[Video] Starcadian makes ad for Korg’s ARP Odyssey re-release.


ARP ODYSSEY Make Worlds. YouTube

As you synth heads will probably be aware, Korg have launched their recreation of the classic ARP Odyssey synth. In line with their recent vintage synth re-issues (a model that is also being embraced by other synth manufacturers) Korg have licenced the Odyssey to release a version forty years later.

Amazingly, electronic rumors fam Starcadian got tapped to make the advert. Which is pure Starcadian amazingness. Out boy put together both the music and the visuals for this stunning clip.

Korg’s ARP Odyssey is out now.

Starcadian’s Saturdaze EP is out now

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[Audio] Starcadian reMixes John Carpenter’s ‘Vortex’



As synth and soundtrack fans will do doubt be aware, horror mastermind and creepy synth noodler John Carpenter as about to release an album. His first non-soundtrack solo work, the album, Lost Themes is a collection of scores to imaginary movies. No stranger to the odd imaginary movie himself, Brooklyn synthesizer warrior Starcadian has taken on Lost Themes’ teaser single Vortex and dominated it with his own brand of Electro-Funk. Check it out.

Featuring additional vocals by the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet (‘cos that baby can sing!), Starcadian’s Vortex workout is an expansive Electro powerhouse loaded with emotional beats. Revolving around a chugging bassline, this is Starcadian when he’s got one foot in the world of Electro-House, one in Nu-Disco and his eyes to the stars. Cosmic wonder with a chainsaw grind. Gritty and majestic. Let Starcadian’s reMix of Vortex inspire you into the weekend.

♫ John Carpenter – Vortex: Night Of The Comet (Starcadian reMix)

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes is released 3rd February.

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[Video] Starcadian’s ‘Dance Or Die’


Starcadian   Dance Or Die   YouTube

What’s almost as exciting as a new tune from Starcadian? A new video! Taking a break from the Sunset Blood saga, Starcadian drops the clip for Dance Or Die from his recent Saturdaze EP.

Or did he? That looks suspiciously like Starcadian pulling at the puppet strings there! 

Starcadian’s Saturdaze EP is out now. You can pick it up here.

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[Audio] Starcadian’s ‘Saturdaze’ EP



So, after whetting your appetite with one hell of a mashup late last week New York electro wizard Starcadian dropped his new EP just in time for the weekend. We honestly weren’t expecting another body of work this size for a while; (for us at least) his album Sunset Blood is still fresh in our ears and despite being a year old, still gets constant play (also, writing “despite being a year old” just made us sad. Oh internet, what have you done to the shelf life of music?). The Saturdaze EP ages as somewhat of a companion piece to Sunset Blood; but whereas the album soundtracked the best in straight to video Sci-Fi thrillers, Saturdaze takes Saturday morning TV and runs with it.

And it does hit the ground running, the EP’s opener, Ultralove, is one of Starcadian’s best to date. The intro along is immense strings, synths, sax and crazy toms work the music up into a frenzy before dropping and kicking back in with a synth heavy future Disco belter. Ultralove is a journey through everything Starcadian does best, hard hitting raw Disco, Quite vocoder moments and squealing solos. This one’s got it all. It;s a tough act to follow, but the rest of the EP tries it’s hardest. Dance Or Die is the real TV theme hero here, mixing a rockin’ riff with Chiptune hooks this is your optimistic, action-packed, Cartoon intro here. Money seems to be a spiritual successor to Pompey Pirate a little, a growling, enigmatic Electro track that reminds us that Starcadian can do Dark just as well as Uplifting. Alien Victory jostles for position as the EP’s stand out track, an epic duet between ominous, creeping, synthetic tones and skyrocketing euphoric leads. There’s a whole movie that plays out in your head just to this one track; from the dark times to the hopeful future, Alien Victory will carry you there. All that excitement is followed by Entoptica, the EP’s instrumental power ballad, a soaring solo set against a steady melancholy electric groove before the release plays out on a new, up-tempo, dancefloor friendly version of previous single, and space ballad, He^rt.Kicking the track up a few BMP and dropping a kickin’ beat under the track doesn’t hurt it one bit, and reinvents it as a floorfilling anthem. As you can imagine Saturdaze comes highly recommended; we really can’t stress that enough, you need to get involved.

♫ Starcadian – Ultralove

♫ Starcadian – Alien Victory

Starcadian’s Saturdaze EP is out now. You can pick it up here.

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[Download] Starcadian’s ‘Wrecking Shot’



Back in 2012, when we were just getting to know his work, New York’s synthesizer mastermind Starcadian released what is possibly one of the best mashups ever unleashed on the world. First Kill crammed in Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Pharoahe Monch, Queen, Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Busta Rhymes and Wu Tang Clan over some seriously hard hitting Disco sounds. Now, with one of our favourite albums of last year, Sunset Blood, under his belt, and with the storming new Saturdaze EP, on the horizon Starcadian drags you back to the dancefloor with his follow-up bootleg. This is Wrecking Shot.

This time around Miley Cyrus, Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Kelis and Tracy Weber get run through Starcadian’s galactic groove machine and spat out the other side in as a mirror-balled glam jam. Piled high with the finest French Touch, Nu-Disco and a surprising amount of Italo, Wrecking Shot once again surprises us as Starcadian makes seemingly disparate songs weave in and out of each other seamlessly. Where Fist Kill was full throttle Electro, Wrecking Shot has a smooth and soulful side. This should more than keep you going until Starcadian brings his urban synth Disco, with a Saturday morning TV theme vibe, on the new EP.

Starcadian – Wrecking Shot

Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is out now. The Saturdaze EP is released 26th September.

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[Audio] Starcadian reMixes Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’



When he’s not releasing one of the best albums around right now, New York SynthWaver Starcadian does a nice line in reMixes too. Although they tend to be few and far between, he always knocks it out of the park. the latest subject for one of his Sci-Fi Disco makeovers is Katy Perry’s single Dark Horse.

Rich. That’s the best work to describe this reMix. Rich and enthralling. Thick, rousing synths and Starcadian’s particular brand of orchestrated strings blend together with a seasoning of Cosmic zaps and pows to create a warm, emotionally evocative synthesizer soundtrack. Perfect for a slightly modulated version of Ms. Perry’s vocals, and a hint of Starcadian’s vocoder wizardry. Pure magic.

♫ Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Starcadian reMix)

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[Video] Starcadian’s ‘Chinatown’


Starcadian   Chinatown  Official Music Video    YouTube

Here’s the long awaited video for New york all-round amazing producer Starcadian’s Chinatown. The track comes from Sunset Blood, one of our favourite albums of the year.

The clip was directed by Starcadian & Rob O’Neill and features more from the imaginary noir Sci-Fi movie that Sunset Blood is the soundtrack to.

Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is out now.

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[Audio] Starcadian’s ‘Sunset Blood’ album



Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is the best Disco album of the year. There, that’s the short version of this review. It’s a pretty bold statement to make in a year that Daft Punk released their long awaited comeback, but we stand by it. Not that Starcadian’s freshly released début full length record, Sunset Blood, is strictly a Disco album, but it has a strain of authentic Disco running through it’s DNA that puts many contemporary Disco producers to shame. Mixed up with helpings of SynthWave, ElectroPop and TurboFunk it’s the perfect recipie.

Ever since we discovered Brooklyn based producer Starcadian he’s been a particular favourite around these parts, his track Girls Of Midnight clocking in at number three in our top 20 songs of 2012. Nothing about this thirteen track collection of tunes has let us down, and our expectation were high!

A new version of single Ronnie opens the album, it’s funkin’ bass, smooth electric Piano and slightly melancholy vocoding setting the tone for the album, exciting, emotional, electronic music and a badass, soaring, solo. The brooding Robo-Funk of Chinatown is up next. It’s passionate, cinematic, vocals meets rousing vintage electronics approach sending shivers down your spine. Previous favourite Sgt. Tagowski’s high-octane, slap bass fuelled, retro SynthWave meets ChipTune madness is followed by the album version of the single Heˆrt. Heˆrt is a simply beautiful piece of music, A piano led Disco ballad, a Sci-Fi lament that highlights Starcadian’s musicianship, songwriting and production skills perfectly. Spectrum Line, another new tune, is up next delivering it’s big DiscoPop vibes with an R&B twist, all smoothed over with Starcadian’s slightly gritty Electro sounds. The laid back vocoder grooves return on Lovetop, a vintage Disco laden love song, smooth and soulful to the extreme and contrasted with the big ElectroPop of Supersymmetry, probably the album’s Pop highlight. Big beats, slick vocals and catchy choruses all add up to pure synthesizer infectiousness. A New York Indie-Electro feel permeates the dreamy Waters before the album charges into the Cornish assault that is Pompey Pirate, bringing a French Electro epicness to Sunset Blood. Chainsaw riffs and soaring leads scream over a relentless machine beat and cut up, distorted electronics. What follows are three orchestrated, soundtrack pieces. Binary Stars, The Floppy Disk and It Ends Now being classical takes on the themes of Heˆrt, Chinatown and Pompey Pirate. With a John Williams flavour, this trilogy really show off Starcadian’s talent for arrangement as he presents a bombastic cavalcade of rising strings and horns that really get the blood racing. The album plays out on it’s title track, Sunset Blood is enigmatic SynthWave at it’s finest. A mysterious musical exposition, a synthesizer epic that leaves you waiting for the sequel.

It cannot be understated how impressive and confident a début Sunset Blood is for Starcadian. Easily one of the albums of the year. A musical narrative that deftly carries you along with it whist delivering some of the most addictive Disco we’ve heard in a long time. Highly recommended.

♫ Starcadian – Sgt. Tagowski

♫ Starcadian – Supersymmetry

♫ Starcadian – Ronnie (Album Mix)

♫ Starcadian – Pompey Pirate

Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is out now. Pick it up from Bandcamp.

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[MP3] Starcadian reMixes Freedom Fry


Freedom Fry

In his second reMix for LA ElectroPoppers Freedom Fry, Brooklyn based SynthWave Funkster, and one of the best kept secrets in the world, Starcadian delivers more of his sweeping emotional synths and dirty Disco grooves. Just a quick search to your right will reveal a whole host of storming tracks from Starcadian, we’ve been eager for new material for a while now, and with the knowledge of a new EP in the pipeline this mix’ll have to tide us over until then.

Starcadian drops it big style with this one. Turning his raw synth Disco sound into something fit for the big room, he delivers layers and layers of thick synths and sparking melodies that perfectly compliment the Freedom Fry vocal track. Working some seriously powerful, emotive, synth lines and huge aspirational leads, Starcadian brings his A-game with a reMix worthy of being your summer anthem. More of the highest quality work from this New Yorker.

Freedom Fry – Friends And Enemies (Starcadian reMix)

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[MP3] Starcadian reMixes Unique


Here’s the fresh reMix, of an old school track, from a guy who is easily one of our favourite new producers this year. To us it seemed that in 2012 Brooklyn’s Starcadian came from nowhere and dropped immense production that put may others to shame. His massive Electro and Disco sounds have kept us moving throughout most of the second half of the year, and with a new album in the making, Starcadian has unleashed his remix of Unique’s 1983 DiscoPop classic What I Got Is What You Need to tide us over.

Starcadian shows us his smooth side, mixing up his chainsaw Electro and fantasy Cosmic Disco with some laid back funk. Twisted Moog bass and a driving beat underpin this slick track, letting the original’s vocals hazily drift in and out of the track, lifted by Starcadian;s euphoric piano rises and lush strings. True to form the man gets a little gritty and Sci-Fi in the breakdown, which makes it all that much sweeter when the Disco groove kicks back in. This is probably Starcadian’s most Funk fuelled tune to date, purpose built for late night dancefloors.

Unique – What I Got Is What You Need (Starcadian reMix)

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