[Audio] Chad Valley reMixes Ghost Beach


The next in the line of  Ghost Beach reMixes comes from the producer of one of our very favourite albums of last year, Chad Valley. Chad Valley’s Young Hunger album was an absolute stormer that we had on constant rotation in the latter months of 2012, so his contribution to the Ghost Beach’s forthcoming Modern Tongues reMix EP was one we were looking forward to.

And he doesn’t disappoint. Taking the New York IndieDiscoPop Duo’s Teat Us Apart and giving it a Lo-Fi retro workout. Sparkling like stardust, the synths intertwine with each other to form an emotional, hazy, optimistic tune straight out of an 80s teen movie. Chad Valley’s take on the track replaces guitars with lush, but gentle, layers of electronic that gives the vocals a new, heartfelt lease of life. the chorus, particularly, becomes something simply epic in this version of the track. There’s still more to come, Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP will also feature work from the likes of Penguin Prison and Gigamesh.

♫ Ghost Beach – Tear Us Apart (Chad Valley reMix)

Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP is released at the end of March.

Buy Ghost Beach’s music from:

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