Pat Lok inspects something

Pat Lok

It was played everywhere, all summer, and it obviously got deep inside Canadian groovster Pat Lok’s brain. So while the rest of us were slowly going mad having Todd Terje’s Inspector Norse stuck in out heads, Pat decided to exorcize his demon and make the track his own.

So, here’s is Pat Lok’s homage to the tune, Inspect A Horse. This isn’t a piss-take, or a cheesy cover, though (although you get the feeling it may have started out that way), this is a sweet House tune all on it’s own. Pat takes the atmosphere if the original and makes it his own, loading on the electric piano hooks and Disco strings. Although ‘Terje Unapproved’, the tune is getting support from the likes of RAC, Jeremy Glenn, Cosmo Baker, Sammy Bananas and Bufi.

Pat Lok – Inspect A Horse (Terje Unapproved)

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