[Audio] Shook reMixes Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach

This almost slipped past us. Late last week Crazy Heart Records unveiled the new reMix of New York DiscoPop duo Ghost Beach’s Been There Before, by none other than the Dutch musical Funk master Shook. The track is part of a series of remixes from the likes of Penguin Prison, Gigamesh, Chad Valley and Summer Heart that will be dropped weekly, culminating in a full reMix EP release at the end of March.

Shook, of course, works his vintage disco magic on the track. The reMix is loaded with the Dutchman’s typical Moog Funk basslines and 70s disco pops and pows. Presented in a laid back groove, with Shook’s jazzy electric piano at the forefront, the track is the prefect melding of Shook’s 70’s Disco and Ghost Beach’s tropical sounds. One for late night dancefloors and lazy poolside days.

♫ Ghost Beach – Been There Before (Shook reMix)

Ghost Beach’s reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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