[Audio] Ghost Beach remixed by Gigamesh


Ghost Beach

It still a couple of weeks until New York duo Ghost Beach release their Modern Tongues reMix EP, but we’ve already heard a few of the reMixes included. Here’s the next in line. We’re were groovin’ to his massive last single, Enjoy, and Minneapolis’ finest, Gigamesh, drops this beautiful reMix of Miracle. Part of the reMix album, this tune was so good they actually released it as a single last week via Spotify.

Eschewing his usual high energy Nu-Disco on favour some something a little more reflective, Gigamesh weaves an emotionally rich tapestry of intertwining synth lines and pads. It’s a bassy track that conjures a rich introspective mood. Pitching down the vocals a bit ads the the anthemic feel, it’s just a song that you can;t help but connect with. Undulating synth riffs playing against deep booming kicks whit that heartfelt vocal is an amazing combination. The reMix EP can’t come quick enough.

♫ Ghost Beach – Miracle (Gigamesh reMix)

Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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[Audio] Chad Valley reMixes Ghost Beach


The next in the line of  Ghost Beach reMixes comes from the producer of one of our very favourite albums of last year, Chad Valley. Chad Valley’s Young Hunger album was an absolute stormer that we had on constant rotation in the latter months of 2012, so his contribution to the Ghost Beach’s forthcoming Modern Tongues reMix EP was one we were looking forward to.

And he doesn’t disappoint. Taking the New York IndieDiscoPop Duo’s Teat Us Apart and giving it a Lo-Fi retro workout. Sparkling like stardust, the synths intertwine with each other to form an emotional, hazy, optimistic tune straight out of an 80s teen movie. Chad Valley’s take on the track replaces guitars with lush, but gentle, layers of electronic that gives the vocals a new, heartfelt lease of life. the chorus, particularly, becomes something simply epic in this version of the track. There’s still more to come, Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP will also feature work from the likes of Penguin Prison and Gigamesh.

♫ Ghost Beach – Tear Us Apart (Chad Valley reMix)

Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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[Audio] Ghost Beach reMixed by Summer Heart

Ghost Beach

Three days ago we told you the New York DiscoPop duo Ghost Beach would be releasing a track from their forthcoming reMix EP  every week. Three days ago! Three days ago we introduced you to Shook’s reMix of Been There Before. Three days isn’t a week, and here we are with Swedish DreamPopper Summer Heart’s take on Faded. Not that we’re complaining mind. “Bring ‘em on” we say!

To say Summer heart’s version of Faded was a blissful wave of synthetic dreams would be an understatement. Actually. Summer heart mixes up a little Nu-Disco with healthy doses of Chillwave and Dreamwave and moulds the song into a tide of reverb drenched snyths. gritty, undulating synths stand back to back with chirpy Sci-Fi blips and speaker filling strings. Ghost Beach’s original vocal just lend the track another layer of drama. Another great tune form this EP, more to come from Penguin Prison, Gigamesh and Chad Valley.

♫ Ghost Beach – Faded (Summer Heart reMix)

Ghost Beach’s reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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[Audio] Shook reMixes Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach

This almost slipped past us. Late last week Crazy Heart Records unveiled the new reMix of New York DiscoPop duo Ghost Beach’s Been There Before, by none other than the Dutch musical Funk master Shook. The track is part of a series of remixes from the likes of Penguin Prison, Gigamesh, Chad Valley and Summer Heart that will be dropped weekly, culminating in a full reMix EP release at the end of March.

Shook, of course, works his vintage disco magic on the track. The reMix is loaded with the Dutchman’s typical Moog Funk basslines and 70s disco pops and pows. Presented in a laid back groove, with Shook’s jazzy electric piano at the forefront, the track is the prefect melding of Shook’s 70’s Disco and Ghost Beach’s tropical sounds. One for late night dancefloors and lazy poolside days.

♫ Ghost Beach – Been There Before (Shook reMix)

Ghost Beach’s reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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[Audio] Viceroy & Ghost Beach


These guys have traded reMixes in the past, but now San Francisco’s funkiest export Viceroy and New York Disco Pop outfit Ghost Beach have teamed up on a new original tune that really does proove that Viceroy is correct, it’s “summertime, all the time”.

Even if it is deep in November, this tune will knock the chilly cobwebs out of your skull and get you moving like you’re at a pool party. Boasting layers and layers of funky synths, raging from a pumping digital bass to some rich, stabbing, chords, that all provides the grooviest of backings for Ghost Beach to belt out some summer anthem style vocals. Bringing back the sun! The track is available to buy very soon, we can;t wait to see who’s in the reMix line-up.

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Ghost Beach) – While We’re in Love

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Queen Of Hearts reMixed by Ghost Beach


Queen Of Hearts continues the promotional juggernaut for her latest single, ‘Neon’, with this new reMix by New York Tropical Popsters  Ghost Beach. Actually, that sounds like PR hyperbole , which I kinda’ hate, so I’ll rephrase. It’s not a promotional juggernaut, it’s more like Queen Of Hearts slipping you a new reMix under the table each week and telling you “send you friends to me, I’ve got the good shit” with a wink.

Ghost Beach go all raw electronic IndiePop with the track. It’s organised chaos, a synthetic wall of sound that boarders on Shoegaze at times. With Industrial overtones held in check only be the bassline it’s a new sound for a Queen Of Hearts track and the juxtaposition between the raucous New York Indie-Electro and Liz’s silky smooth vocals makes a compelling combination. Also fresh from the Queen is this ‘The Neon Queen Mixtape’ a pretty inspired collection of many of the most interesting female artists around (and a couple of dudes). To be honest if someone asked me to make a female oriented ElectroPop mixtape I don;t think I could have come up with a better tracklist. Stick around ‘til the end, there’s a cheeky preview of a brand new Queen Of Heart’s track.

Queen Of Hearts – Neon (Ghost Beach reMix)

Queen Of Hearts – The Neon Queen Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. Queen Of Hearts – Neon (Lightwaves reMix)
02. Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer (Tensnake reMix)
03. Icona Pop – Manners (Kitsune Extended Mix)
04. Perseus – Seychelles
05. Queen Of Hearts – Shoot the Bullet (AlunaGeorge reMix)
06. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It
07. Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure reMix)
08. Charli XCX – Stay Away (T.Williams Dub)
09. Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principal (Over The Top reMix)
10. Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (StardonE reMix)
11. SebastiAn – Arabest
12. Azealia Banks – Bambi
13. Marina And The Diamonds – Primadonna (Evian Christ reMix)
14. Eli And Fur – Sea of Stars
15. Queen of Hearts – What Is Love? (Exclusive)

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ single is out 14th May, out now is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which she features.

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