[MP3] Lindstrøm’s vocal edit of ‘Vōs-Sākō-Rv’ + reMixes


By now I’m sure you’ve all read out massively gushing review of frosty Disco dude Lindstrøm’s new album, Smalhans, and most likely got down at some point to the preceding Todd Terje reMixes that ushered the album in. So you’ll be aware that after the chilly reception his last record received (although we loved it) Lindstrøm is most definitely back on the Scani-Disco map. This rush of good feeling must be warming his tundra heat as the man is giving away a vocal edit, not found on the album, of Vōs-Sākō-Rv for no kroner, no øre. Nice!

So, is this the album version of Vōs-Sākō-Rv with vocals. Well, sort of. If by vocals you mean some “do-do-do”s along with the tune then yes, yes it is. But y’know what? The “do-do-do”s are brilliant. The track is already a funky as hell, quirky, synthetic Disco tune, which was catchy enough as it is. But having someone else sing along to the infectious hook just implants it in your head even more. This is total fun Disco. There’s also a couple of reMixes from the album kicking around you should check out. Glasgow’s Miaoux Miaoux is really starting to make a name for himself and further cements that reputation right here with a twisted Acidic Funk take on Rà-Àkõ-St. MM’s reMix is loaded with cosmic apreggios and Sci-Fi riffs while Slick Shoota takes the same track and whips it into a kinda of classic House/Speed Garage mashup.

Lindstrøm – Vōs-Sākō-Rv (Vocal Edit)

♫ Lindstrøm – Rà-Àkõ-St (Miaoux Miaoux reMix)

♫ Lindstrøm – Rà-Àkõ-St (Slick Shoota House reMix)

Lindstrøm’s Smalhans is out now

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Chvrches reMixed by Miaoux Miaoux


The recent reMix of amazing Glaswegian ElectroPop letter wranglers Chvrches’ forthcoming new single The Mother We Share by JD Twitch of Optimo fame was, frankly, tired. A massive disappointment of dated sounds and uninspired programming. So we’re calling this new mix from fellow Glasgow resident Miaoux Miaoux ‘the first reMix’ as it is, at least, the first reMix to do the track justice.

Miaoux Miaoux takes a breezy, retro, almost SynthWave approach to the track. Slightly rawer sounding than your usual SynthWave sounds, the track still sounds like it would be the prefect soundtrack for a big emotional moment in a John Hughes movie. Lauren Mayberry’s vocals sounding particularly 80s (more than usual) in Miaoux Miaoux’s hands. This is the prefect accompaniment to intelligent ElectroPop of the original for those dancefloors that lean a little more toward the vintage sound. this is the first track we’ve heard from Miaoux Miaoux, but it has left us very interested to hear more.

♫ Chvrches – The Mother We Share (Miaoux Miaoux reMix)

The Mother We Share is out now.

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