[MP3] Justin Faust reMixes Hey Champ!



We’re still rocking to Chicago ElectroPoppers Hey Champ new, and free, single, Comet. The BeuKes featuring tune is one of our favourite tracks of the year so far, well on it;s way to becoming an Indie-Electro anthem. Well, here’s the icing on the cake reining heavyweight champion of German Disco Justin Faust has worked his magic on the track, and everything’s gone dreamy.

Faust’s smooth synthetic Disco sounds are the prefect accompaniment for Hey Champ’s Comet. Loaded with Dreamwave sounds and an infectious groove. Playing off a simple, hypnotic, bassline against starlight, sparking lead lines, Faust creates a fittingly spacey mood that flows as effortlessly as the vocals.You could just listen to this mix and forget the rest of the world even exists.

Hey Champ! (Feat. BeuKes) – Comet (Justin Faust reMix)

Buy Hey Champ’s music from:


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