[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Adina Howard’s ‘Freak Like Me’


Adina Howard

OK, hold tight, ‘cos this one is huge. The Torontonian dude Pat Lok is back and he’s got something to celebrate. The man has just hit a million, yes a million, plays on his SoundCloud account and is marking the occasion by giving away this frankly immense reMix of Adina Howard’s 1995 hit Freak Like Me. We sincerely hope your listening to this jam on a system with decent bass.

Spending it;s first few moments easily blending from a 90s R&B groove into a House monster the effortlessly juggles an early Chicago vibe with cutting edge Bass House power. And that’s not mentioning the shuffling Garage shit going on throughout. This is just a killer tune that needs to be played in clubs right now, like right this second. Turn the bass up, turn the volume up, hit play. You won’t regret it.

Adina Howard X Pat Lok – Freek (2014 Booty)

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Robert Lux & Todd Edwards’ ‘I’ve Still Got Sunshine’


Todd Edwards

Out this week is the new single from New York/LA duo Robert Lux & House music legend Todd Edwards, I’ve Still Got Sunshine. A cheery House tune with a secret weapon. There’s a reMix from Torontonian master Pat Lok up in this bitch! Possibly his deepest tune to date, Lok delivers they hypnotic dance and warehouse moods with this monster tune.

Pat Lok effortlessly blends a little Chicago, a little Deep and a little Funky into one undulating, bass heavy, floorfiller. Riding on a growling sub, the track gleefully plays with vocal snatches, ecclectic snyths and unexpected twists and turns. All locked together with a watertight groove. One of the best House tunes of the year so far.

Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok reMix)

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Mjolnir’s ‘Just A Boy’



Indonesian outfit Mjolnir’s new single Just A Boy was released this week on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records. We already posted the JBAG dub of the track. Now it’s time to check out what Canadian Housemeister Pat Lok has in store for the tune. It the mix we were most looking forward to hearing, Pat’s been on a roll recently, and he’s kept it going right here.

Taking the track deeper and groover than the JBAG’s version. Lok drops a warm summertime sound comprising a solid beat, and fidgety but utterly infectious subby bassline and layers of Tropical keys. The end result is somehow more laid back, yet more dancefloor destroying that the excellent original. That’s the magic of Pat Lok

♫ Mjolnir – Just A Boy (Pat Lok reMix)

Mjolnir’s Just A Boy is out now.

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[Video] Pat Lok’s ‘Move Slow’


Pat Lok ft. Alo    Move Slow   Official Video    YouTube

Canadian producer Pat Lok’s recent tune, Move Slow, a slick, interesting House tune featuring the voice of alo, has only gone and got itself a video!

Jen Oleksiuk and Scopitone Films put the clip together, as ecclectic as the track itself.

Pat Lok’s Move Slow is out now.

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[Audio] Pat Lok’s ‘Move Slow’



Hot on the heels if his collaboration with Bear Mountain, Same Hearts, Canadian producer Pat Lok is already on to the next thing with this brand new tune. Move Slow is already getting spun by the likes of Moon Boots, Anna Lunoe, Don Rimini, The Phantom’s Revenge, Cassian and Justin Faust just to name a few. Check out why.

Featuring vocals from fellow Canadian alo, Move Slow is an ecclectic House track with a slight Disco groove to ease you into it. alo’s Jazzy vocals lend the track a raw, live feel to it, almost as if Lok was dipping in and out of the sweeping synths and percussive keys in real time. It’s a tune that really draws you in to it, it’s not really like anything else around right now, and that’s testament to Pat’s skills. Intelligent House music, a real treat.

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. alo) – Move Slow

Pay Lok’s Move Slow is out now.

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[Download] Pat Lok’s ‘Same Hearts’ reMixed by Box Of Wolves



Canadian producer Pat Lok and Bear Mountain’s Same Hearts has been out just over a week now and in that week has been getting a fair amount of play ‘round these parts. It’s set to see even more spins now on the form of of the brand new reMix from our own Chilly Disco don Box Of Wolves, Stay tuned for more Box Of Wolves news and we announce his new single in the coming days.

In the meantime he’s whipped up a jackin’ House tune with this track. It’s got a nice retro swing to it courtesy of some thick synth stabs running throughout that give the vocals a buoyant quality. All this resides upon a deep bassline constructed from pulsating and echoing synths. It’s as atmospheric as it is dancefloor friendly. Perfect for that Deep House portion of the night. A true meeting of talents.

Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Box Of Wolves reMix)

Pat Lok’s Same Hearts is out now on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

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[Audio] Pat Lok & Bear Mountain’s ‘Same Hearts'(+ Ride The Universe and Oxford reMixes)



Our favourite Canadian Housemeister Pat Lok has teamed up with ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ for the release of his storming new single. Featuring the vocal styling of fellow Canadian outfit Bear Mountain, Same Hearts delivers slick dancefloor beats and spaced-out Cosmic vibes in equal measures, which the reMix package is stuffed to breaking point with Shelby Grey, Ride The Universe and Oxford.

Same Hearts elevates itself above Nu-Disco and House with a slew of complex beats and pitch perfect intertwining riffs. Smooth and laid back despite it’s intricacy, and the inclusion of Bear Mountain’s soulful vocal seals the deal for this song as a late night floorfiller that’ll captivate the crowd. Pan-Atlantic Disco superheroes Ride The Universe attack the track with some of the funkiest, infectious, retro Disco you’ll have heard in a while. With a big 80s Soul Pop intro, the reMix soon launces into something straight out of most nostalgic summer. Astounding bass, slick robo vocals and lush, lush snyths permeate every minute of this track. Frenchman Oxford’s take on the track is every bit as funky, but retaining the originals House groove for a result with one foot in the warehouse, on on the mirrorballed dancefloor. A stunning release from Pat Lok here, definitely desisted to become one of the tunes of the summer.

Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Oxford reMix)

Pat Lok’s Same Hearts is out today.

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[Download] Pat Lok’s ‘Body II Me’


Canadian producer extraordinaire Pat Lok unleashed a brand new original tune on an unsuspecting world this week. And it’s a cracker too! Continuing Pat’s descent into the murky underworld of House, Body II Me sees the man completely shedding his Disco past in favour of some seriously jackin’ warehouse grooves.

Wrapping itself in an array of modulated vocal snatches, Body II Me delivers warm and comfortable vibes, ripe for filling the dancefloor. With a slight Garage shuffle to the beat, and an interesting Ravey-ness to the hook, Lok sets himself apart from the House crowd with meticulous crafting and intricate productions. The end result of which are always floorfilling gold.

♫ Pat Lok – Body II Me

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Way Out West’s ‘UB Devoid’


Way Out West

It’s a good day when Canadian purveyor of all things Disco and House Pat Lok finally drops his long awaited reMix of Bristol’s finest Way Out West’s UB Devoid. This dark and hypnotic tune from he Progressive House masters was a dancefloor staple around 2000 (back when Dance music’s biggest stars actually knew how to convey emotion with their music), now Lok has given it a workout and updated to for 2013. Check it out.

Lok keeps things dark and brooding, but injects the track with a ton of funk. Slowing things down a bit from the originals early 2000’s 130+ bmp, he creates a solid House track with leanings toward both a Disco groove and UB Devoid’s Progressive roots. Layering the tune with some sweet melodies, bringing a slightly Chicago feel to the tracks riffs. This track really is the best of all worlds, a little bit of everything wrapped in a dancefloor destroying package, and a nice bit of nostalgia made contemporary.

Way Out West – UB Devoid (Pat Lok 2013 reMix)

Way Out West’s UB Devoid EP is out now, and has been for a while.

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[MP3] Pat Lok reMixes Disclosure & Eliza Doolittle’s ‘You & Me’



We got our hands on this one last week, and it serves us well on our travels this past weekend. It’s Canadian House & Disco master Pat Lok with his reMix of Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle’s hit You & Me, from Disclosure’s number one album Settle, and Man is it huge! This track;s right on point to dominate dancefloors int he coming months.

Deep, bassy, swept up with Rave leads, this reMix delivers a hedonistic cacophony of concentrated electronic sounds. Brutally ripping Doolittle’s vocal from the original, Lok pairs them with a growling, system destroying, beast whos subs hit you like a gut punch while you head is kept busy with layer upon layer of Rave stabs. Already getting support from some of the scenes biggest names, expect to hear a lot more from this one if you frequent the right clubs.

Disclosure (Feat. Eliza Doolittle) – You & Me (Pat Lok ‘Homies Wear’ reMix)

Disclosure’s Settle album is out now.

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