[Audio] Rogue Vogue’s ‘Say You Will (+ Dublin Aunts reMix)


Rogue Vogue

Chicago House music producer, and in our opinion one of the finest in the genre, Rogue Vogue is dropping a new single at the start of next month. Out on House of Disco Records, Say You Will is backed with the track More Than Enough and reMixes from such big names on the scene as LeSale, Sixth Avenue Express and Dublin Aunts is what sounds like one of the Chicago House releases of the year.

Say You Will is bombastic Chicago House that weaves it’s way around a classic sounding vocal sample. Popping with fresh elements, from the digital sax hook to the subtly piano line and the requisite 909 hats, Say You Will doesn’t leave you standing, serving up everything you need to get lost on the dancefloor. Lost in music, that is. More Than Enough is a slightly deeper affair. With more of a strobe lit warehouse vibe the track plays with subby bassed and ghostly organs amongst a compelling House beat. It;s another track that hard not to move to, featuring a punchy riff and just the tiniest hint of Luther Vandross. LaSale, Sixth Avenue Express and Dublin Aunts all apply their own brands of Disco and House to the track, but the most compelling for us was Dublin Aunts piano driven breakdown of the song. There’s just something about the combination of piano and synth bass, and the way these guys play with vocal samples that make their brand of slightly ecclectic House so interesting.

♫ Rogue Vogue – Say You Will

♫ Rogue Vogue – More Than Enough

♫ Rogue Vogue – Say You Will (Dublin Aunts Day Rave Mix)

Rogue Vogue’s Say You Will is released 5th August.

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[Audio] Dublin Aunts rework Kool Bandits

Kool Bandits

French cheesy Disco outfit Kool Bandits are releasing a reMix package for their single of late last year, Gliding Over The City. Of particular note on the release is a reworked version from Australia’s Dublin Aunts, who inject the track with a lush tropical feel.

Dublin Aunts take a smooth Disco approach to the track. Laid back, but not slow, their reMix is a slick, sexy take on the track that’s aimed straight at late night dancefloors. With a sprinkling of Tropical vibes set amongst some Deep House grooves and airy Disco pads, their reMix slowly builds toward a selection of twisted funk riffs and on the whole delivers the prefect mirrorball experience.

♫ Kool Bandits – Gliding Over The City (Dublin Aunts Rework)

Kool Bandits’ Gliding Over The City reMixes are released 22nd February.

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[MP3] Dublin Aunts edit Manuel Tur

Manuel Tur

Cyclist dropped this one in his October mixtape, it’s Australia’s finest Disco-House export Dublin Aunts and their cheeky little bootleg Edit of German Housemeister Manuel Tur’s single of earlier this year, Back To Me. Apparently the guys “Always heard shades of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’ in there” and so dropped a little Mac guitar into the chorus and smoothed things out a bit. The result is dreamy.

The track immediately carries you along on it’s warm, rumbling bass, and you’ll find most of the track kept largely intact. It’s just as compelling, just as hazy, just as blissful, but with a little extra added something. that something is a weird folky vibe that somehow compliments the track perfectly. Making the link between Tur’s tune and Rhiannon is the genius here, and we totally see where Dublin Aunts were coming from. We’re gonna’ save this for Sunday.

Manuel Tur – Back To Me (Dublin Aunts Love To Love Edit)

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Ride The Universe (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – A Little Better


Today sees the release of Ride The Universe’s ‘A Little Better’ on Juno. I can’t tell you how proud we are to be releasing this package, it’s already getting shit-loads of play and even now, after hearing it a million times, it still leaves us grinning from ear to ear.

I’m just going to copy and past the press release right here (I know, copy and pasting press releases is the single lamest thing a music blog can do, but I wrote it, so it’s all good!).

The long awaited début single from Dreamwave supergroup Ride The Universeis finally here!

After a string of acclaimed Nu-Disco reMixes Ride The Universe are now ready to drop their première original single. A Little Better is a summery, funk fueled, synth Disco juggernaut that features the sweet vocals of Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight(Vulture Music) and is the first step on a wonderful galactic beach-party journey.

With reMixes from legendary Electro & Pop producer Frankmusik, rising stars of the Nu-Disco scene Pat Lok and Dublin Aunts, analog Disco guru Auxiliary Tha Masterfader and Disco-House master Melee, A Little Better is going to be rocking dancefloors in the coming months. Get involved.

♫ Ride The Universe (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – A Little Better (Single)

Ride the Universe’s A Little Better single is released Today as a Juno exclusive, 19th November elsewhere via electronic rumors.

Cover art by: Tricia Lopez (http://trishalish.com/) Nice!

You can pick up the single right here, right now on Juno.

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Dublin Aunts’ ‘Heartbreak Reputation’ reMixes


So, Australian Disco outfit Dublin Aunts début release, Heartbreak Reputation, caused a bit of a stir when it was released last month. it was slick, funky and catchy as hell and destined to rock discerning dancefloors all summer. But what happens if you’re providing a remix for the track but miss the deadline? What to do? What to do?

Well, if you’re Dublin Aunts you release the tardy remixes as a free EP! Some things just need to see the light of day. Up first is Liaison with the smoothest of smooth groves. Pure laid back summery goodness coasting along on squelchy synth bass and wicked little Disco licks. The king of the edit Late Night Tuff Guy brings his sweet Disco sound to the track, real late ‘70’s stuff. LNFG works his magic and turns in a classic vintage Disco hit. AB/TC’s take on the tune takes things to a deep place. A dubby take on Disco that mixes licks with low basses and echoing swirls. All in all not bad in exchange for a Facebook like.

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Liaison Version)

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (LNTG Found A Groove Mix)

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (AB/TC reMix)

You can download the EP here.

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Dublin Aunts’ début single

Dublin Aunts

We’ve been waiting a while for Australian Disco producers Dublin Aunts to drop their début single, and now it’s finally hear, and seeing as how it’s Friday, ‘Heartbreak Reputation’ is the perfect tune to carry your weekend.

From it’s opening bars you know that your in for good times. This is smooth, laid back synthesizer Disco of the highest calibre. If you thought Dublin Aunts’ reMixes were good, ‘Heartbreak Reputation will blow you away. Built upon some lunch synth chords and a frictionless soulful vocal. There’s nothing about this track that doesn’t make you want to just chill in the sunshine. The reMix package is loaded with Funk too. Drop Out Orchestra provide a slick late ‘70’s Disco take on the track, all bouncy bass and big horns layered with lush strings. There’s also a big Nu-Disco mix from DJ Agent 86 that adds a calypso flavour to the mix for just that little added holiday feel and matches Disco licks with shimmering synths. Also coming on the single is a deep house mix from Flash Mode and a very nice Dub version of the track. It’s a very impressive début from Xavier & Adam and one I think we’re all going to be glad of this summer. Let the good times roll.

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Original Mix)

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (DJ Agent 86 reMix)

‘Heartbreak Reputation’ is out now on Bandcamp, with most major outlets coming in June.

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Bastian’s Happy Flight’s ‘EOP01’

Bastian's Happy Flight

One of our favourite labels, the awesome Mullet Records is celebrating it’s 50th release, Bastian’s Happy Flight’s ‘EP01’ with a free download to promote the amazing reMix package it has in store.

‘EP01, the début EP from this Australian five piece is crammed full with eight tracks. Four Originals and four reMixes, all blissed out funky ElectroPop with a Disco twist. The lead track, ‘It’s OK’, is pure summer anthem material. A slick Indie-Electro backing for some seriously lush Dreamwave synths with rousing vocals and building layers of sound giving the tune an eipc quality. Of remaining the original tracks our favourite is ‘In My Mind’, a laid back slice of Disco laden soulful ElectroPop with synth bass and piano working together to create a sunrise vibe. The signature of the original tracks are funky electronic and powerful, emotive vocals, which proved an excellent jump off point for the reMixes. Amongst which are Dublin Aunts deep ‘90’s House take on ‘It’s OK’, with it’s hammering House piano, which managers to inject a little Disco into it’s retro club sound and Mullet head honcho Casio Social Club’s ‘Heavy Disco Edit’, which does exactly what it says on the tin. expect big bouncy synth bass and wicked Disco licks.

Bastian’s Happy Flight – It’s OK (Radio Edit)

♫ Bastian’s Happy Flight -In My Mind

♫ Bastian’s Happy Flight – It’s OK (Dublin Aunts reMix)

♫ Bastian’s Happy Flight – You Keep Dancin’ (Casio Social Club Heavy Disco Edit)

‘EP01’ is out via Juno on 4th April and everywhere else on the 11th.

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Dublin Aunts’ new track

Dublin Aunts

Australian duo Dublin Aunts have unleashed a new track on the world. Prepare to go deep.

Taking their mixture of Disco and Deep House and adding an awesome ‘90’s sheen, Dublin Aunts’ new track ‘No Holding Back’ works alongside the classics of soulful House. With a heavy bass and pitch perfect use of a really house organ sound that weave in and out of each other, ‘No Holding Back’ is a laid back, involving track that just sucks you into itself. Add to that a lush vocal, and more ‘90’s vibe in the form of a trumpet solo, and you have the makings of a classic tune.

Dublin Aunts – No Holding Back

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