Freak You reMixes Tatana


Here’s the latest output from On The Fruit main man Freak You. Premièring yesterday on Discobelle this is the Freak’s take in Swiss Trance artist  Tatana’s,  Ingrid Lukas featuring, No Lie. It sounds like it gave Franck a chance to really get his teeth into some classic dance sounds.

This one is all about the hypnotic bassline. That big of euphoric business is probably the reason the likes of Grum, MiGHty mOUse, Pat Lok, and Cosmonauts are already spinning the tune, it’s a dancefloor rocker. No one to stick to one genre or other, Franck mixing is a little Tropical flavour and some classic 90s House grooves to deliver a pretty timeless Dance track. Quite moody, quite ethereal, but quite optimistic and majestic too, this is another Freak You success.

Tatana (Feat. Ingrid Lukas) – No Lie (Freak You reMix)

Tatana’s No Lie is out now.

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Cassette Club’s ‘Flash’ reMixes

cassette club

London ElectroPop duo’s Cassette Club recent Flash single, out now on Modal, is still riding high on various music outlets sales charts. The guys have been in a giving mood recently, with their free EP of unreleased material, and that giving mood continues with two brand new reMixes of Flash for the noting-at-all-really- price of £1.

First up to have their way with Flash is LA based Dreamwave duo D.A.R.E. whose Disco influended sunshine ElectroPop melds perfectly into Cassette Clubs’ sound turning Flash into a laid back beach-party jam that has a gentle melody that washed the track like waves lapping at your toes. But D.A.R.E.’s smooth LA Funk influenced groove is only one half of this package. On the flip-side the amazingly named The Found New Hardware Wizard bring an almost late 90s Trance vibe to the table. Their reMix of Flash is full-on hands-in-the-air stuff and whilst the big Trance leads sound a little dated the tracks huge lead line more than makes up for it. We’re so glad that Cassette Club seem to be on a roll these days. Bring on the CC juggernaut!

♫ Cassette Club – Flash (D.A.R.E reMix)

♫ Cassette Club – Flash (The Found New Hardware Wizard reMix)

Cassette Club’s Flash is out now, the reMixes can be picked up on Cassette Club’s Bandcamp.

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80s Stallone’s ‘Hotline’ album

80s Stallone

London based SynthWave producer 80s Stallone has always been at the top of the scene. Having been around since the scenes early days, back on MySpace, he could be considered an OG of Outrun. and also a staple on these pages. One of the unsung heroes of 80s synth music, Stallone today releases his new album, Hotline, which is twelve tracks of robotic, romantic, retro awesomeness.

Hotline is a collection of a few tracks we’ve heard before, but mostly new material, that perfectly displays why 80s Stallone is so revered amongst fans of SynthWave. Driven kicks the album off, it;s a pumping track we’ve heard before and although being a high energy opener it’s an odd choice for track one, it doesn’t really represent the rest of the album, being almost Psy-Trance in places. Daylight follows, now this is more like it. Daylight is a slick retro synth track with some haunting, but infectious vocoded vocals and a bright, reverby lead line, that lends itself to the nostalgic contemplation that this album so expounds. Summer Lovers is another well played Dreamwave track that was on repeat round these parts when it first broke ground which gets you in a comfortable beach vibe before smacking you in the face with the Electro Funk of Work Your Body, which rocks B-Boy Beats and robo vocals against warm, emotional melodies. unfortunately, Quantum Leap isn’t 80s Stallone’s cover of the TV show them tune, but what it is though is a post-Italo Boogie bassline-fest. The albums highlights come thick and fast, Smoke & Mirrors dreamy Sci-Fi atmosphere nicely follows Super Pursuit Mode’s futuristic dystopian vibe. Radioactive brings a deep 80s Funk while Pictures begins the albums trail out with big Italo fashion with soaring solo work and hypnotic vocoding. Expectation powers the album toward it;s collusion with pulsating, moody snyths, before the album sees itself out with Time, an slick combination of machine beats, sparkling leads and classic SynthPop vocoded vocals. For lovers of synthesizer music, of all kinds, 80s Stallone’s Hotline can be considered pretty essential, an intelligent excursion into vintage synth music with a modern take.

♫ 80s Stallone – Daylight

♫ 80s Stallone – Work Your Body

♫ 80s Stallone – Smoke & Mirrors

♫ 80s Stallone – Pictures

♫ 80s Stallone – Time

80s Stallone’s Hotline is out today, pick up a copy here.

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Jowie Schulner’s new tune


Boombar Music main man Jowie Schulner is celebrating the release of his new single, Two Hearts, with a bonus free track. This free gift to than fans for supporting the single is a classical powered progressive monster titled From Here To Eternity.

Not connected to the legendary Moroder song of the same name, this track is a Trance-like take on a classical piece, reminiscent of Ferry Corsten or William Orbits experimentations with bringing classical to the dancefloor. In fact, the tune is quite a unique mixture of Classical, Trance and SynthWave. It’s an uplifting, euphoric slice of vintage synth, peak time, dancefloor bliss. Enjoy, and check out Jowie’s new release.

Jowie Schulner – From Here To Eternity

Jowie Schulner’s Two Hearts is out now.

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Grum reMixes Paper Crows


So we know London based Dubby Dark Indie-ElectroPop duo Paper Crows have good taste in reMixers, you might remember their ‘Stand Alight’ single being reMixed by Monsieur Adi. Released this week was their ‘Changing Colours’ single featuring a new mix from none other than Grum. having been so quite for a while them three mixes released at once you have to wonder if someone is orchestrating things at castle Grum?

‘Changing Colours’ is a beautiful, Kate Bush-esque piano driven piece that the Scottish big room producer manages to keep the core feeling of, despite layering it think with his immense dancefloor sounds. There’s only so much happy that you can pour into a Gothtronica outfit so Grum rightly reins in his hands-in-the-air moments in favour for some deep, tribal, hypnotic dance grooves. As Grum’s leaning toward big classic Trance tracks continues, rolling tracks like this really do pick the best of what made those tunes great and works it for contemporary dancefloors.

♫ Paper Crows – Changing Colours (Grum reMix)

‘Changing Colours’ is taken from Paper Crow’s ‘Build EP’, out now.

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Grum reMixes Mary Epworth

Mary Epworth

After a period or relative quite,  Grum is back in the game. hot on the heels of his reMix from Lonsdale Boys Club a couple of weeks ago he’s keeping the momentum going with this new reMix for British singer/songwriter Mary Epworth. Epworth has already been reMixed by a host of awesome names and getting Grum in on the game, one of the pioneers of the Dreamwavey end of Nu-Disco, is the icing on the cake.

Grum’s reMix of ‘Long Game’ sees him continue to walk the part toward the a big room sound, not that he wasn’t always a purveyor of huge, uplifting tunes. If fact, I would go so far as to say this new sound Grum is flirting with is Nu-Disco in a Euphoric Trance mould, it basically has the arrangement of a hands-in-the-air Trance track but with more of a Disco groove, just a little bit more. Because really this is a big Trance track, and a really good one too, perfect for a peak time moment and Mary Epworth’s vocals play right into that. Grum is going huge, the future is his.

♫ Mary Epworth – Long Gone (Grum reMix)

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