[Movie] Kung Fury


KUNG FURY Official Movie  HD    YouTube

Kung Fury is finally here, and it’s as crazy and awesome as we had all hoped. Featuring a killer soundtrack featuring Mitch Murder, Betamaxx, Lost Years and Mitch’s collaboration with David Hasselhoff,,,ahhh, just watch it…

Check out the Kung Fury store here.

[Download] Mitch Murder covers ‘Knight Rider Theme’


Knight Rider

Mitch Murder, one of the finest SynthWave producers working today has covered Glen A. Larson and Stu Phillips iconic Knight Rider theme tune. It’s an often covered track and Mr Murder serves up one of the best ever. We honestly don’t know what else there is to say about this.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Mitch Murder – Knight Rider Theme (Glen A. Larson & Stu Phillips Cover)

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[Video] David Hasselhoff’s ‘True Survivor’


David Hasselhoff   True Survivor   YouTube

So, our good friend Mitch Murder produce a song for David Hasselhoff. Let that sink in a second. Taken from the soundtrack to the Internet destroying Kickstarter sensation Kung Fury, the track is…well…a Mitch Murder track with The Hoff singing. It’s called True Survivor and it’s amazing and epic and utterly ridiculous.

The truly stunning video gives us an insight into how awesome Kung Fury is going to end up being. No description, Just watch,

Kung Fury is finally released on 28th May.

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Breeze’


Mitch Murder

Our vinyl copy SynthWave pioneer Mitch Murder’s new Mad Decent released album, Interceptor, has still not shown up. Apparently they’ve been delayed ‘til October now! what few quality pressing plants there are left are struggling to cope with the resurgence of interest in vinyl releases it seems. In the meantime we’ll have to console ourselves with his brand new (old) single, Breeze.

After a recent crop of vintage video game inspired tune, Breeze takes us back to a classic Mitch Murder groove. Smooth and soulful, this is a tune to soundtrack your lazy summer afternoons in a retro style. The optimistic synths and starlight chimes ooze 80s cool. After the track has has suitable time to introduce you to it’s laid back electronic vibe, it sweetly delivers a brain melting synth solo, the kind that leys were made for, and take you to the next plane of musical existence. Now…where’s that vinyl?!?!

♫ Mitch Murder – Breeze

Mitch Murder’s Breeze album is out now.

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[Video] Mitch Murder’s ‘Interceptor’


Mitch Murder   Interceptor  Official Music Video    YouTube

The mighty SynthWave O.G. Mitch Murder has finally dropped his Mad Decent released new album; Interceptor. We’ve had a skip through the digital download and it sounds amazing, but we’re using all out will power to hold out for our pre-ordered vinyl to be delivered later this month to really sit down with it. In the meantime here’s the brand new video for the album’s title track.

The clip was directed and animated by James Rowsell and it’s 16bit graphics nicely captures Mitch’s obsession with all things retro gaming.

Mitch Murder’s Interceptor album is out now.

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’ ‘The Final Stretch’


Mitch Murder

OK. Fair enough. Time to face facts; we’re pretty much just a Mitch Murder fan blog these days. And seeing as how he’s been treating us to a new track about once a month we feel this is a win/win situation. We could listen to Mitch Murder tunes all day, and in fact, sometimes we do. Here’s the latest in his sonic arsenal, The Final Stretch.

Mitch is well back in Vine DiCola mode with this one, and you can’t help but grin when The Final Stretch is playing. It’s all digital stabs and squealing leads. A total energy build, a rush of frantic excitement; you can imagine the action sequence this would soundtrack. This is the score to an optimistic move, chock full of heroism and defeating the odds. How Mr. Murder constantly knocks the 80s soundtrack genre out of the park we’ll never know. We’re just glad he does.

♫ Mitch Murder – The Final Stretch

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Enter The Fury’


Mitch Murder

It’s a new one from 80s soundtrack king Mitch Murder, and the Swedish producer kick of 2014 in style with Enter The Fury, a nice mix of Mitch’s retro soundtrack and video game influenced styles. If you know Mr. Murders music, you will know you’re in for for four minutes of action, adventure, romance, loss and ultimate triumph. Oh, and a mind blowing solo.

Enter The Fury starts it’s journey with a wobbly VHS intro of building synths before launching into a carefree initial section. Bouncy FM synth bass and a Electro Funk beat cruise along before all the fun-and-games become slightly more dramatic. After a breakdown of starlight synths, the solo launches in with passion. No-one synth shreds like Mitch Murder and it takes the song to the next level.

♫ Mitch Murder – Enter The Fury

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[Download] Mitch Murder’s ‘Just ‘Til Midnight’


Mitch Murder

Amazing! Two new tracks from Swedish SynthWave master Mitch Murder in a week! First Mr. Murder spread a little X-Mas cheer with the smooth Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone, and now here a brand new vocal track (we love it when Mitch Murder does vocal tracks). This time he’s hooked up with Australian singer Miranda Carey for some full on retro ElectroPop madness. It’s a free download too.

In total contest to Mitch’s R&B X-mas croon, Just ‘Till Midnight is what Mitch Murder does best. Pure, authentic, 80s music. In this case bouncy soul Pop. And it’s pretty stunning too. From the opening drum pattern, the track oozes retro cool, even before Carey’s awesomely fitting vocal kicks in the lush, stabbing synths are doing the job of reeling you in. This one’s got it all, catch old school Pop vocals, vintage synths chirping away, a hint of Italo in the digital bass and an end result that is big, catchy and the pinnacle of retro Pop. 

Mitch Murder (Feat. Miranda Carey) – Just ‘Till Midnight

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone’


A Very Decent Christmas

We do love synthy X-mas songs around these parts (as we’re sure you’ll become aware in the coming weeks). One of our first of the year comes from Swedish SynthWave mastermind Mitch Murder. Following on from his The Touch release on Mad Decent sub-label Jeffree’s earlier this year, Mitch has contributed to the Mad Decent/Jeffree’s X-mas compilation, A Very Decent Christmas. Check out Mitch teaming up with Santell for Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone.

Mr. Murder goes 80s R&B for this X-mas ballad. A proper festive Pop song, Mitch calls to mind holidays of the past on MTV. It’s a departure for Mitch, there’s less of the vintage synth music that we are used to hearing from him, although there is a hint of retro synth roots, the song is a proper R&B serenade. Still, it’s loaded with Murder’s warn, vintage synth sounds though, and that rubber band bass and chimes that we love him for. More X-mas music to come!

♫ Mitch Murder (Feat. Santell) – Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone

A Very Decent Christmas is out now.

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Snow Crash’


mitch murder

So, every-time Sweedish SynthWave king Mitch Murder drops a new track (which is increasingly more frequent these days) we say to ourselves ‘we don’t have to write about it, we don’t have to post everything the man releases’, and then we listen to it. The same thing happened today, we thought, ‘we don’t have to post the new Mitch Murder track’, and then gave Snow Crash a listen, and then had no choice. Mitch is just head and shoulders above his contemporaries, musically, each piece from him is a work of genius. So enjoy another one.

Named after Neal Stephenson’s classic1992 Cyberpunk novel, the track also delivers a narrative. Starting of with a selection of mellow, evocative chords that weave Mitch’s soundtrack magic. Synths and sax  fade together, casting a futuristic mood over the track, before it launches into a beat heavy instrumental ElectroPop tune to capture your imagination.

♫ Mitch Murder – Snow Crash

Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ single is out now.

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