[MP3] Pat Lok edits AlunaGeorge’s ‘Outlines’



London Electro R&B (now) superstars AlunaGeorge’s début album, Body Music finally hit the shelves this week. It’s a record that should definitely be listened to by all, and a strong contender for album of the year, showcasing in perfect light AlunaGeorge’s unique blend of ElectroPop, R&B, Garage, House and avant-guarde weirdness. Amazing Canadian Disco/House magician Pat Lok has whipped up this tight edit of Body Music album track Outlines, which is actually more of a full on reMix despite Pat’s modesty.

Pat’s Crayola edit serves up Aluna’s sweet vocal with a side helping of big walking Disco bass and a pumping House beat. It’s a playful and deeply funky reMix, pairing that irresistible bassline with cheery Tropical hook and purcussion which give the track an instant outdoor, sunshine vibe. Which, considering that AlunaGeorge are festival darlings, makes Pat Lok’s edit of Outlines the prefect festival anthem. Keep the summer going.

AlunaGeorge – Outlines (Pat Lok ‘Crayola’ Edit)

AlunaGeorge’s Body Work album is out mow.

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