TheLook’s new EP


Neonized’s latest release comes from Spanish Nu-Disco rising star TheLook. Tracks from the Nightwaves single are already making waves with tracks from the package already getting play from the likes of A.N.D.Y., Jeremy Glenn, Douze and DCup. The single holds two originals and a bunch of reMixes, all of which are top quality.

Nightwaves is a slick-as-all-hell Disco tune with some nice nods to ‘90’s House. A relentless funk drives the track powered by a body moving digital bassline Nightwaves combines the best of robo Disco with a soulful side guaranteed to move you on the dancefloor. You Can Dace, the tracks flip side takes a more House-based approach, there’s loads of Chicago overtones here, and a hook that will be stuck in your head all day. Amongst the reMixes you’ll fine these gems from Freak You, who delivers a ponding piano-led progressive mix, energetic but deep, that is an intoxicating call to dance, and Canada’s Pat Lok turns in his Lawn Sprinkler Dub (which we presume is names for the shuffling percussion) which also channels a strong ‘90’s vibe. Whist we were expecting something a bit more Disco from Mr. Lok, we can’t say we’re disappointed with his awesome ‘90’s Rave tune. This EP is seriously worth checking out.

♫ TheLook – Nightwaves (Freak You reMix)

♫ TheLook – You Can Dance (Pat Lok ‘Lawn Sprinkler’ Dub)

The Nightwaves single is released 16th July.

Buy TheLook’s music from:


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