[Audio] FM Attack’s ‘Deja Vu’ album


FM Attack

This week, SynthWave innovator and one of the most underrated producers around, Vancouver’s FM Attack, released his long awaited new album. As one of the producers on-board with the Dreamwave sound in it’s infancy, FM Attack has been a constant staple of the scene who’s releases are always looked forward to with anticipation. Clocking up some pretty high profile reMixes in-between albums just goes to show the regard Shawn Ward is held in amongst dance music producers. This new records, Deja Vu, sees FM Attack lean more in a traditional song direction, and the results are well worth your attention.

From the opening beats of With You Tonight, you know you’re in for an Italo infused SynthPop treat. It;s a breezy, romantic tune, full of musical nostalgia and human vocals, and sets the scene for Deja Vu. The Greek voice of retro Pop Kristine makes her first of two appearances on the album on Magic which, like it’s counterpart Runaway, is a emotionally charged slick of authentic 80s Pop laden with icy synths played against a warm bassline and Kristine’s powerful Pop-Rock vocal style. It’s a classic Pop tune, as opposed to Runaway’s more infectious Electro Boogie stylings. Elsewhere on the album you’ll fine the compelling Robo Disco of Corazon, otherworldly and machine-like rub shoulders with the finger snapping, soulful Italo groove of Activate, a vocoder fuelled android’s lament. Tears Don’t Lie and Lost Angeles bring something a little more traditionally SynthWave to the table, showing of their 80s soundtrack music DNA in two very different ways, energetic & Poppy and pensive & resonant. In the middle of the release sits the Julian Sanza featuring Fade Away, an unusual excursion into Balearic Italo with 90s euphoric Trance leads. Deja Vu definitely lives up to what we hope for with a new FM Attack release. Shawn has outdone himself again, we suggest you check it out.

♫ FM Attack (Feat. Kristine) – Magic

♫ FM Attack – Activate

♫ FM Attack (Feat. Kristine) – Runaway

♫ FM Attack – With You Tonight

FM Attack’s Deja Vu is out now.

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[MP3] Pony Pony Run Run reMix Futurecop!



Wow, we haven’t heard from Pony Pony Run Run in quite some time, which is a shame, ;’cos they were (are) awesome. But they appear to be back in the saddle as this reMix of  Futurecop! and Kristine’s Superheroes has appeared. Hopefully this means a return to business for the Indie-Electro three piece.

Pony Pony Run Run’s reMix of Superheroes is a grinding slice of dancefloor ElectroPop. With a bouncy but growling bassline that is tempered by bright leads and Kristine’s emotional vocal, the track plays to both the dancefloor and the headphones. Bringing a House flavour to the track, Pony Pony Run Run show that they’ve lost none of their flair in their time away, combining French Electro with Futurecop!’s nostalgic SynthWave to deliver something entirely new.

Futurecop! (Feat Kristine) – Superheroes (Pony Pony Run Run reMix)

Futurecop!’s new single Atlantis 1997 is out now.

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[MP3] Kristine’s X-mas present


Here’s an early X-mas present from our favourite Greek 80s girl Kristine. It’s a cover of Vaneese Thomas’ 1987 album track Rockin’ & Lovin’ and it’s pitch perfect retro Pop. Maybe it’s just that time of year, but even though Rockin’ & Lovin’ isn’t really an X-Mas some, it still feels like it’s got a holiday vibe.

It could be the upbeat, feel-good groove, could be the nostalgic New Wave beat and digital bassline, could be Kristine’s husky voice that slips between soulful and rocks, in that was the best 80s signers always did. Whatever it is, Kristine’s cover of Rockin’ & Lovin’ just makes me think of good times with friends, and you don’t get more X-Massy than that. Just wait for the sax!

Kristine – Rocking’ &  Lovin’ (Vaneese Thomas Cover)

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[Audio] Mitch Murder reMixes Kristine


Greece’s finest, retro Pop artist Kristine’s Modern Love EP is released this week. We had a look at the title track and Powerglove’s reMix a while back, but, of course, one of the track on the EP we were particularly looking forward to was this reMix of The Danger by SynthWave king Mitch Murder. Mitch and Kristine previously collaborated on an amazing track called Feel The Air, so the thought of these two teaming up again was pretty exciting.

And the track doesn’t disappoint, and it will put an immediate smiley on your face. It’s put epic soundtrack Pop that could easily be the lead song from a mid-80s action flick soundtrack. The vocal track that makes a good single, but still works well in the context of the film. Soulful and moody, both Mitch and Kristine are pitch perfect on this track. Gentle arpeggios, lush pianos and a vintage beat alongside Murder’s trademark digital bass and Kristine’s Stevie Nicks-esque vocals, all work just right, slowest building toward the dramatic finale. The pinnacle of retro Pop.

♫ Kristine – The Danger (Mitch Murder reMix)

Kristine’s Modern Love EP is out now on Tuff ‘Em Up.

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Powerglove reMixes Kristine


It’s been exactly one year since we last featured a track from SynthWave pioneer Powerglove. That dude sure loves Halloween! Then again, his track do tend to have a sinister undertone, all ominous synths and brooding beats. Greek retro-Popper Kristine has enlisted him, along with Mitch Murder and Barretso to reMix her forthcoming new single, Modern Love.

The original has been knocking around for a while now, it’s a really compelling slick of 80s synth rock. Sounding like a track rejected from the first Ladyhawke album for being too retro cool, Kristine’s husky vocal is perfectly period against the bracing synth lines and rolling bass. Powerglove takes this shimmering, and confortable, track and give it a spooky edge. Laced with John Carpenter synths and Kavinsky a style chainsaw power riffs, Powerglove’s reMix is a truly epic slice of SynthWave. Dark, gritty, majestic. Electronic horror at it’s finest.

♫ Kristine – Modern Love (Powerglove reMix)

♫ Kristine – Modern Love

Kristine’s Modern Love is out soon on Tuff ‘Em Up.

Check out more from Kristine on SoundCloud.

Mitch Murder & Kristine

Mitch Murder

‘You know what would be amazing?’ I often think to myself, ‘a Mitch Murder track with vocals’. Well, the moment has finally arrived, and who has stepped up to the challenge but non other than Greek retro Pop songstress Kristine. The whole thing is just to awesome for words.

Feel The Air is Mitch Murder applying all his abundant musical skill to a big euphoric, retro tinged, dance tune. This is the Mitch Murder sunrise tune, the Mitch Murder’s big hands-in-the-air track. The synths shimmer as Kristine’s sultry voice glides over the track like silk, shining over the ‘80’s licks and lush chords. Pure Dreamwave gold, Check it out now.

Mitch Murder (Feat. Kristine) – Feel The Air

Mitch Murder’s Glass Cities EP is released 1st August.

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Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition heats up.


Seconds out…round, er, what is it?, three?

Anyway, here’s out round up of some of the freshest entries in Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition. They’re coming in this and fast. Greek producer Kristine completely nails the 80’s teen movie vibe with her reMix. Heavy on electro toms and a wicked 80’s Pop guitar lick, Kristine has done something a little different here and stands out because of it. John Sawtooth goes for a real old school SynthPop sound with some amazing lead lines running throughout that really add a whole new level to the track. Lastly Melbourne’s Fighting Bison comes out swinging with a sweet ElectroPop mix with a little Disco flavour the leads into a earbending, soaring cosmic solo.

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Kristine reMix)

♫ Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (John Sawtooth’s reMix)

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Fighting Bison reMix)

I have a favourite so far…but I’m not gonna’ tell you!

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