[MP3] Hey Champ’s ‘Comet’


One of Chicago’s finest exports, Indie-Electro-Disco-Pop guys Hey Champ, have dropped a brand new tune. One of the finest bands of their kind around, releases from these guys are too few and far between. their new track, Comet, follows on from January’s Cliché, which, hopefully, points toward a new album soon.

Featuring additional vocals from BeuKes, Comet rolls out with a raw, earnest, synth bass set amongst flying arpeggios and a slick Disco beat. Retro future boogie loaded with thick sounds and a really nice play-off between BeuKes innocent voice and Hey Champ’s more gritty Disco call-to-action. Comet is a strong contender for a summer anthem title, a big sing-a-long chorus, smooth Disco grooves, what more do you want in hot summer nights?

Hey Champ! (Feat. BeuKes) – Comet

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