[Audio] Goldroom & SLL (Saint Lou Lou)


OK, so first we have to address that Sweden based Australian twin sisters Saint Lou Lou aren’t Saint Lou Lou any more, now they’re just SLL. Is this a good move?, we doubt it (every-time I see it I immediately think SSL), but whatever, they still sound as sweet as ever. Perhaps more than ever as they team up with one of the most talented artists around right now, Goldroom.

Riding high on the worldwide success of his Fifteen single, featuring Chela on vox, Josh Legg brings a little summer sun into our chilly winter nights. The dreamy harmonies of Sain…SLL are a perfect match for that Goldroom flavour. Here Josh get’s a little more Poppy than usual, bringing his nautical vibe with a robust bassline and shimmering Island synths to a straight-up ElectroPop track, giving it a Tropical twist. The result is a truly blissful tune that kinda’ shines like when the sun’s ray catch the water. So brilliant it’s blinding.

♫ Goldroom (Feat. SLL) – Sweetness Alive

Goldroom’s Sweetness Alive is out now.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

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