Edit)

Shindu’s Just Go is released 5th November.

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Kill The Hero’s ‘Surrender’ video

Kill The Hero’s excellent team-up with Scarlet Fantastic’s Maggie K De Monde, Surrender, is out today on Continental Records. The track has just got itself a video too!

Manuel De Oliveira directs this splash of colour and 80s video effects.

Surrender is released today.

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