[Download] Emeron & Fox’s ‘Windup’


Emeron & Fox

After a few months hiatus Brooklyn based SynthWavers Emeron & Fox are back and getting their House groove on with their new tune Windup. Last time we heard from these guys was early last summer with Arms Out, so take a peek below and see whether they have been hard at work in the intervening months, or just mucking about.

Sounds like it’s the ‘working hard’ option. Windup effortlessly blends a myriad of styles into one funky whole. From the Disco bassline and SynthWave pads, to the Baroque Electro arpeggios, Windup is a bubbling melting pot of synth sounds. The spliced up vocal samples provide the ribbon that neatly ties the track together. Awesome, and slightly mysterious, work from this duo. Ends a but quick though.

Emeron & Fox – Windup

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[MP3] Emeron & Fox’s ‘Arms Out’


Emeron & Fox

The new one from Brooklyn based SynthWavers Emeron & Fox is something a bit different, by their standards at least. In tune with the increasing mood of lazy summer evenings (well, for me anyway) the duo present the timely release of Arms Out. More in keeping with their début single, the haunting Nightmares, than more recent, more upbeat, offerings, Arms Out sees these guys slip back into a dreamlike mode.

There’s would be a chance you could find Arms Out a little unsettling, with it’s ethereal vocals and ghostly electric piano, if it wasn’t for the warm old school Hip Hop beats and Disco bass. There’s something irresistibly funky about this track, you can’t help but nod your head and get into it. So when it’s siren song curls around your head like smoke and those strangely uplifting synth drones in the chorus kick in it makes for an unusual combination of groovy and enigmatic, but a combination that Emeron & Fox make work.

Emeron & Fox- Arms Out

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[Audio] L’Equipe Du Son reMixed by Emeron & Fox



Here’s a new reMix from Brooklyn based SynthWavers Emeron & Fox. This time they’ve turned their attentions toward Dutch Nu-Disco producer L’Equipe Du Son, still riding high on the success of his recent Transmissions album. Taking one of the albums highlights, Le Rocker, Emeron & Fox whip up a floaty synth Disco tracks to mesmerise you.

This one’s got all the makings of a quirky floorfiller. Counterpointing a rolling, bouncy bassline with layers of playful melodies, Emeron & Fox aim to move your feet, but keep it fun. Every so often the track will surprise you with a new riff, or a new take on the riff playing, keeping the tune like a funky, ever evolving dream. Possible their funkiest track  to date, this reMix’s groove just keeps on going.

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Le Rocker (Emeron & Fox reMix)

L’Equipe Du Son Transmissions is out now on Silhouette Music.

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Emeron & Fox reMixed by Monitor 66

Emeron & Fox

Here’s a reMix of Brooklyn SynthWavers Emeron & Fox’s latest single, the pretty awesome Nightmares, with those haunting vocals from Bit, that didn’t quite make the reMix package. Swedish Nu-Disco trio Monitor 66 already had one reMix included in the release, but in addition to that they cooked up this moody Techno version of the tune.

Monitor 66 choose a good medium to convey the mysterious feeling of the tune, in fact this version of the song is even more enigmatic than those found of the single. The deep, hypnotic bass and shuffling Techno beat intertwine with Bit’s ethereal vocal to creature something truly dreamlike. A Swirling synthetic Nightmare with an infectious groove.

Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Monitor 66 ‘Goes Techno’ reMix)

Emeron & Fox’s Nightmares is out now.

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Emeron & Fox’s ‘Nightmares’ single

Emeron & Fox

Brooklyn SynthWave export Emeron & Fox are gearing up for the release of their new single later this month. If’s been a few months since their début, Dopecity, and this new release, Nightmares, sees a maturing of their sound and a massive collection of reMix talent.

Nightmares features American Indie-Pop singer Bit on vocals and is a rich, evocative SynthPop track that gently creeps along on spacious synths and distant cutting analog growls. Bit’s calm, husky voice tempers the eerie soundscape, all ties together with vintage machine drums. There is a ton of reMixes by some of the best producers out the. Swedish Nu-Disco trio Monitor 66 delivers a slow House jam. loaded with smooth laid back vibes and a ton of funk. The Dutch king of Electro Boogie L’Equipe Du Son’s take on the tune is suitably packed with B-Boy basslines. It’s a Nu-Disco stormer with a late ‘80’s electronic Soul feel and a sprinkling of 16-bit sounds for good measure. Follow Me drop a thick retro synth mix with a robotic Disco feel. Germany’s finest Final DJs drop one of the single standouts with an upbeat SynthWave track that keeps it’s energy levels up with wave after wave of sparkling melodies. Nightmares sees a definite advancement of Emeron & Fox’s sound, we can;t wait for the next instalment.

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Monitor 66 reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (L’Equipe Du Son reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Final DJs reMix)

Nightmares is released 24th September on Silhouette Music.

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Emeron & Fox’s début single

Emeron & Fox

‘Dopecity’ is the forthcoming new, and début, single from the awesome Emeron & Fox. Released via Silhouette Music later in the month. We’ve been keeping an eye on these guys for the last few months even since they came onto our radar so we definitely agree that it’s about time for this Brooklyn based duo to start properly releasing stuff and I can’t think of a better partnership that with Silhouette.

‘So what can we expect from ‘Dopecity’? It’s a pretty classic SynthPop track with slight Nu-Disco overtones. Based in bass, the track revolves around it’s undulating and buzzing bassline. Layered on top are some rich retro synths and some haunting female vocals that despite being layered and quite ethereal end up being surprisingly catchy. The track is a nice mix of retro and contemporary and a nice premiere single. reMixes come from The Legendary 1970 Orchestra, L’Equipe Du Son & Follow Me. L’Equipe Du Son’s take on the track  is a deep Disco groove with some nice House topping. Rocking the ring modulator L’Equipe Du Son created a humming synthetic Disco tune with slowly moves along it’s hypnotic vibe to a multi-layered finale. Follow Me’s mix is a sweet, light, SynthWave track that is uplifting and infectious. Full of Funk and sweeping retro synths I think this version is the standout for us.

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (Original Mix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (L’Equipe Du Son reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (Follow Me reMix)

Emeron & Fox’s ‘Dopecity’ is released 21st May on Silhouette Music.

Check out more from Emeron & Fox on SoundCloud.