[Download] Disclosure & AlunaGoerge’s ‘White Noise’ reMixed by Todd Edwards



House generations new and old come together on this pounding reMix of Disclosure and AlunaGeorge White Noise (possibly our favourite Disclosure tune) by LA legend Todd Edwards. First heard on his 2013 Essential Mix, Edwards claims to have whipped the track up on a train en route to a warehouse party Disclosure had invited him to play at. There’s no leaves on this train track!

The tune is a hard-hitter. Pumping and hypnotic. Edwards crafts a looping machine of rumbling bass and hot piano stabs set to a kick drum on overdrive. Snatches of the original tune, mostly Aluna’s refrain, pepper the track, bring you back to something recognisable. At it’s core though, this is a surprisingly Teutonic slice of late night floorfiller.

Disclosure (Feat. AlunaGeorge) – White Noise (Todd Edwards Nite Noise Edit)

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[Video] AlunaGeorge’s ‘Best Be Believing’


AlunaGeorge   Best Be Believing   YouTube

Best Be Believing is the next single to be taken from London Electro R&B superstars AlunaGeorge’s début album, Body Work. It;s a good choice for single treatment too, catchy and passionate with a complex groove.

The video goes all One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest as the duo take on the roles of doctor and patient on a hospital ward.

AlunaGeorge’s Body Work album is out now.

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[MP3] Pat Lok edits AlunaGeorge’s ‘Outlines’



London Electro R&B (now) superstars AlunaGeorge’s début album, Body Music finally hit the shelves this week. It’s a record that should definitely be listened to by all, and a strong contender for album of the year, showcasing in perfect light AlunaGeorge’s unique blend of ElectroPop, R&B, Garage, House and avant-guarde weirdness. Amazing Canadian Disco/House magician Pat Lok has whipped up this tight edit of Body Music album track Outlines, which is actually more of a full on reMix despite Pat’s modesty.

Pat’s Crayola edit serves up Aluna’s sweet vocal with a side helping of big walking Disco bass and a pumping House beat. It’s a playful and deeply funky reMix, pairing that irresistible bassline with cheery Tropical hook and purcussion which give the track an instant outdoor, sunshine vibe. Which, considering that AlunaGeorge are festival darlings, makes Pat Lok’s edit of Outlines the prefect festival anthem. Keep the summer going.

AlunaGeorge – Outlines (Pat Lok ‘Crayola’ Edit)

AlunaGeorge’s Body Work album is out mow.

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[Audio] AlunaGeorge’s Bad Idea’



As London R&B ElectroPoppers AlunaGeorge race toward the release of their début album, Body Talk, we’re getting more and more eager for the record to drop, whist the weather is still good. In the meantime here’s Bad Idea, the B-side to the forthcoming re-release of the You Know You Like It single, to keep us going. Expect more future Soul and 90s flavoured introspective smoothness.

Bad Idea. It just sums up everything that makes AlunaGeorge such a special outfit. With a sound all of their own, like a dying robot, something spikey and electronic yet full of soul, they have taken the music world by storm in the past two years. George’s knack of mixing an experimental approach to electronic music with a keen knack for Pop arrangement and Aluna’s uniquely sweet voice and amusingly dark lyrics have not only made them stand out in a sea of music, but delivered something that is completely different from anything else out there. Bad Life is the proof, AlunaGeorge’s album is going to take 2013 by storm.

♫ AlunaGeorge – Bad Idea

AlunaGeorge’s Body Work album is out 29th July.

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[Video] AlunaGeorge’s ‘You Know You Like It’ (take 2)


AlunaGeorge   You Know You Like It   YouTube

It’s a brand new video for AlunaGeorge’s You Know You Like It. Back in 2011 the You Know You Like It single sported AlunaGeorge’s first proper slick video. Now the single’s got a brand new clip to promote the duo’s forthcoming album Body Work.

The is probably the first basic Pop video the twosome have released, they’re are normally a bit more high-brow than this. This one right here is full-on 90s Pop swing.

AlunaGeorge’s Body Work album is out 29th July.

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[Video] AlunaGeorge’s Attracting Flies’

It’s quite possible that Attracting Flies is the best thing London based EelctroPop/R&B duo AlunaGeorge have released singe Analyser. Catchy and fun, even the beats stick in your mind. It’s about time the duo got a decent, big budget, video. their music seems to call out for lavish and interesting visuals. Well, that’s been delivered with the video for Attracting Flies.

The new clip is directed by Emil Nava, and runs the gauntlet of fairy tales, giving each one a modern, inner-city, spin. For such a frivolous concept, the clip is really nicely, and moodily, shot. See if you can name each one.

Attracting Flies is released 10th March and is taken from AlunaGeorge’s forthcoming début album, titled Body Music. Released on 1st July.

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[Audio] AlunaGeorge’s Attracting Flies’


London Electro R&B duo AlunaGeorge have gone from humble beginnings to being a music blogosphere destroying juggernaut 9amusingly, the first sentence we wrote about them, two years ago now, was “You really could be looking at the ‘next big thing’ here.”, which I‘m sure earns us internet points, at the very least a ‘Tastemaker, First Class’ badge? Their forthcoming new single was premièred on Radio 1 last night and hit SoundCloud minutes later. We noticed blog posts about two minutes after it went up…it’s 3 minutes long! That’s clout (or magic)!

Anyhoo, the new track, Attracting Flies, is actually one of their best. It’s got the quirky R&B swing these guys do so well, this time with a heavier beat. A live favourite, Attracting Flies sees Aluna at her funniest. Not usually renown for her comedy skills, she spits (albeit in a velvety way) a razor sharp wit on this tune. Bringing a London Soul smoothness to the Electro loving masses, AlunaGeorge continue to have a storming 2013, if they keep knocking out tunes as danceable, catchy and filled with passion as Attracting Flies who knows how big they could become?

♫ AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

Attracting Flies is released 10th March and is taken from AlunaGeorge’s forthcoming début album, titled Body Music. Released on 1st July.

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[Video] Disclosure & AlunaGeorge’s ‘White Noise’

Disclosure & AlunaGeorge’s White Noise appeared to break the internet when it first dropped, time to see if the music video will have the same effect.

Disclosure take it to Detroit and highlights just how run-down much of the city is, but music is always the cure for your mood.

White Noise is out now.

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[Audio] Disclosure & AlunaGeorge

Disclosure & AlunaGeorge

This is White Noise. It’s a collaboration between awesome House duo Disclosure and even awesomer Electro R&B duo AlunaGeorge. It reader it head last night. It broke the internet.

And you can see why, the amount of talent featured in this track isn’t wasted. Disclosure create the perfect, otherworldly, soundtrack. Part Acid House, part Bleep House, all warehouse, White Noise is a nostalgic trip for anyone who was raving in 1990, but the addition of Aluna’s vocals give the whole affair a soulful Pop twist. No-one really thought of ElectroPop Bleep House back in 1990, maybe if they had the scene would have lasted for longer than a year. this is the prefect melding of deep Dance Music vibes and Pop sheen. amazing. (P.S. I refuse to call Bleep House ‘Yorkshire Bleep & Bass’, we called it Bleep House at the time, and I’m sticking with that!)

♫ Disclosure (Feat. AlunaGeorge) – White Noise

White Noise is released 17th February.

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AlunaGeorge’s ‘Watching Over You’


It’s that time of year, that time when the one and only Annie Mac releases her yearly Presents compilation. 2012’s edition of the awesome collection will feature this exclusive track from electronic rumors faves, and Robo-R&B ElectroPoppers AlunaGeorge.

Watching Over You features exactly the kind of dreamy, glitchy beats and sultry vocals we’ve come to love from these two. The prefect laid back tune, George Reid bass heavy, shattered grooves always walks the fine line between tuneful R&B and glitchy experimental dance. Too far either way and it just wouldn’t work, but he manages to perfectly balance the eclectic and the melodic, while Aluna has exactly the right voice to compliment. Smooth and soulful enough to carry the weight of the tune, but quirky enough not to sound out of place amongst the blips and beeps. AlunaGeorge have found just the right recipe.

♫ AlunaGeorge – Watching Over You

Annie Mac Presents 2012 is released 8th October.

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