Powerglove reMixes Kristine


It’s been exactly one year since we last featured a track from SynthWave pioneer Powerglove. That dude sure loves Halloween! Then again, his track do tend to have a sinister undertone, all ominous synths and brooding beats. Greek retro-Popper Kristine has enlisted him, along with Mitch Murder and Barretso to reMix her forthcoming new single, Modern Love.

The original has been knocking around for a while now, it’s a really compelling slick of 80s synth rock. Sounding like a track rejected from the first Ladyhawke album for being too retro cool, Kristine’s husky vocal is perfectly period against the bracing synth lines and rolling bass. Powerglove takes this shimmering, and confortable, track and give it a spooky edge. Laced with John Carpenter synths and Kavinsky a style chainsaw power riffs, Powerglove’s reMix is a truly epic slice of SynthWave. Dark, gritty, majestic. Electronic horror at it’s finest.

♫ Kristine – Modern Love (Powerglove reMix)

♫ Kristine – Modern Love

Kristine’s Modern Love is out soon on Tuff ‘Em Up.

Check out more from Kristine on SoundCloud.

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