Futurecop! drop an albums worth of free tunes


UK SynthWave superheroes Futurecop! have spent the last couple of months busying away in the studio, cooking up a selection of tracks that they have been giving away for free on their SoundCloud page. Now, with the release of their latest tune, a tribute to the late, legendary, John Hughes, these almost an album;s worth of material out there. So, Futurecop! have collected it into a SoundCloud set for you listening pleasure.

There’s seven tracks in the collection so far, but here’s our pick of the breezy synth tunes on offer. The most recent track Futurecop! have unleashed is John Hughes (Teenage Love), obviously a homage to the greatest teen movie director to have ever lived, and it’s a track that could fit right into the soundtrack of any Hughes movie. Thick with Futurecop!’s trademark nostalgia, John Hughes (Teenage Love) is an upbeat party tune that takes you back in time whilst moving your feet. Dictionary has a more 80s British Pop feel to it thanks to the plucked guitar sound and rolling bassline. It’s a sprawling SynthWave tune that’s full of atmosphere. Taking a more traditional Futurecop! route is The Sun Is Mine, all driving arpeggios and soaring leads that perfectly mixes a retro sound and modern arrangement. ‘Till Eternity (I Miss You) is the collections reflective piece, a shimmering wall of snyths and gentle piano, set to a laid back beat, they captures and exemplifies Futurecop!’s dreamy outlook on life. the whole collection is free to download and at seven new tracks, should tide you over ‘till Futurecop!’s next album.

Futurecop! – John Hughes (Teenage Love)

Futurecop! – Dictionary

Futurecop! – The Sun Is Mine

Futurecop! – ‘Till Eternity (I Miss You)

You can find the complete set of Futurecop!’s recent free work right here.

Buy Futurecop!’s music from:

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