[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Disco Machine’ Italo reMixes



Back in June the Netherlands finest analog Disco merchant, Boogie DJ and all-round nice, smiley, fella; Auxiliary Tha Masterfader released the single Disco Machine. Disco Machine was his first release via Brixton dancefloor collective Nude Disco label arm. We said “Sounding authentically like an early 80s European dancefloor hit, Disco Machine sets up all the genre’s tropes for Aux to give them his own person spin. Synthesizer gold.” Did you hear that? Synthesizer GOLD!

Aux’s music is for people who love synthesizers, for people who love the history of European dance music; Italo, Boogie, Disco and beyond, and for people who from whom dance music is about more than the drop.  It’s music for those souls who can be taken to other planets, losing themselves in the robotic ebb and flow and the dancefloor. Aux is a man with a passionate love of vintage dance music and a hardware studio to be envious of; a killer combination.

This month Nude Disco released a companion to Disco Machine. It’s titled Disco Machine: Italo Edition. That’s pretty straightforward in terms of titling. This new release, as you’d expect unless you were painfully inept, featured four of the modern synthetic Disco scene’s brightest rising stars whipping up some mechanized Italo magic all over (the already quite Italo itself) Disco Machine. The Sanfernando Sound, Italo Brutalo, A Copycat and Rimini Rimmers all deliver pulsating reMixes of the track. Here’s a couple of fresh examples.

Manchester’s dark electronic overlord, The Sanfernando Sound serves up one of his special blends of classic EBM, mid 80s Italo and early Futurist SynthPop. Like that jacket you’re wearing brings out the blur of your eyes, The Sanfernando Sound can bring out the ominous, aggressive side of a track; his reMix is a pounding Italo juggernaut. Built on rock solid beats and factory floor basslines, this reMix strikes a nice balance between industrial Funk and uplifting grace with an airy lead line, accompanying the original’s vocoding, that glides across the mechanized dancefloor backing.

Italo Brutalo’s reMix is, ironically, not as brutal as The San Fernando Sound’s. A shuffling and skippy affair, Brutalo plays with the original’s groove with a syncopated bassline and a bit of a Pet Shop Boys vibe. Intertwining springy and flanged synth bass and choppy arpeggios all come together in a complex mix that presents as a deceptively simple whole. Multiple layers of rippling electronics weave the tapestry of a mid-80s Mediterranean dancefloor smash. This tune almost makes you see in VHS video effects.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (Italo Brutalo reMix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Disco Machine: Italo Edition is out now.

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Dark Side Of Disco’ (+ Dubka reMix)



Hot on the heels of his last release, Disco Machine, Dutch analog Disco factory Auxiliary Tha Masterfader has just released his latest. Titled Dark Side Of Disco (judging by Aux’s past efforts and that title I’m sure you know what to expect!) the single is out now in Nein Records and features reMixes from Martin Dubka, Tronik Youth and Horse Meat Disco’s DJ Severino. Aux’s last release was a Cosmic fuelled slab of future Disco, but on this record he inject a sinister vibe into his synthesizer grooves. Check it out.

Six minutes of impending dancefloor doom. That’s what you get with Dark Side Of Disco. An Acid injected slab of Italo Disco that works the murmuring apreggios and sustained synth string to their creepy fullest. Building dancefloor tension with snapping 808 snares and a pulsating bassline until the break, Aux relieves some of the nervousness as the track launces back in with majestic leads to fill your head. Dubka goes full-on Acid Techno with his reMix. A track that could easily find it’s place on late 90s/early 2000’s dancefloors in dodgy London warehouses as Acid Techno took over the free party scene. An unrelenting juggernaut of squealing Acid riffs and thunderous drums all wrapped up in a mind-bending hypnotic groove. This is one to truly hammer yourself on the dancefloor to and just get lost.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Dark Side Of Disco

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Dark Side Of Disco (Dubka reMix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Dark Side Of Disco is out now

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Disco Machine’



Last week we premièred the AIMES reMix of the new single from Dutch groover Auxiliary Tha Masterfader, Disco Machine. Alongside AIMES, RipTidE and BroKen DJs step up to the plate for reMix duties, but right here, right now, we’re going to take a listen to Aux’s boogiefied original. The single is out right flippin’ now via Brixton’s Nude Disco imprint, but before heading on over to pick up a copy check out Disco Machine in all it’s Extended Mix glory.

Aux breaks out the vintage galactic Funk for this one. Disco Machine revels in it’s Italo and Boogie DNA; it’s undulating bassline laying down solid ebb-and-flow foundations for all manner of synthesizer noodling gentle vocoding. Sounding authentically like an early 80s European dancefloor hit, Disco Machine sets up all the genre’s tropes for Aux to give them his own person spin. Synthesizer gold.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (Extended Mix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Disco Machine is out now.

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[Audio] AIMES reMixes Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Disco Machine’



Dutch Disco don Auxiliary Tha Masterfader and Brooklyn’s dancefloor master AIMES go full Italo with his new release. Due out next week on Brixton’s Nude Disco label, Disco Machine is Aux’s new single (the original of which can be heard on the recently released Nude Disco Selections Vol 2 compilation) and features reMixes from the likes of RipTidE and BroKen DJs. It’s also been taken to synthetic heaven by AIMES. This one is pure retro electronics gold. Get involved!

Brace yourself for a six minute robo Disco assault. A dancefloor Terminator. AIMES offers up every machine beat, vintage synth and vocoded vocal in his arsenal and wraps them up in a smooth and funky delivery. This one is loaded with popping electro toms, spikey synths, a choppy bassline and a silky galactic groove. As the hazy mechanized voice commands you to “dance”, it hard not to comply. Think Kraftwerk under a mirrorball.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (AIMES reMix)

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Feel About U’


Auxiliary Tha Masterfader

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new original tune from Dutch Disco wizard Auxiliary Tha Masterfader, a string of awesome reMixes recently, sure, but originals? It’s been a while. Now the man has hooked up with Mason’s record label, Animal Language, to release his storming new single. It’s called Feel About U, and it’s out this week. Hold tight for the bouncy synth groove.

Aux wastes no time  hitting us up with a powerfully infectious walking bassline. Simple and effective, the bass worms it’s way into your head, setting up residence while Feel About U unleashes some massive, soulful vocal samples and lush vintage synths. Aux switches up between thick retro chords and tight leads, creating a multi-layers nostalgia fest. There’s nothing frantic about this one, a mid-tempo, laid-back, Disco burner perfect for chilling to on hot summer evenings.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Feel About U (Original Mix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Feel About U is out now.

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[Download] Nude Disco’s ‘Neon Hearts’ (+ Jules Schimmer & Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMixes)



Record label Nude Disco, spawned from the club night Nude Disco, are following their compilation Nude Disco selections Vol. 1, with their première single release; from Nude Disco. that’s a lot of nakedness right there. The single’s called Neon Hearts, and it features the vocal stylings of Foreign Boy and comes with a loaded reMix package including work from Luxar, Discomendments, Jules Schimmer and Auxiliary Tha Masterfader.

Neon Hearts is a lush, urban, slice of SynthPoppy Nu-Disco. Musically it’s a slightly Tropical four minutes of infectious synthesizer Disco. Peppered with Poppy riffs, the bass bounces, the leads get euphoric and the purcussion keeps things funky. The infectious dancefloor groove is all leading toward a sweeping solo. Foreign Boy’s vocal contribution is what gives it it;s SynthPop edge as he croons his was through the track in a neo-Pet Shop Boys style. Jules Schimmer adds a little 80s flair to the tune with a chugging bassline and Top Of The Pops beats before launching into a hands-in-the-air piano House riff, while Aux takes a future Italo approach to Neon Hearts, injecting burbling synths and his own analog Disco style. The whole release is an impressive début for the label.

♫ Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Original Mix)

♫ Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Club Mix)

Nude Disco’s Neon Hearts is released 24th February.

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[Download] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMixes Germans’ ‘Cruel’



Germans are a Brooklyn based out fit specialising in un-searchable names and some pretty special music. A excellent, dreamy, brand of soulful Disco tunes. Their latest of which, Cruel, has been given a dancefloor workout by Mr. Auxiliary Tha Masterfader.

Aux takes a laidback slice of Disco bliss and give it an Italo topcoat. Not actually changing much as far as the mood of the track goes, just making everything slightly more synthetic. Pulsating synths and bubbling basses sit side by side with wicked little Disco licks and bright nostalgic keys. It;s when Aux gets really robotic with Cruel that this reMix shines, creating a mood reminiscent of 80s European dancefloors. Another bold slice of analog Disco from Aux.

Germans – Cruel (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMix)

Germans’ Cruel is out now.

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[Audio] Final DJs’ new single



Moonshine, from Germany’s finest Final DJs, is a track of theirs from last year which is now getting a full release this week courtesy of Pole Position Recordings out of Cardiff. You’ve read all about the smooth synth funk of the original before, so lets peep our beady eyes on a couple of the awesome reMixes that come bundled with Moonshine.

First up is the Dutch king of the Analog groove, Auxiliary Tha Masterfader. Aux delivers one of his trademark phat bassed jams. Big squelchy synths and vintage Disco grooves drive the track along until Aux is just about ready to drop some twisting solos on us. Playing with the originals solos Aux conjures up new melodic rhythms. Phunktastike’s contribution to the single takes the track down a more Disco-tinged House route. It’s feel good summery vibes all the way with this one, drop in a little laid back vocodering Like an updated Dreamwave vibe, this track merges a west coast nostalgic groove with a little Chicago feel. The single also comes equipped with a third reMix from Cram, it’s a package well worth picking up for some sunshine, or moonshine, vibes.

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader 1984 Rework)

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Phunktastike reMix)

Final DJs’ Moonshine is out now.

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s reMixes Statickman



Time for some real 70 synth Disco vibes right about now with Dutch boogiemeister Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s latest work. Straight on after the release of his latest EP, Music For Discotheques, Aux brings us this retro future reMix of Statickman’s The End Of The Times.

Aux whips out his analog big guns and delivers a rolling, expansive track. Part Italo floorfiller, part throwback Disco, mostly Cosmic journey. An evocative galactic journey loaded with sweeping synths and engine-like arpeggios in which Aux neatly straddles the line between dancefloor and dreams. With the addition of a sprinkling of vocoded vocals and an infectious hook, this reMix will transport to you more exciting, possibly silver jumpsuited, places.

♫ Statickman – The End Of The Times (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMix)

Statickman’s The End Of The Times is released 22nd April.

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Music For Discotheques’ EP



We’ve had a couple of sneaky peaks at Dutch Disco don Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s new EP, Music For Discotheques, but the EP was released today so now we can get a better look at the chunky release. We say chunky because this is a packed EP, six tracks, four originals from Aux and two reMixes, the previously posted Phunktastike reMix and a storming tune from Worship.

The EP leads with Rule The Night, which featured vocals from Kiss The Panther’s Steve Kimber, which kicks off proceedings in fine fashion. Rule The Night is an exotic cocktail of bouncing Italo bass, vintage Disco keys and huge, dramatic, vocals. A rousing call-to-arms for Disco lovers, Rule The Night takes you down the backstreets of the genre to the best parties. One of the EP’s other highlights is the driving space Italo of Manhattan 78. Bordering on EBM with it’s unrelenting arpeggiated bassline, Manhattan 78 tempers this urgency with lush synths and magical lead lines making the track both powerful and beautiful. Alongside these, and the previously heard Sweaty Disco Night and Phunktastike’s version of Rule The Night is the 70s synth Disco groove of Ride Wit Tha Funk and Swiss Dreamwaver Worship’s take on Sweaty Disco Night. Worship combines his hazy cosmic synths and Aux’s dirty Disco for some serious Cosmic Disco with a touch of Moog Funk. Music For Discotheques is a loaded EP with enough to keep you happy for ages.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader (Feat. Steve Kimber) – Rule The Night

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Manhattan 78

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Sweaty Disco Night (Worship reMix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Music For Discotheques EP is out now.

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