[Audio] Ryan Riot & Ay Wing’s ‘Broken Doll’ (+ Punks Jump Up reMix)


Ryan Riot

One of Switzerland’s finest Nu-Disco and House export, Ryan Riot, is set to release his newest single next month via Y Este Finde Qué’s imprint. The release sees him teaming up with Ay Wing for Broken Doll which is due out at the end of July. Not only is it a smooth as hell slice of warm House but it comes backed with a killer reMix from London’s Punks Jump Up to boot!

Deftly integrating vintage Disco mirrorball shimmer into a big Piano House track, Ryan Riot and Ay Wing serve up a soft focus floorfiller. Ryan pulls out his whole arsenal here, from the Warehouse beats to the Topical keys everything is placed for the maximum dancefloor potential. The big hooks and big, yet slightly quirky, diva vocals are present and correct here and keep the track’s energy levels high. For their reMix, Punks Jump Up strip back the groove and morph it into a late-night Acid-ish jam that is vintage sounding Chicago gold, practically a strobe light made audio. Check out those deep, warbling synths; love it!

♫ Ryan Riot & Ay Wing – Broken Doll

♫ Ryan Riot & Ay Wing – Broken Doll (Punks Jump Up reMix)

Ryan Riot & Ay Wing’s Broken Doll is released 23th July.

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[Audio] Bastille’s ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ reMixed by Ryan Riot



Switzerland’s finest purveyor of Nu-Disco and House, Ryan Riot continues on his quest to reMix the biggest Indie-Dance tracks of the moment by tackling the current single from London based ElectroPop outfit Bastille (who played an absolutely blinding set at Bestival this past weekend BTW!) and their ode to insurance claims, Things We Lost In The Fire.

Ryan’s reMix leans quite heavily in the direction of the big room. Taking the anthemic chorus from the original, Riot swamps the track in big synth riffs and an Italo rhythm section. Driving and uplifting, this tune works the vocals to create some awesome breakdowns and build to completely control the dancefloor. Ryan has been knocking it out of the park recently, and this huge tune is no different.

Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire (Ryan Riot reMix)

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[Audio] Reflex’s new single


REFLEX Photo 1

We’ve been eagerly waiting for this one for quite a while now, it’s the new single from France’s finest ElectroPop duo Reflex. Out next week on Continental Records, the single, titled Together, is the prefect material for these two to make a return to releasing original tunes. it’s big, bombastic and fun and has a hook that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Together, drops just in time for the warmer months, and that’s a good job too as there is a touch of the Balearic about it. This is all about big piano riffs and rumbling Disco bass, all wrapped up in a surprisingly euphoric package that’s ripe for some festival season anthem kudos. Loaded with groove laden House undertones that permeate every corner of the track, from the irritate beats to Lud’s chanting, call-to-arms vocals, Together is just what’s needed on this summers dancefloors. reMixes on the single come from Boys Get Hurt, Pat Lok and Ryan Riot. Pat brings one his wonderful deep, retro House tunes to the table. If the original is set for open air dancing, then the Pat Lok reMix is destined for warehouses. Abrasive House riffs and Chicago organ hooks relentlessly power the track on featuring all manner of modulated vocals. Ryan Riot gives the track a little 80s flavour with his SynthWave version of the track. Mixing in a hint of 90s Trance, Riot bring his typical fair for rolling synthesizer love. You won’t be able to shake that arpeggiated bassline. A pretty stunning release from Reflex, we’re hoping there is an album in the works.

♫ Reflex – Together

♫ Reflex – Together (Pat Lok reMix For Jessie)

♫ Reflex – Together Ryan Riot reMix)

Reflex’s Together is released 17th June, head over to their SoundCloud page to download the Boys Get Hurt reMix for free.

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[MP3] The Other Tribe reMixed by Ryan Riot



Making us proud since last summer is Bristol’s The Other Tribe, who have had their recent free single We Should Be Dancing reMixed by one of Switzerland’s top Nu-Disco producers, Ryan Riot. Here he takes a lot tougher approach than we would expect from him with an almost EBM bassline and machine beats.

Really pumping up the originals bassline and washing it in militaristic synths, Ryan Riot brings a new aggressive groove to the track. It’s a track that compels you to the dancefloor, and you don;t want to think about the consequences if you don’t, which is fitting for the song’s content. Riot goes big with everything on this track, big bass, big beats and big sweeping synths. Rocking the originals purcussion to it’s fullest, this is one reMix for peak time when the crowd won’t know what hit them.

The Other Tribe – We Should Be Dancing (Ryan Riot reMix)

The Other Tribe’s We Should Be Dancing is out now.

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[Audio] Ryan Riot reMixes Passion Pit

Passion Pit

Swiss Dreamwaver Ryan Riot is topping of his year with this classy reMix of Passion Pit’s Carried Away. As the reMix contest for this track draws to a close we’re sure to be inundated with version of this tune for the next couple of weeks. Damn reMix competitions. Still, Ryan is onto a winner here as he injects the track with a playful Disco groove.

Keeping the structure of the track intact, Ryan gets funky with it and has a good time with a popcorn riff and pounding, infectious, bass hook. the track perfectly the captures the spirit of Passion Pit, that summery Indie goodness, but drags it kicking and screaming onto the dancefloor. Surely this track is a winner, we can’t imaging a more fitting Passion Pit reMix than this, this is how all Passion Pit reMixes should sound.

♫ Passion Pit – Carried Away (Ryan Riot reMix)

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Ryan Riot’s November mixtape

Ryan Riot

Ryan Riot – Full Speed Ahead (November Mix) = It’s Swiss producer extraordinaire Ryan Riot’s new mixtape, and it’s chock full of some of the hottest tunes of the moment. Clocking in at just over an hour, this is some of the best Indie-Dance you’ll head all month, Check it out!

Ryan Riot – Full Speed Ahead (November Mix)

The tracklist:

01. Emil & Friends – Royal Oats (Original)
02. Rebeka – Stars (Punks Jump Up Dub)
03. Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit reMix)
04. Andre VII – Discoteca Clandestina
05. Escort – Starlight (RAC reMix)
06. Punks Jump Up x Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour) – Feels Good (Original Dub)
07. Michoacan – D.S.S.G. (Dubka reMix)
08. Daft Punk – Superheroes (Solidisco reMix)
09. ???????? & ?-???? – ???’? ???? (???????? reMix)
10. ???????? & ?-???? – ???’? ???? (???? Mix)
11. Cruiser – Don’t Go Alone (Noah Hyde reMix)
12. RAC (Feat. Penguin Prison) – Hollywood (Cassian reMix)
13. Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)
14.) Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Gigamesh reMix)
15. Junkie XL – Klatshing!
16. My Tiger My Timing – Wasteland
17. Goose – Control

Check out more from Ryan Riot on SoundCloud.

Ryan Riot reMixes Revolver


Here’s the new reMix from Swiss SynthWave wonder Ryan Riot. It;s his anthemic take on French Indie band Revolver’s Let’s Get Together, and it strays from his usual retro Synth style into some decidedly hypnotic Disco territory.

Mr. Riot instils the track with am impressive level of drama, constantly building layers upon layers of cinematic strings and tension building synth leads. We’re not really familiar with the original, but the vocals have a Muse-like air of anthemic majesty to them, and Ryan plays off that with his track, which includes a massive breakdown and build, whilst also delivering a helping of 90’s House in the background. Well worthy of and dancefloor, Ryan Riot’s mix of Let’s Get Together may be his best work to date. Can;t wait for the next.

Revolver – Let’s Get Together (Ryan Riot reMix)

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Ryan Riot reMixes Blur


Here’s a fun little mix that Swiss SynthWave producer Ryan Riot put together of Indie kings Blur’s Ibiza anthem Girls & Boys. Straying from his usual retro synth sound, Riot goes for a straight up dance jam here, and has fun with it.

There’s not a awful lot you can sat about this. It’s Blur’s Girls & Boy with a burbling synth baseline and a kickin’ beat. Blurring the line between reMix and Edit this track is just a DJ friendly rework with added sweet synth line. If you liked the original than this is probably the track you are after right now, and it’d go down a storm on the dancefloor.

Blur – Girls & Boys (Ryan Riot reMix)

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KIEZ BEATS’ ‘Synthwave Vol.1’ mix by Ryan Riot


KIEZ BEATS – Synthwave Vol.1 Mix By Ryan Riot = KIEZ BEATS are really knocking the compilation out these days. This time it’s a collection of some of the finest SynthWave around, loaded with electronic rumors alumnae. Check out this mix of the album from Mr. Ryan Riot.

KIEZ BEATS Synthwave Vol.1 Mix By Ryan Riot

The tracklist:

01. Jolie Cherie – No Matter What
02. Mr. Gonzo – Dance On You
03. Ryan Riot – Loading Procedure
04. Pilotpriest – Xanadu
05. DigitalNativeDance – Rise Up
06. seipä – Sunset Highway
07. Tommy – Out Run
08. 80s Stallone – Out of the Water
09. D/A/D – Sky High
10. DYNATRON – The Pulsating Nebula
11. The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Kid Machine Vocal Mix)
12. Thomas Barrandon – Absolute Magnitude
13. Cosmonauts – Stardust (Original Mix)
14. ST – Blue
15. Mindscramble – Upstart (2012 reMix)
16. Hot Hot Hawk – Cyrax
17. Jordan F – Last Night
18. Illapa – Spark
19. FlashBoy – Corvette
20. Alpha Boy – The Return of Norman Knight
21. Jowie Schulner – A New Day
22. ALEXINO – Asphalt
23. Ace Attack – In the Dark

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Ryan Riot reMixes Satellite Stories

Satellite Stories

Swiss SynthWave producer Ryan Riot has returned to the electronic rumors Inbox with a brand new reMix. The current focus of his attention are comically voiced Finish Indie Rockers Satellite Stories and their summery Indie tune Anti-Lover.

Like a Nordic Two Door Cinema Club, Satellite Stories have got the right amount of guitar jangles and “Oooo-Ooos”, so in swoops Ryan Riot with some robotic arpeggios and a Disco beat. The big retro chords in the chorus, particularly, are uplifting as hell for a Monday morning. There’s a tad to much of that quite shitty sounding guitar in the background, but it doesn’t distract too much from a quality reMix. Roll on more Ryan Riot.

Satellite Stories – Anti-Lover (Ryan Riot reMix)

Satellite Stories début album is released 21st September.

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