[Audio] Ben Macklin reMixes Deep Sound Express’ ‘After Rain’



Hey look! there’s a tune with features both Ben Macklin and Deep Sound Express, two artists that we’ve given a fair bit of support to in the past. Well, we say ‘support’, it’s not like we’re lending them money or anything, or helping out round the house, or comforting them in times of grief. It’s more of a waving a flag at the side-lines kinda’ support. We’re certainly not load bearing. So, here’s Mr. Macklin reMixing a track that first featured on Pole Position Recordings and Glam Jam ArtistsPole Jam Vinyl label’s début release.

Deep Sound Express’ After Rain features the vocals of Raha and is generally considered one of Pole Positions finest moments; so they’ve just released a reMix package for the track. Enter Ben Macklin. Ben serves up a smooth and soulful take on the tune. Warm and retro, the track conjures the Electro Soul of the 80s and Poolside Disco of the now and peppers it with a laid back Piano House flavour. The slickest of slick jams.

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain (Ben Macklin reMix)

Deep Sound Express’ After Rain reMixes is out now.

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[Audio] Deep Sound Express’ ‘Closer’



Pole Position Recordings and Satin JacketsGlam Jam Artists’ awesome collaborative vinyl imprint Pole Jam Vinyl is set to release it’s third compilation EP next month. As with previous instalments, alongside the likes of Cassara, Monsoon Season and Eclectic Sound, Russian groover Deep Sound Express puts in an appearance with this sweet team-up with Muscovite Raha. Sink into Closer.

Deep Sound Express drops a laid back House vibe with a twist of Disco in the cheeky licks on Closer. The smooth and soulful vocals of Raha lend the track a touch of class while Mr. Express lays down a buoyant synth bassline and warbling keys that give the track a comfortable vintage feel. No retro track , though, Closer is primed of today’s late night dancefloors with this chugging and strangely energetic, yet chilled, flow. Summer nights, here we come.

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – Closer

The Forever Closer EP is released 16th June.

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[Audio] Deep Sound Express features on Pole Jam Vinyl’s inaugural release


Deep Sound Express

Let us introduce to you Pole Jam Vinyl. A brand new label, or sub-label from Pole Position Recordings and Satin JacketsGlam Jam Artists label. Pole Jam’s remit is to bring their blend of smooth Nu-Disco and Deep House grooves to vinyl, making sure only the best makes it to black wax. They’ve just released their first 12”, the Endless Sunday EP, a purely Russian affair featuring two tracks from KLar&PF and two tracks we felt were the EP’s standouts from Moscow’s Deep Sound Express.

The first of Deep Sound Express’ contribution is a collaboration with Too Techs, Sunday Morning. Dropping heavy House vibes, the track is the prefect mix of solid dancefloor workout and laid back sunrise sounds. Definitely one for dancing into the early hours of the morning, the first of Deep Sound Express’ tunes works 909 beats and hazy, jazzy electric piano to create a feel good House mood with a hint of Nu-Disco thrown in for good measure. There’s something immediately comforting about Sunday Mornings slick production. The second track, After Rain, features Raha and is slightly more upbeat. Only slightly though, it still retains the dreamy piano and deep, smokey tones of it’s predecessor but with the added energy of some crooned Funk vocals and slick Disco licks. The whole EP is loaded with classic late night jams, if you;re looking for something to take your dancefloor into the early hours, then this is it.

♫ Deep Sound Express & Too Techs – Sunday Morning

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

Pole Jam Vinyl’s Endless Sunday EP is out now.

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