[Audio] Hey Champ!’s ‘Dominoes’



Here’s the new single from Chicago’s finest SynthPoppers, Hey Champ!. Released later this month, Dominoes was actually producers around the time of Cold Dust Girl but is only just now ready for release. Considering the relatively long career these guys have had, we reckon it’s time their acclaim kicked into a new gear; hopefully 2014 will be the year of Hey Champ!

Dominoes sees Hey Champs! rich ElectroPop imbued with a slight Kraftwerkian edge. The stuttering synth bassline is both competing and loaded with robot funk. Considering how long ago the track was born, it sound amazingly fresh, chock full of thick synths and an easy summertime groove. They way the machine like verses bleed into the warm and passionate chorus feels effortless amid this sea of sparking synths. Sunshine SynthPop at it’s best.

♫ Hey Champ! – Dominoes

Hey Champ!’s Dominoes is released 22nd April.

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[MP3] Robotaki’s ‘Raton Laveur’ & ‘It’s Still About You’



One of Canada’s unsung synthetic Disco talents, the awesome Robotaki has broken a long period of silence with a brand new double A-side single, Raton Laveur and It’s Still About You, for free. These are tracks that have been knocking around on Robotaki’s shelf for a while now, while we’ve been waiting for then to be released, and now they’re here they don;t disappoint, especially the Hey Champ featruing It’s Still About You.

It’s Still About You is Robo-Disco at it’s finest. Full of sparky snyths stabbing their way over bubbling arpeggiated basslines and a stomping beat.  With just enough of a hint of retro to be cool, but still maintaining a contemporary feel, the track perfectly plays to Hey Champs’ strengths to deliver the best of machine groove and swinging Nu-Disco. Raton Laveur is more of a dreamy, electric piano fuelled, Disco tune that mixes up a laid back poolside vibe with some big room Elector elements to produce something that is both smooth and a high octane dancefloor monster. these are definitely two tracks you should be checking out.

Robotaki (Feat. Hey Champ) – It’s Still About You

Robotaki – Raton Laveur

Robotaki’s Raton Laveur/It’s Still About You is out now.

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[MP3] Hey Champ’s ‘On Holiday’


hey champ

Chicago’s greatest Electro-DiscoPop outfit Hey Champ have been steadily releasing some sweet tunes this year, which we’re hoping is a sign there might be a new album on the way. The latest track, On Holiday, is particularly poignant for us as this is electronic rumors last day posting for a week or so as we’re off on a holiday of our own.

Once again featuring the vocals of fellow Chicagoan songstress BeuKes, On Holiday is a breezy Tropical tune that speaks of good times. A big stabbing riff runs over some lush, sweeping synths and a pumping bassline while the purcussion goes into serious island mode. The vocals hazily beckon you to fun in the sun and lazy days by the pool making this one your new soundtrack to the next batch of warmer weather. Hey Champ are knocking it out of the park these days, can’t wait for more.

Hey Champ (Feat. BeuKes) – On Holiday

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[Audio] Hey Champ’s ‘Celebrate’



It’s another new release from Chicago ElectroPoppers Hey Champ. Following Cliché and Comet in recent months comes Celebrate, and we’re really hoping things are working themselves toward a new album. With this track they’ve upped their stadium ElectroPop quota significantly.

Celebrate is a slight departure from the Hey Champ we’re used to, seeing the duo stretch their Indie-Electro and Classic SynthPop muscles over Nu-Disco/Dreamwave-esque sound, and the result is a warm slice of retro Pop with a huge, lighter-waving, chorus. The end result is kinda’ like a more contemporary American Indie Depeche Mode, in that it’s a big Anthemic slab of electronic Pop with a glistening of guitar.

♫ Hey Champ – Celebrate

Hey Champ’s Celebrate is released today.

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[MP3] Justin Faust reMixes Hey Champ!



We’re still rocking to Chicago ElectroPoppers Hey Champ new, and free, single, Comet. The BeuKes featuring tune is one of our favourite tracks of the year so far, well on it;s way to becoming an Indie-Electro anthem. Well, here’s the icing on the cake reining heavyweight champion of German Disco Justin Faust has worked his magic on the track, and everything’s gone dreamy.

Faust’s smooth synthetic Disco sounds are the prefect accompaniment for Hey Champ’s Comet. Loaded with Dreamwave sounds and an infectious groove. Playing off a simple, hypnotic, bassline against starlight, sparking lead lines, Faust creates a fittingly spacey mood that flows as effortlessly as the vocals.You could just listen to this mix and forget the rest of the world even exists.

Hey Champ! (Feat. BeuKes) – Comet (Justin Faust reMix)

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[MP3] Hey Champ’s ‘Comet’


One of Chicago’s finest exports, Indie-Electro-Disco-Pop guys Hey Champ, have dropped a brand new tune. One of the finest bands of their kind around, releases from these guys are too few and far between. their new track, Comet, follows on from January’s Cliché, which, hopefully, points toward a new album soon.

Featuring additional vocals from BeuKes, Comet rolls out with a raw, earnest, synth bass set amongst flying arpeggios and a slick Disco beat. Retro future boogie loaded with thick sounds and a really nice play-off between BeuKes innocent voice and Hey Champ’s more gritty Disco call-to-action. Comet is a strong contender for a summer anthem title, a big sing-a-long chorus, smooth Disco grooves, what more do you want in hot summer nights?

Hey Champ! (Feat. BeuKes) – Comet

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[MP3] Hey Champ return


Chicago Indie-Electro trio Hey Champ make a triumphant return this week with a brand new single. It’s been a while for these guys, over a year since their last single and we are very glad to have them back. Always a sure bet for epic ElectroPop tunes and Nu-Disco reMixes, their new single, Cliché is no exception.

Catchy and bouncy, Cliché is the fist of a host of new material the guys have lined up for the coming months. Combining the best of ElectroPop with a Disco groove, Hey Champ deliver a classy, uplifting sound that has evolved over time but not lost any of their quintessential Hey Champ-ness, featuring the warm pads, the French-esque Disco vibe and the passionate vocals that’s always marks their work. A very welcome return.

Hey Champ – Cliché

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Housse De Racket & Hey Champ!


It’s all happening for Housse De Racket right now. They’re about to embark on a big North American tour and their single ‘Chateau’ is about to drop on Kitsuné .

‘Chateau’  is one of the highlight of their ‘Alésia’ album and the reMix package looks like it’s going to be storming. This reMix from Chicago gang Hey Champ! is the sweetest of sweet big Disco sounds. Big ‘70’s Disco stabs and wicked guitar licks make up the groove quota for this tune while the whole thing is made massive with thick, lush strings. The original vocal is treated to a fair amount of chopping, which Hey Champ! use perfectly to keep the energy up.

Housse De Racket – Chateau (Hey Champ! reMix)

The ‘Château’ single will be “out soon” on Kitsuné Music.

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Only Children

Only Children are Chicago based collective of DJs and producers who, after a string of edits and reMixes, have just released their début artist single on Nuclear Family.

‘Don’t Stop’ is quite a stunning début. Taking New York Disco bass, intricate Indie-Electro synth work and New Order-esque vocals and washing the whole thing in a sheen of effortless Indie Disco cool, Only Children have created a summer hit that is catchy with a groove you can’t ignore. This is how 21st century ElectroPop should sound, intelligent, funky and slick, as much for the dancefloor as the headphones. Not only is the track awesome but the line up of reMix talent is pretty amazing too. Amongst the reMix package MiGHty mOUse work their magic with a smooth organ led Disco rework, Hey Champ!’s glitterball Disco reMix is ridiculously infections, and Bit Funk provide my favourite mix with a deep late night drive of a Dreamwave mix.

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

♫ Only Children – Don’t Stop (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Hey Champ! reMix)

♫ Only Children – Don’t Stop (Bit Funk reMix)

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Hey Champ!’s new single

Chicago’s finest ElectroPop export Hey Champ!  have released the title track from their forthcoming new single.

‘Anything At All’ is out this week and it’s a fun ElectroPop jam with an Indie twist. Just as bouncy and catchy as ‘Cold Dust Girl’ or ‘Neverest’ the track just shows that Hey Champ! haven’t lost anything that made their album so special, if anything they are getting better. Imagine that!

Hey Champ! – Anything At All

Hey Champ!’s ‘Anything At All’ EP is out tomorrow, their awesome début album, ‘Star’ is out now.

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