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We’ve been eagerly waiting for this one for quite a while now, it’s the new single from France’s finest ElectroPop duo Reflex. Out next week on Continental Records, the single, titled Together, is the prefect material for these two to make a return to releasing original tunes. it’s big, bombastic and fun and has a hook that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Together, drops just in time for the warmer months, and that’s a good job too as there is a touch of the Balearic about it. This is all about big piano riffs and rumbling Disco bass, all wrapped up in a surprisingly euphoric package that’s ripe for some festival season anthem kudos. Loaded with groove laden House undertones that permeate every corner of the track, from the irritate beats to Lud’s chanting, call-to-arms vocals, Together is just what’s needed on this summers dancefloors. reMixes on the single come from Boys Get Hurt, Pat Lok and Ryan Riot. Pat brings one his wonderful deep, retro House tunes to the table. If the original is set for open air dancing, then the Pat Lok reMix is destined for warehouses. Abrasive House riffs and Chicago organ hooks relentlessly power the track on featuring all manner of modulated vocals. Ryan Riot gives the track a little 80s flavour with his SynthWave version of the track. Mixing in a hint of 90s Trance, Riot bring his typical fair for rolling synthesizer love. You won’t be able to shake that arpeggiated bassline. A pretty stunning release from Reflex, we’re hoping there is an album in the works.

♫ Reflex – Together

♫ Reflex – Together (Pat Lok reMix For Jessie)

♫ Reflex – Together Ryan Riot reMix)

Reflex’s Together is released 17th June, head over to their SoundCloud page to download the Boys Get Hurt reMix for free.

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