Powerglove reMixes Kristine


It’s been exactly one year since we last featured a track from SynthWave pioneer Powerglove. That dude sure loves Halloween! Then again, his track do tend to have a sinister undertone, all ominous synths and brooding beats. Greek retro-Popper Kristine has enlisted him, along with Mitch Murder and Barretso to reMix her forthcoming new single, Modern Love.

The original has been knocking around for a while now, it’s a really compelling slick of 80s synth rock. Sounding like a track rejected from the first Ladyhawke album for being too retro cool, Kristine’s husky vocal is perfectly period against the bracing synth lines and rolling bass. Powerglove takes this shimmering, and confortable, track and give it a spooky edge. Laced with John Carpenter synths and Kavinsky a style chainsaw power riffs, Powerglove’s reMix is a truly epic slice of SynthWave. Dark, gritty, majestic. Electronic horror at it’s finest.

♫ Kristine – Modern Love (Powerglove reMix)

♫ Kristine – Modern Love

Kristine’s Modern Love is out soon on Tuff ‘Em Up.

Check out more from Kristine on SoundCloud.

Chvrches reMixed by Miaoux Miaoux


The recent reMix of amazing Glaswegian ElectroPop letter wranglers Chvrches’ forthcoming new single The Mother We Share by JD Twitch of Optimo fame was, frankly, tired. A massive disappointment of dated sounds and uninspired programming. So we’re calling this new mix from fellow Glasgow resident Miaoux Miaoux ‘the first reMix’ as it is, at least, the first reMix to do the track justice.

Miaoux Miaoux takes a breezy, retro, almost SynthWave approach to the track. Slightly rawer sounding than your usual SynthWave sounds, the track still sounds like it would be the prefect soundtrack for a big emotional moment in a John Hughes movie. Lauren Mayberry’s vocals sounding particularly 80s (more than usual) in Miaoux Miaoux’s hands. This is the prefect accompaniment to intelligent ElectroPop of the original for those dancefloors that lean a little more toward the vintage sound. this is the first track we’ve heard from Miaoux Miaoux, but it has left us very interested to hear more.

♫ Chvrches – The Mother We Share (Miaoux Miaoux reMix)

The Mother We Share is out now.

Check out more from Churches on SoundCloud.

Starcadian reMixes SLDGHMR


Good news everyone! New York’s best kept secret, Starcadian, is back with a brand new reMix. Easily rating as one of our favourite discoveries of the year, this Brooklyn resident has pretty much blown us away with all his tunes this year. This latest track is a reMix of Miami producers SLDGHMR’s collaboration with La Falix, Deviate.

Whist the original had some great moments, let down by a couple of uninspired  Electro-music-by-numbers moments, Starcadian whips the track up into a absolute monster tune. Neatly combining his talents in huge, cinematic, highly musical, Disco-House and storming, cut-up Electro, Starcadian produces something that is as infectiously energetic and the most fist-pumping of hard Electro, but as smooth as the most Tropical beach party Disco and as emotionally resonant as the most orchestrated SynthWave song. Washing the vocals in vocoder give the refrain a more melodic quality, which is used, amongst other lead lines, to temper the chainsaw Electro synths and frantic slap bass. I don’t think there is a single producer out there who can mix up juggernaut Electro with melodic Pop quite like Starcadian, and if their is they aren’t as good.

♫ SLDGHMR (Feat. La Felix) – Deviate (Starcadian reMix)

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Mitch Murder’s ‘Operator’

Mitch Murder

It’s that time again. Time to kick off your shoes, put your feel up and sink into the blissful nostalgia of Mr. Mitch Murder, the heavyweight champion of SynthWave and retro electronic music. Mitch is in the place once more to show everyone how vintage synth music should be done, and his new tune, Operator, does exactly that.

Operator, in the context of an 80s movie soundtrack, would be the ‘busy montage’ scene. Conveying a sense of urgency with popping synth riffs and bouncy arpeggios until the big sweeping chords enter the track to make everything seem more important. The way Mitch cuts in and out of the various sections of his tunes is one of his masterstrokes, switching the listener from mood to mood whilst keeping an overall musical continuity. The work of a true soundtrack genius.

Mitch Murder – Operator

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New tunes from Monsieur Adi


We’re loving the new stuff from French prodigy Monsieur Adi. He seems to have got making storming dancefloor tracks out of his system, for a while at least, to concentrate on some really beautiful pieces. Not that there was anything wrong with Adi making banging tunes, he’s was the best at it, but there are other areas his considerable musicality can shine.

So here’s three new tracks from Adi. The first, Alabastre, is a sweeping orchestral electronic piece where washes of stings ebb and flow over a sparse electronic beat while synthetic pluses and Sci-Fi tones. Mysterious and otherworldly, the futuristic opus of Alabastre truly captures the imagination as Adi;’s sting arrangements once again lift us up. Manual is an altogether different best. At once jaunty and reflective, with Aid adding horns to his orchestration before slowly bring in broken beats while Blueprints/Utopia (a sequel to his track Dystopia?) sees Adi return to the dancefloor. Melding driving electronic beats and synth growls with his cinematic strings with a rousing, and slightly Italo, result. We hope Monsieur Adi has an album in the works, we could listen to his works all day.

Monsieur Adi – Alabastre

Monsieur Adi – Manual

Monsieur Adi – Blueprints/Utopia

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Patrick Baker gets Spooky

Patrick Baker

Just in time for Halloween American retro SynthPop superstar Patrick Baker has dropped a new slice of sinister Pop. Appropriately titled Spooky the track, in the vein of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, channels the best 80s Halloween Pop.

Spooky hit all the right notes for a fun, funky, seasonal hit. It’s got the nice FM minor chords, funky plucked guitar, and a big horn section. Patrick really shows of hit vocal range as he belts out the kind of fun horror narrative so common in the charts around the end of October in the 80s. Spooky is catchy as hell to and is so pitch perfect that if you play it at your Halloween bash your friends will swear it;s a track the recognise from the 80s.. We could have waited until next week to feature this tune, maybe we should have, but you can sit of awesomeness like this! Just wait until the organ breakdown and build, pure class.

Patrick Baker – Spooky

Check out more from Patrick Baker on SoundCloud.

Emeron & Fox reMixed by Monitor 66

Emeron & Fox

Here’s a reMix of Brooklyn SynthWavers Emeron & Fox’s latest single, the pretty awesome Nightmares, with those haunting vocals from Bit, that didn’t quite make the reMix package. Swedish Nu-Disco trio Monitor 66 already had one reMix included in the release, but in addition to that they cooked up this moody Techno version of the tune.

Monitor 66 choose a good medium to convey the mysterious feeling of the tune, in fact this version of the song is even more enigmatic than those found of the single. The deep, hypnotic bass and shuffling Techno beat intertwine with Bit’s ethereal vocal to creature something truly dreamlike. A Swirling synthetic Nightmare with an infectious groove.

Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Monitor 66 ‘Goes Techno’ reMix)

Emeron & Fox’s Nightmares is out now.

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Black Magic Disco’s ‘Mixtape 002’

Black Magic Disco

Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 002 = This month Black Magic Disco is serving up extra helpings of classic sounding House in this month’s hour long mixtape. Take a journey from the Funky to the Deep and back again.

Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 002

The tracklist:

01. Homework – Ask Yourself (Audiojack`s Chemical Rewind)
02. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve
03. Hunter Game – Don’t Feel The Presence (Original Mix)
04. Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club & Lipelis – I Need It (Lovebirds Mix)
05. 24 Hour Experience – Allnighter (Original Mix)
06. Fabo – Where I Stand (Karmon reMix)
07. Country Club – In The Air
08. Bufi – Take It & Feel It
09. Jonas Rathsman – W4W
10. Tyson – Mr. Rain (Mario Basanov Remake)

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Futurecop! drop an albums worth of free tunes


UK SynthWave superheroes Futurecop! have spent the last couple of months busying away in the studio, cooking up a selection of tracks that they have been giving away for free on their SoundCloud page. Now, with the release of their latest tune, a tribute to the late, legendary, John Hughes, these almost an album;s worth of material out there. So, Futurecop! have collected it into a SoundCloud set for you listening pleasure.

There’s seven tracks in the collection so far, but here’s our pick of the breezy synth tunes on offer. The most recent track Futurecop! have unleashed is John Hughes (Teenage Love), obviously a homage to the greatest teen movie director to have ever lived, and it’s a track that could fit right into the soundtrack of any Hughes movie. Thick with Futurecop!’s trademark nostalgia, John Hughes (Teenage Love) is an upbeat party tune that takes you back in time whilst moving your feet. Dictionary has a more 80s British Pop feel to it thanks to the plucked guitar sound and rolling bassline. It’s a sprawling SynthWave tune that’s full of atmosphere. Taking a more traditional Futurecop! route is The Sun Is Mine, all driving arpeggios and soaring leads that perfectly mixes a retro sound and modern arrangement. ‘Till Eternity (I Miss You) is the collections reflective piece, a shimmering wall of snyths and gentle piano, set to a laid back beat, they captures and exemplifies Futurecop!’s dreamy outlook on life. the whole collection is free to download and at seven new tracks, should tide you over ‘till Futurecop!’s next album.

Futurecop! – John Hughes (Teenage Love)

Futurecop! – Dictionary

Futurecop! – The Sun Is Mine

Futurecop! – ‘Till Eternity (I Miss You)

You can find the complete set of Futurecop!’s recent free work right here.

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80s Stallone’s ‘Hotline’ album

80s Stallone

London based SynthWave producer 80s Stallone has always been at the top of the scene. Having been around since the scenes early days, back on MySpace, he could be considered an OG of Outrun. and also a staple on these pages. One of the unsung heroes of 80s synth music, Stallone today releases his new album, Hotline, which is twelve tracks of robotic, romantic, retro awesomeness.

Hotline is a collection of a few tracks we’ve heard before, but mostly new material, that perfectly displays why 80s Stallone is so revered amongst fans of SynthWave. Driven kicks the album off, it;s a pumping track we’ve heard before and although being a high energy opener it’s an odd choice for track one, it doesn’t really represent the rest of the album, being almost Psy-Trance in places. Daylight follows, now this is more like it. Daylight is a slick retro synth track with some haunting, but infectious vocoded vocals and a bright, reverby lead line, that lends itself to the nostalgic contemplation that this album so expounds. Summer Lovers is another well played Dreamwave track that was on repeat round these parts when it first broke ground which gets you in a comfortable beach vibe before smacking you in the face with the Electro Funk of Work Your Body, which rocks B-Boy Beats and robo vocals against warm, emotional melodies. unfortunately, Quantum Leap isn’t 80s Stallone’s cover of the TV show them tune, but what it is though is a post-Italo Boogie bassline-fest. The albums highlights come thick and fast, Smoke & Mirrors dreamy Sci-Fi atmosphere nicely follows Super Pursuit Mode’s futuristic dystopian vibe. Radioactive brings a deep 80s Funk while Pictures begins the albums trail out with big Italo fashion with soaring solo work and hypnotic vocoding. Expectation powers the album toward it;s collusion with pulsating, moody snyths, before the album sees itself out with Time, an slick combination of machine beats, sparkling leads and classic SynthPop vocoded vocals. For lovers of synthesizer music, of all kinds, 80s Stallone’s Hotline can be considered pretty essential, an intelligent excursion into vintage synth music with a modern take.

♫ 80s Stallone – Daylight

♫ 80s Stallone – Work Your Body

♫ 80s Stallone – Smoke & Mirrors

♫ 80s Stallone – Pictures

♫ 80s Stallone – Time

80s Stallone’s Hotline is out today, pick up a copy here.

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