[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Chemicals’



Yay! There’s finally a longer version of Belgian Housemeiser A.N.D.Y.’s new single on the ‘cloud. As you know we don’t use these minute–and-a-half snippets on electronic rumors, we don;t thin they have much value for our readers, so we’ve been gagging to post about this one since the tiny tiny clips went up last month. It’s called Chemicals and it features the vocal stylings of Vanya Taylor from All About She. Check it out.

Lush and warm House is what you’re treated to with Chemicals. Drawing from smooth 90s influences, A.N.D.Y. serves up a smokey slick of late-night dancefloor gold that melds Taylors well-rounded R&B vocals with enveloping organ stabs and pulsating bass. Things get interestingly key changey and a bit ravey in the bridge, which makes for an unexpected change of mood before the track resumes it’s slinky groove.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Vanya Taylor) – Chemical

A.N.D.Y.’s Chemicals is out now.

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[Download] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Whitney’



Belgian Housemeister A.N.D.Y.’s unveiled a new tune this week. After producing a sting of huge floorfillers that had a slightly enigmatic edge, A.N.D.Y. has gone for the full on good-times angle with Whitney, which is probably obvious from the title. Adding a little of the ol’ Tropical into his subby House vibe, A.N.D.Y. delivers something a bit 90s retro, a bit summer party and a bit smile on your face.

So this one’s all about he storming House beats and plinky plonky Island purcussion-y lead. Whitney’s Whitney vocal snatches serve to punctuate sections of stabbing warehouse leads and beach party hooks as the track rises and rolls to a typically A.N.D.Y sub bass. The track’s a free download, so grad it while it’s hot and spend your afternoon in a Tropical paradise. We can’t wait for A.N.D.Y.’s next single.

A.N.D.Y. – Whitney

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[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Minus One’



Minus One is the forthcoming new single from Belgian Housemeister A.N.D.Y.. The man had a pretty good 2013, culminating in the massive single Pump It Up. Now he’s setting his sights on 2014 and kicking things off big style with this new collaboration with vocalist Tayla Malcolm. Never one to sit on a genre, A.N.D.Y. drops some surprising sounds with this one.

Minus One launches with a Rootsy, Dub groove (which immediately makes us love it), before contacting with some pumping, deep, Piano House. This makes for a perfect platform for UK Singer Tayla, whose bluesy voice sits well with both the Dub and the House, lending a soulful slant to both. At it’s peak this track is all compelling vocals, warbling, bright snyths and an un-ignorable kick/piano combination. Looks like A.N.D.Y. has produced something that’ll be getting a lot of spins this summer.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Tayla) – Minus One

A.N.D.Y.’s Minus One is released 16th April.

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[Mixtape] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘A.N.D.Y. Tape Eleven’



A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Eleven = Higherground; that’s the name of Belgian Housemeister A.N.D.Y.’s new record label, and to launch it here’s his new mixtape. A whole hour of jackin’ beats and warping bass. The weekend starts here.

A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Eleven

The tracklist:
01. Les Petits Pilou – Boombox
02. Rook Milo – Bleached
03. Doorly & Rory Lyons – Le Pump
04. Green Velvet (Feat. Kid Sister) – Everybody Wants (Acaddamy reMix)
05. ARME – Guatemala
06. Boston Bun – Flasher
07. Catz ‘N’ Dogz & Eats Everything – Evil Tram
08. Jesse Perez – That’s Real Muthafuckin’ Talk (Jesses Bump ‘N’ Grind Mix)
09. Aden – Whip (Jimmy Edgar reMix)
10. Way Back – Freed From Desire (Bootleg)
11. Baxta – Don’t Say It
12. ARME – Stay Around
13. Jubilee – I95
14. BrokenBells – Holding On For Life (Surkin & Canblaster reMix)
15. Pusha T – NOTB (Crookers Edit)
16. Tensnake (Feat. Fiora & Nile Rodgers) –  Love Sublime (Duke Dumont reMix)

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[Audio] Bronson’s ‘Diamonds’



Straight outta’ Athens, Greece comes Bronson, a new duo made up of Poka and Etal, who you may remember proving one of the many reMixes of Kris Menace’s We Are a while back. The twosome have had their début release snapped up by Belgium’s Smile Recordings and released this week. Their premiere release, Diamonds, holds an extended original and three reMixes, each with a distinct House flavour. Time to dig deeper.

Diamonds oozes smoothness. Undulating and enigmatic, it rolls on a Deep House bassline and timeless piano hook. Eschewing melody in favour of a hypnotic vocal hook and bass reliant groove, Bronson create something with both Housey and Dubby vibes. Which is exactly what you want at 3am in a warehouse somewhere. This ones purely for the dancefloor. Alongside reMixes from Rick Shiver and Supreems sit’s a beast of a reMix from A.N.D.Y.. A.N.D.Y.‘s House Re-Work lives up to it’s moniker as he takes the track to new places, twisting and turning it around a solid House beat. Elevating the piano hook to proper melodic places and complimenting it with a rich string section A.N.D.Y. creates a little slice of dancefloor euphoria. Definitely a reMix package for late nights, four tracks of moody, intoxicating House.

♫ Bronson – Diamonds (Extended)

♫ Bronson – Diamonds (A.N.D.Y. House Re-Work)

Bronson’s Diamonds is out now.

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[Audio] Voltron & A.N.D.Y.


Taking their cues from the current wave of House and Electronic influenced R&B (or is that R&B influenced House and Electronic?) currently driving London crazy, and also from giant combining mecha lions, comes Belgian duo Voltron. This week they release their new single, Let Go, via Smile Recordings.

Sounding a bit like what would happen if AlunaGeorge spent a little too long in a Belgian EBM clubs, Let Go has got an underlying New Beat vibe but it’s mostly sumptuous, complex, rolling electronic Soul. Full of shifting rhythms, cut-up vocals and haunting electronic tones, oh, and a sudden distorted 909 kick. This is all wrapped up in a moody Pop sheen and in catchy vocal. Fellow Belgian A.N.D.Y. plays up the Housier elements for his sole reMix. Twisting the vocals into deep, involving Chicago warehouse jam.

♫ Voltron – Let Go (Extended)

♫ Voltron – Let Go (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Voltron’s Let Go is out now.

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[Mixtape] A.N.D.Y. ‘Tape Ten’


A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Ten = A.N.D.Y.’s latest hour long includes his new reMix for Belgian duo Voltron alongside a selection of real late night House tracks.

A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Ten

The tracklist:

01. Kahn – Angeles
02. Route94 – Forget The Girl
03. Disclosure (Feat. AlunaGeorge) – White Noise
04. Duke Dumont (Feat. A*M*E) – Need You 100 %
05. Real Connoisseur – Faux De Baux
06. Matpat – Werk That Nerve (Ben Mono reMix)
07. Stefano Ritteri – Let Us Pray (Jaymo Andy George’s Refix 96)
08. Voltron – Let Go (A.N.D.Y. reMix)
09. Bailey : C’Est Un Oui
10. Marc Romboy & KiNK – Pump It
11. The Organ Grinder – Smiley Face
12. Waze & Odyssey – Found The Rhythm
13. Ejeca – Night Rays

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[Mixtape] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Mixtape Nine’


A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Nine = There’s some of the largest tunes around right now, and a load of unexpected tracks that work really well, all together in Belgian maestro A.N.D.Y.’s latest mixtape. it;s got a deep emotional groove throughout, heavy on the bass. Expect body shaking Disco tinged House in your face.

A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Nine

The tracklist:

01. Glenn Dale – U N I
02. AnthonyAnthony – Porec Is The New Ibiza
03. Sleazy McQueen – I’m Tired (Pete Herbert reMix)
04. Miguel Puente – Together
05. Adrian Barron – Float
06. Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok reMix)
07. Ashley Beedle – Your Acid Life
08. Waze & Odyssey – Our World
09. Doorly (Feat. Soraya Vivian) – Rush
10. Alex Metric (Feat. Oliver) – Motion Study
11. Lars Moston & Ben Mono – Unison (Big Dope P Vs. A.N.D.Y. Edit )
12. The Partysquad – Rising Sun

A.N.D.Y.’s Pump It Up is out now.

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[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s new single


Just out is the new single from Belgian Disco-House master A.N.D.Y., and it kinda’ drops the Disco side of his musical equation. Featuring the vocals of New York singer/MC Nyemiah Supreme, the track is, we would go so far as to say, Hip-House. A genre not seen for over a decade, but well due for a funky comeback.

The appropriately named Pump It Up, is a slice of pure late 80s brilliance. The trick with Hip-House was to keep it upbeat and keep the raps catchy and both those boxes are ticked here. Kicking off with a woody House bassline it all goes a little Technotronic (no bad thing!) but with a decidedly 21s Century intelligence. Nyemiah’s party rap and big Pop-House chorus work amazingly well with A.N.D.Y.’s invigorating Chicago influenced groove. A classic sounding track with all the experience of Dance music in 2012.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Nyemiah Supreme) – Pump It Up (Original)

A.N.D.Y.’s Pump It Up is out now.

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Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s new EP


We’ve been rocking Ready To Go, the new single from our Finnish faves Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, round these parts for a few weeks now, just waiting for the time when we could post a track or two. We’ll now the single is out that time has come as the two original tunes and the storming reMix from Belgian Disco tinged House master A.N.D.Y. and fellow Belgian DJ Vicente are available for your listening pleasure.

And a pleasure it is too. Ready To Go is as massive a tune as we’d expect from these two. Mixing up a little Disco, a little big room House and a little stomping Electro, Lamar & Oliver deliver a total crowd-pleaser with anthemic robo vocals. There’s just no way this tune wouldn’t whip up a dancefloor into a frenzy. The B-side, Sins & Secrets, is a more dreamy affair. Adding a piano led Tropical vibe and a touch of Indie to their already bursting mix Lamar & Oliver show a different side to their work. Sins & Secrets’ Indie structure make it the perfect compliment to the banging lead track. After the reMix brings the buzzsaw riffs and pounding drums for the tracks intro, A.N.D.Y. & Vicente soon slip into a relentless House groove with a spiky, almost EBM bassline, and a rousing organ lead line. Popping electro hooks, just the right amount of vocals, nicely twisted, and bringing those grinding synths back in for the build, all perfectly executed in this tune. And when things kick back in after the breakdown, it’s got such punch. that organ gives the track a Halloween feel too, maybe, just sayin’.

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Ready to Go

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Ready to Go (A.N.D.Y. & Vicente reMix)

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Sins & Secrets

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s Ready to Go was out this week on La Valigetta.

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