[MP3] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’ reMixed by Gold Fields



It’s been quite the year for Australian songstress Chela so far, both for her collaborations and her own work. First coming to our attention as the voice of Goldroom’s blissful Fifteen, Chela went on to score hits on Clubfeet’s Heartbreak and one of the songs of the year, Viceroy’s Amazing Dreams Of Bombay before impressing us with her solo material. Her first two singles, Full Moon and Plastic Gun definitely got our excitement going, excitement that was borne out by her début EP, Zero Mixtape. Excitement that Kitsuné Music have picked up on too, as they’ve snatched her up for her next release, Romanticise, which comes with this lovely reMix from Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields.

We’ve been listening to the whole release for a couple of weeks now and other than the original version of the song, alongside a reMix from Boys Get Hurt, the Gold Fields mix is one of the single’s highlights. Romanticise is a breezy slice of catchy DiscoPop and, of all the reMixes, Gold Field pick up on that and run with it. With stabbing synths , bubbling arpeggios and a severely summery Disco groove, Gold Fields turn a quirky slick of LA Indie-Dreamwave into a slick, mirrorball, Disco-House tune for exclusive dancefloors.

Chela – Romanticise (Gold Fields reMix)

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

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