[Audio] Hot Hot Hawk’s new single

Hot Hot Hawk

Russia’s Hot Hot Hawk have only just dropped their amazing collaboration with Patrick Baker, but they are already promoting their new single, the Pasha featuring Space Traveller. Two new releases so close together can feel a bit cramped, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of either tune. Space Traveller is released later this month with a packed reMix collection.

The original version of the track is an amazing slice of post-Kraftwerk Italo, and a schizophrenic beast. Starting off as a Cosmic Disco tribute to das robots, thick bassline playing off against the Teutonic synths, as soon as the vocals arrive Space Traveller morphs into a warm mixture of Italo and 80s Electric Soul. As the song rises and rises, with more layered sounds and soaring vocals, tit becomes pretty epic. To be honest the reMixes are a little hit and miss. The definite standouts comes from London’s 80s Stallone, who injects the SynthWave Italo with a little retro Disco, Just his subtle use of cowbell, claps and vocoders, give the track a little more groove, and DigitalNativeDance, who also turns in one of the better mixes. DND’s mix brings a Boogie flavour to the tune and emotional use of piano and Acidic synths. Summer Of Haze bring the single to a nice conclusion with a post-Chillwave marching soundscape. The rest of the reMixes are OK, but a little uninspired, but all-in-all it’s a great release.

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (80s Stallone reMix)

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (DigitalNativeDance reMix)

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (Summer of Haze reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk’s Space Traveller is released 23rd November on Emerald & Doreen Rec.

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80s Stallone’s ‘Hotline’ album

80s Stallone

London based SynthWave producer 80s Stallone has always been at the top of the scene. Having been around since the scenes early days, back on MySpace, he could be considered an OG of Outrun. and also a staple on these pages. One of the unsung heroes of 80s synth music, Stallone today releases his new album, Hotline, which is twelve tracks of robotic, romantic, retro awesomeness.

Hotline is a collection of a few tracks we’ve heard before, but mostly new material, that perfectly displays why 80s Stallone is so revered amongst fans of SynthWave. Driven kicks the album off, it;s a pumping track we’ve heard before and although being a high energy opener it’s an odd choice for track one, it doesn’t really represent the rest of the album, being almost Psy-Trance in places. Daylight follows, now this is more like it. Daylight is a slick retro synth track with some haunting, but infectious vocoded vocals and a bright, reverby lead line, that lends itself to the nostalgic contemplation that this album so expounds. Summer Lovers is another well played Dreamwave track that was on repeat round these parts when it first broke ground which gets you in a comfortable beach vibe before smacking you in the face with the Electro Funk of Work Your Body, which rocks B-Boy Beats and robo vocals against warm, emotional melodies. unfortunately, Quantum Leap isn’t 80s Stallone’s cover of the TV show them tune, but what it is though is a post-Italo Boogie bassline-fest. The albums highlights come thick and fast, Smoke & Mirrors dreamy Sci-Fi atmosphere nicely follows Super Pursuit Mode’s futuristic dystopian vibe. Radioactive brings a deep 80s Funk while Pictures begins the albums trail out with big Italo fashion with soaring solo work and hypnotic vocoding. Expectation powers the album toward it;s collusion with pulsating, moody snyths, before the album sees itself out with Time, an slick combination of machine beats, sparkling leads and classic SynthPop vocoded vocals. For lovers of synthesizer music, of all kinds, 80s Stallone’s Hotline can be considered pretty essential, an intelligent excursion into vintage synth music with a modern take.

♫ 80s Stallone – Daylight

♫ 80s Stallone – Work Your Body

♫ 80s Stallone – Smoke & Mirrors

♫ 80s Stallone – Pictures

♫ 80s Stallone – Time

80s Stallone’s Hotline is out today, pick up a copy here.

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80s Stallone’s ‘Out Of The Blue’

80s Stallone

London SynthWave master 80s Stallone’s new track, Out Of The Blue, might just be his most dancefloor friendly to date. We’d even go so far as to say there’s a load of Italo-Disco up in there. 80’s Stallone producing big dancefloor tracks is definitely something to get excited about, Check it out!

Pounding machine drums and a rapid fire Italo bassline rule this track, bringing the big 80s sounds straight to the middle of the dancefloor and making it bounce in unison. There are time in this track, that it is so relentless in it’s groove that it boarders on EBM, but it tempered with some sweet lead lines and distant vocoding. We can’t stop listening to this track, it takes us back to the New Beat and EBM dancefloors of our childhoods with a really nice 80s Italo sheen.

♫ 80s Stallone – Out Of The Blue

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80s Stallone’s ‘Smoke & Mirrors’


Excellent. Mid-week music from London SynthWave producer 80s Stallone, and it’s one of his best too. What more can you ask for than a bit of 80’s Stallone’s spacey nostalgia? Also, it’s 3m30s, perfect Pop song length.

And Smoke & Mirrors is pretty spacey, more spacey than we are used to from 80’s Stallone. Here things get washed in reverbs and delays to a greater extend that we’d expect from this prolific producer, but the result is definitely pleasing. 80’s Stallone draws up a really nice, laid back but slightly dreamlike atmosphere where warm synth tones undulate around the track. The Italo bassline gives the track some solid backing, and the beats is a lot higher tempo than you’d think, which nicely offsets the cosmic keys. 80’s Stallone keeps the enigmatic mood going amidst the upbeat rhythm with playful melodies and some Sci-Fi vocoding. Groovy, with the added bonus of being a nice slice of ‘80’s fantasy, we’re diggin’ it.

♫ 80s Stallone – Smoke & Mirrors

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80s Stallone’s ‘Radioactive’

80s Stallone

One of the UK finest purveyors of all things Synth and Dreamwave 80s Stallone has premiered a new track, or new demo., of blissed out, summery, retro sounds.

Radioactive, is the kind of track that washes over you like waves of a deserted shore. the reverb washed arpeggios that weave in and out of this track make for a beautiful, almost otherworldly, sound. A simple, yet infectious bassline grounds the track allowing loads of room for the rich synthetic textures to paint a sonic picture. The way the arpeggios play with the bassline give the tune a nice rhythm. this is as beachy and laid back as SynthWave gets. Enjoy!”

♫ 80s Stallone – Radioactive (Demo.)

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A couple of new tunes from 80s Stallone

80s Stallone

Prolific London based SynthWave artist 80s Stallone has released a couple of new track in the past week. We’ve seen an increase in output from 80s Stallone in the past few months, and each one has been a synthesizer gem. check out his new two.

‘Electric Nights’ is an awesome track, possible 80’s Stallone’s best to date, and that’s really saying something. There’s something just so involving about ‘Electric Nights’ thick layers of synths and it’s resonant, haunting lead. It’s SynthWave, optimistic style, moving slightly away from the soundtrack influenced sound into something more Poppy, more catchy, yet still just as atmospheric and mood inducing. ‘Cobretti’ see’s him back in Stallone movie mode with a driving peice of sledgehammer Italo action move score. Moody and pounding, ‘Cobretti’ sets an ominous tone tempered with a cutting lead line. With all the recent releases we get the feeling 80s Stallone is gearing up for something, fingers crosses it’s an album.

♫ 80s Stallone – Electric Nights

♫ 80s Stallone – Cobretti

80s Stallone’s ‘Beach’ EP is released out now on Silhouette Music.

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L’Equipe Du Son’s new single

L'Equipe Du Son

Later this month Dutch vintage Disco and synth outfit L’Equipe Du Son release their new single ‘Playground Rebels’ on Silhouette Music. I’ve really loved L’Equipe Du Son’s releases so far, but this may just be the best one yet. Strap in for some 80’s awesomeness.

‘Playground Rebels’ is a bright shiny slab of Electro Boogie that nicely mixes up a retro ElectroPop flavour with an undercurrent of B-Boy Electro (and a nice Wild Style sample). The track rests an a Breakin; beat and some positively huge synth stabs that have just the tiniest bit of swing. A killer, nostalgic, track. The reMixes are hot too. There a slow Disco jam from Alphabet City that feed of the swing and goes deep and dark with it along with Dynamicron. The pick of the reMixes though is 80s Stallone, who brings an Italo vibe to the track with an arpeggiated bassline Moroder would have been proud of. Interestingly, Mr. Stallone mixes up the lead line a bit, to twist the mood and let’s his own leads weave in and out of the track organic way.

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Playground Rebels

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Playground Rebels (80s Stallone reMix)

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80s Stallone’s ‘Out Of The Water’

80s Stallone

Here’s some atmospheric and nostalgic synthesizer work from retro synth genius 80s Stallone in the form of his latest track ‘Out Of The Water’.

We’re loving the vintage drum machine sounds in this one, the provide a nice robotic Yazoo-esque SynthPop backing for a track full of mystery. Mr. Stallone lets dreamlike riffs weave in and out of each other and swirl around an Italo bassline making beautiful, rich layers of sound. It’s quite understatedly majestic too, like the soundtrack to the shimmering city lights of a dystopian metropolis.

♫ 80s Stallone – Out Of The Water

80s Stallone’s ‘Beach’ EP is out now on Silhouette Music.

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80s Stallone’s ‘Beach’ EP

80s Stallone

Released next month on Silhouette Music is the new EP from SynthWave maestro 80s Stallone.

The ‘Beach’ EP’s title track is a thing of pure joy. Waves of nostalgia wash forth from vintage synth sounds creating this feel good, slightly Italo, vibe. I don’t know whether it’s the bouncy mid-‘80’s bassline or the SynthPop melodies, but there’s just something about this track that captures everything we love about retro synthesizer music, and put a smile on our faces while it does it. We covered the Jan Hammer-esque flipside a few months ago Cliffhanger and love it even more now. the rest of the EP is filled with some awesome reMix work from L’Equipe Du Son, who turn the title track into a night drive pulsar with a slight Psy Trance feel in the burbling riffs, and and some really smooth, laid back, electronic Disco from The Legendary 1979 Orchestra.

♫ 80s Stallone – Beach (Original Mix)

♫ 80s Stallone – Beach (L’Equipe Du Son reMix)

♫ 80s Stallone – Beach (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra reMix)

80s Stallone’s ‘Beach’ EP is released 13th February on Silhouette Music.

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Check out the first two demos from stardate the latest project from the mind that brought you 80s Stallone. His mission to give him self some freedom defined only by the use of hardware synths.

I don’t know if he’ll thank me for posting these demos, and EP is on the way but these are his first experimentations within his new parameters, but I couldn’t help myself, as a fan of electronic music these two tracks were too good to pass by. ‘Universal Pilot’ is at once ominous and uplifting, with these two roles being taken by the bass/pads and the melody, and it’s the capturing of these two moods that gives the track it’s cinematic feel. Heavy synth bass and arpeggios opposing, but working together in a Jarre-esque mid-paced peice. ‘Untill You Die’ walks a similar road but with more of a resolution to it, this is end of the movie stuff with a hint of guitar creeping in amongst the electronics and a bit of a sunrise feel.

♫ stardate – Universal Pilot (Demo.)

♫ stardate – Untill You Die (Demo.)

Check out more from stardate on SoundCloud.