[Audio] Ben Macklin reMixes Deep Sound Express’ ‘After Rain’



Hey look! there’s a tune with features both Ben Macklin and Deep Sound Express, two artists that we’ve given a fair bit of support to in the past. Well, we say ‘support’, it’s not like we’re lending them money or anything, or helping out round the house, or comforting them in times of grief. It’s more of a waving a flag at the side-lines kinda’ support. We’re certainly not load bearing. So, here’s Mr. Macklin reMixing a track that first featured on Pole Position Recordings and Glam Jam ArtistsPole Jam Vinyl label’s début release.

Deep Sound Express’ After Rain features the vocals of Raha and is generally considered one of Pole Positions finest moments; so they’ve just released a reMix package for the track. Enter Ben Macklin. Ben serves up a smooth and soulful take on the tune. Warm and retro, the track conjures the Electro Soul of the 80s and Poolside Disco of the now and peppers it with a laid back Piano House flavour. The slickest of slick jams.

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain (Ben Macklin reMix)

Deep Sound Express’ After Rain reMixes is out now.

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[Audio] Max Lyazgin’s ‘Good Trip’ (+ Satin Jackets reMix)


Max Lyazgin

Russian producer Max Lyazgin will be a name familiar to anyone keeping one ear to the House and Nu-Disco scene. Having released a string of sweet releases on Nervous Recordings amongst others, Max has now teamed up with the awesome Pole Position Recordings to drop his new EP. The Good Trip EP is pretty stocked, with three originals and two reMixes it well worth the price of admission. Check out the title track, alongside a slick reMix from Germany’s Satin Jackets, below.

Good Trip deftly walks the line between compelling Deep House and laid back beach Disco. Riding on a punchy House bassline and eases you into it’s world gently, before launching into a full on Piano House jam that is equal parts floorfiller and chill out tune. Spikey leads and chirpy keys keep he mood light over a pounding Deep House backbeat. Satin Jackets keep the groove low down and bass heavy, and then pepper the track with a playful array of nostalgic synths. From the piercing 80s stabs to the distant synth Sax, The Satin Jackets mix is layered deep with little riffs and hooks that could have sounded over-complicated, but Max easily tames the track into a smooth five minutes of easy going bliss.

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip (Satin Jackets reMix)

Max Lyazgin’s Good Trip is out now

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[Audio] ODahl’s ‘Your Love’



This week; one of our favourite Sweedish artists, ODahl, released a brand new EP via Pole Position Recordings. Your Love is packed with four tracks of blissful Scandinavian Disco tinged House, the title track featuring the vocal talents of Frank H Carter III, and manages to effortlessly straddle both a club sound and something surprisingly Poppy. Check out the lead track.

Soulful is the best way to describe Your Love. ODahl serves up a plethora of slick House beats with a retro slant. Loads of warm synths, retro organs stabs and rumbling basslines come correct, creating a Garage-y vibe whist Carter lets rip with a smooth as hell, R&B vocal performance. these are the things Chicago was build on, and ODahl runs with it.

♫ ODahl (Feat. Frank H Carter III) – Your Love

ODahl’s Your Love is out now

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[Audio] Pole Position release ‘50’


Pole Position Recordings

One of the countries finest Disco and House labels, Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings has reached the big five oh. No not in years, in releases. And to mark their fiftieth release they have put together a storming compilation of some of the last couple of years highlights. But that’s not all, the album also contains four exclusive, brand new tunes from Honom, Dato, Deep Sound Express.

Encompassing everything the label stands for, slick Disco tunes, good-time vibes and hazy, dream synths alongside some hypnotic Deep House tunes the album is jam packed. The collection really shows off what a mental couple of years Pole Position have had, going from a new start-up to one of the scene’s staples and a mark of quality on any release. Just look at the line-up that includes the likes of Black Magic Disco, ODahl, Deep Sound Express & Raha, Final DJs, Phunktastike and MiDiMAN as well as tones more tunes from Satin Jackets, Sixth Avenue Express, Arcadis and more. We wish Pole Position all the best heading toward their century of releases.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (ODahl reMix)

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Phunktastike reMix)

♫ MiDiMAN – Dreams come true (Original mix)

Pole Position Recordings’ 50 is out now.

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[MP3] Sauly & Parker’s ‘Disco Biscuit’


Sauly & Parker

A couple of months ago we introduced you to Pole Position Recordings latest signing, Essex based producer Sauly. While were still waiting patiently for this guy’s début EP, Pole Position have dropped another free tune. Disco Biscuit sees Sauly teaming up with friend Parker for a serious cosmic House excursion.

This one’s got it feet on the dancefloor and it’s head in the could. Pumping 909 beats and a growling bassline keep the track moving while all manner of galactic synths explode playfully across the speakers. Shimmering pads, twinkling keys, Sci-Fi leads, all add up to an epic mood on this track that, when paired with the Deep House groove, delivers an engaging slice of mesmerising dancefloor gold.

Sauly & Parker – Disco Biscuit

Check out more from Sauly on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Sauly’s ‘Love From Me’



Here’s a slice of deep deep, slightly Techy, House to carry to off into the weekend, and it’s free courtesy of Pole Position Recordings. The tune comes from Essex based producer Sauly as a precursor to future projects alongside Pole Position. The track’s called Love From Me, prepare to start dancing.

With a shuddering thin layer of Industrial, mechanised, Tech sounds drifting over the tune, a juxtaposition is created between this chattering noise and the low basses, soulful Chicago groove displayed by the rest of the tune. It makes for quite a unique combination and one we expect works pretty well on the dancefloor. The smooth vocal sample, riding 909 beats and square wave chimes, is pure late night jam, only spurred on by the rougher elements command to dance. We await Sauly’s future work with interest.

Sauly – Love From Me

Check out more from Sauly on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Deep Sound Express features on Pole Jam Vinyl’s inaugural release


Deep Sound Express

Let us introduce to you Pole Jam Vinyl. A brand new label, or sub-label from Pole Position Recordings and Satin JacketsGlam Jam Artists label. Pole Jam’s remit is to bring their blend of smooth Nu-Disco and Deep House grooves to vinyl, making sure only the best makes it to black wax. They’ve just released their first 12”, the Endless Sunday EP, a purely Russian affair featuring two tracks from KLar&PF and two tracks we felt were the EP’s standouts from Moscow’s Deep Sound Express.

The first of Deep Sound Express’ contribution is a collaboration with Too Techs, Sunday Morning. Dropping heavy House vibes, the track is the prefect mix of solid dancefloor workout and laid back sunrise sounds. Definitely one for dancing into the early hours of the morning, the first of Deep Sound Express’ tunes works 909 beats and hazy, jazzy electric piano to create a feel good House mood with a hint of Nu-Disco thrown in for good measure. There’s something immediately comforting about Sunday Mornings slick production. The second track, After Rain, features Raha and is slightly more upbeat. Only slightly though, it still retains the dreamy piano and deep, smokey tones of it’s predecessor but with the added energy of some crooned Funk vocals and slick Disco licks. The whole EP is loaded with classic late night jams, if you;re looking for something to take your dancefloor into the early hours, then this is it.

♫ Deep Sound Express & Too Techs – Sunday Morning

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

Pole Jam Vinyl’s Endless Sunday EP is out now.

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[Audio] Meloder’s ‘Affection’ EP



Affection is the title of the new EP from London based House producer Meloder. Released this week on Pole Position Recordings, this is the second EP from this guy who’s making quite a name for himself on the London club scene. His roots in the deeper and darker side of House music sine though on this strangely compelling release.

Affection boasts seven tracks, which is pretty generous for an EP and verging on mini-album territory. Save for one self-reMix the are all original tunes that kick off in fine style with the bombastic Citadel. Citadel really draws you into the EP, at nearly eight minutes it’s an enigmatic, House oddessy, and so so deep, but with a deepness that never forgets the dancefloor with punchy bass and relentless beats. Get Tight drags you even deeper and even has some Hard Trance overtones to it. And so the EP continues, drawing you closer and closer to it’s dark heart, as the haunting and robotic title tracks woozy mood is broken by the uplifting respite of No Time, an amazing warehouse jam. The spacy SynthPop style of Night & Day follows before the EP plays out on the squelchy bassline of Feeling Me. IT;s an exciting release whether you’re into Deep House or just a love of synthesizer music. You should check it out.

♫ Meloder – Citadel

♫ Meloder – No Time

♫ Meloder – Night & Day

Meloder’s Affection EP is out now.

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Arcadis’ ‘London Lights’ EP


Nu-Disco label Pole Position Recordings latest release come from German producer Arcadis who drops an awesome collection of  blissed out Urban Disco tunes. Soft focus Funk for hot nights in the city. Having impressed earlier this year with some dreamy Nu-Disco jams, it’s time for this German producer to show his mettle on the EP front.

The EP kicks off with it;s title track, and in our opinion the releases highlight. London Lights is a pumping slice of Nu-Disco. Hazy vocals drift across a sea of funky bass, hypnotic arpeggios and stabbing House piano, all with the kind of inner-city cool that only comes naturally. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Hidden Sunset, a sunrise Disco tune with nothing but laid back good times on it’s mind. It’s a track with a slightly different sound to it’s contemporaries due to a kind of machine element to the rhythm,  which gives the format a nice twist. Lazuli & Viper Strike whip up the track Waitress, into a summery Tropical festival jam, full of wood blocks and squelchy bass. the original of Waitress isn’t actually on the EP, but Pole Position have made it available for download, it’s a big pumping synth disco tune, that is slightly more ElectroPop than the others on the release, but makes a nice companion to the EP. Alongside these tracks on London Lights, you’ll find the slow-jam of Lost Days and a soaring SynthWave reMix from Silver Disco. Another fine release from the Pole Position people.

♫ Arcadis – London Lights

♫ Arcadis – Hidden Sunset

♫ Arcadis – Waitress (Lazuli & Viper Strike reMix)

Arcadis – Waitress (Original Mix)

Arcadis’ London Lights EP is out now.

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Honom reMixed by Black Magic Disco


Released yesterday was the new reMix EP from Swedish outfit Honom. Collecting a whole bunch of top notch mixes together on one EP, Pole Position Recordings have dropped one of the Boogie EPs of the year.

Sebastian’s Birthday is a gliding track that is loaded with dancefloor promise. It’s a futuristic Disco track that combines Sci-Fi soundscapes with low down groove. Give that a slight Balearic flavour and your have a sunrise tune for the 23rd century. The standout of the reMix package, for us, have to be offerings from Black Magic Disco.  Black Magic Disco puts together a supremely funky deep Disco mix that rewards you with twisting Moog squelches and and infectious, and haunting, melody. There is no way you can listen to this tune and not move to the pounding synthetic bass.

♫ Honom – Sebastian’s Birthday (Black Magic Disco reMix)

♫ Honom – Sebastian’s Birthday (Original Mix)

The Sebastian’s Birthday reMix EP is out now.

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