The Presets’ ‘Pacifica’

The Presets

2007/08 was pretty much soundtracked by Australian ElectroPop duo The Presets. 2005’s Beams was impressive as hell, but with 2008’s Apocalypso they really hit their stride, both capturing and defining the mood at the time. Club dancefloors filled within the first couple of bars of a The Presets song and their live show what something really special. It’s been four years since Apocalypso. Music has moved on, the mood has moved on. Four years is a long time for their crown to be passed around. Now, with very little promotion (handled quite badly if you ask us) The Presets’ new album, Pacifica, is here and, despite mis-management of what should have been one of the electronic music events of the year, it’s everything we could have wished for and so much we couldn’t have imagined.

The first two single from the new album, Youth In Trouble, and Ghosts were surprising and unexpected. Youth In Trouble pounds onward with an ominous, Underworld-like, Acid groove and Ghosts has divided opinion with it’s Electro-sea-shanty call-to-arms. We loved both singles, but they weren’t The Presets most people were expecting. They are also the first two tracks on the album, and once you hit track three, Promises, all fears of an hour of introspective navel-gazing are laid to rest with a huge, very ‘80’s sounding ElectroPop tune, with an infectious chorus, that, basically, sees The Presets picking back up their crown going “oh, did I leave this here?”. From there on in Pacifica soars. No-one can mix musical experimentation and integrity, lyrical intelligence and poetry, and damn catchy Pop hooks quite like The Presets. The album effortlessly swings from the abrasive robo-Techno of the likes of Push and Fast Seconds to slick DiscoPop in the likes of Fall and the ‘90’s vocal House of Surrender. It;s on Adult’s Only that you really feel like you are back in the world of The Presets, a six minutes dark epic, deep and tribal with that evil The Presets sense of humour. We will admit to being worried about The Presets comeback, we didn’t need to be. Two of the best songwriters in the world are working in the field of eclectic, smart, electronic music. We should be really thankful for that. Essential.

♫ The Presets – Youth In Trouble

♫ The Presets – Ghosts

The Presets’ Pacifica is out now.

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