[Audio] Pat Lok and Patrick Baker’s ‘Could Be Mine’



Here’s a little mid-week bliss from one of our favourite Torontonians (and there’s a lot of ‘em!) Pat Lok. For this one he’s teamed up with the voice of the moment Patrick Baker for a warm and relaxing groove, perfect timing now that the sun if finally shining here in the UK. Sit back, hit play, and sink into what Pat & Pat have served up.

Pat’s (the second one) voce drifts across this deep deep House tune with an R&B lilt while Pat the first lays down a glorious subby bassline and a Garage-y beat. With a touch of vocal modulation and some enigmatic keys thrown into the mix, Lok brings the hot summer nights vibe to the track; the end result being something smooth, soulful and dancefloor friendly, but only for friendly dancefloors.

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Could Be Mine

Pat Lok’s Could Be Mine is out now.

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[Video] Lane 8 & Patrick Baker’s ‘The One’


Lane 8 feat. Patrick Baker   The One  OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for the new single from Disco House producer Lane 8, The One. It’s a rumbling, hypnotic tune that features a vocal turn from the one and only Patrick Baker.

Remy Bazerque directs the clip, an epic battle of fusball wits.

Lane 8’s The One is released 10th February via Anjunadeep.

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[Audio] Cyclist reMixes Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’



We’ve already heard both the original, and the slick reMix from Bronx, of Chicago’s Chicago House master Rogue Vogue’s Until The Dawn. Now the Patrick Baker featuring anthem has been given a stunning workout by Canadian synth Disco guru Cyclist. Prepare for the clean House sounds of Rogue Vogue to be transformed into some dirty, raw, Disco grooves.

Thick synth bass and squelchy keys drift through the track, dragging the tune with them on a journey of slick retro dancefloor sounds meets analog funk. Patrick’s vocals feel right at home among the warm vintage  sound pallet. There’s tons of Boogie in this track too, the 80s Pop bassline and snappy purcussion see to that, and it gives the track a nostalgic flavour, like a half remembered tune from your youth, and a compelling call-to-dance. Get involved!

♫ Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn (Cyclist reMix)

Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn is released 3rd February.

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[Download] Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’ reMixed by Bronx



Mexico’s Bronx has been making quite the name for himself this year with a string of top reMixes and releases on Nurvous he’s rapidly rising up the Disco and House league tables, and has definitely become a name to keep your eye on. His latest special delivery comes in the form of this reMix of Chicago House master Rogue Vogue’s Until The Dawn, featuring the vocal stylings of Mr. Patrick Baker.

The original is pretty epically Housed-out, and this reMix follows suite but removes the tune from it;s Chicago roots and makes things a little deeper, but still with a 90s flavour. Whereas the original is loaded with big beats, razor sharp production and a Pop House sheen, this reMix is a bit grittier and more suited to darkened warehouses. That is until the track is two thirds of the way though, then it wall goes bright and shiny with a crazy piano hook that keeps you reeled in right until the track’s end.

Rogue Vogue (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Until The Dawn (Bronx reMix)

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[Download] Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’



Are we getting a little-burnt out on seeing tracks that are featuring Patrick Baker? Maybe a bit. Don’t get us wrong, we love Patrick, we’ve been following him since the beginning, we love his music and every success of his we feel is so well deserved. But Nu-Disco and House needs to find a new male vocalist, tunes are starting to blend into each other little bit. Also, Patrick doesn’t need any distractions from producing his own awesome music! That said, Patrick’s latest featruing turn, for Chicago House guru Rogue Vogue is simply gorgeous. We’re premièring it right here.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do funky, soulful, vocal Chicago House. Both Rogue Vogue’s production & arrangement and Patrick’s vocal performance are a masterclass in getting it right. Mixing up a little 90s Pop swing into a Garage-y warehouse groove you get those tough House beats with a catchy Pop-Dance hook. Patrick’s vocals dance aver the track with a playful cool as Rogue Vogue injects smooth electric piano and shuffling purcussion into the tune. Rogue Vogue is racing ahead of the pack these days with quality release after quality release, and this is one you just can’t help but move to.

Rogue Vogue (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Until The Dawn

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[MP3] Patrick Baker’s ‘Control’



Just when you thought you had a rest, the man Patrick Baker is back, and he’s more New Jack Swing than ever. His new single, Control, is proof (if you needed it) that Baker has now fully transitioned from 80s SynthWave superstar to 90s Swingbeat crooner. And it’s a transition we welcome, especially during the summer, it sets Patrick apart from the pack and gives him a uniqueness. Also, he’s very very good at it.

Control is the prefect example of that. Laid back summery R&B grooves with a 90s Swing (sorry, it;s really hard to write about it without saying ‘swing’ 100 times) Control just makes you want to slip the shades on and ride around in an open to jeep, possible in a very over saturated world, wearing a gold chain. Yeah, you know what I mean. Both from a production and a vocal point of view, Patrick Baker is killing it right now.

Patrick Baker – Control

Patrick Baker’s Control is out now as a free download.

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[Video] Disclosure’s ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ (+ Patrick Baker vocal reMix)


Disclosure   When A Fire Starts To Burn  Official Video    YouTube

If you haven’t already, you definitely need to check out UK House duo Disclosure new single When I Fire Starts To Burn, the pre-cursor to their stunning, forthcoming début album Settle. It;s deep, techy, Chicago goodness.

Here’s the video, directed by Bo Mirosseni. It’s testifying madness.

While you’re here, get on-board with ElectroPop artist Patrick Baker’s funky vocal edit of the track, layering the original with a few choice snatches of his own talented vocal. Adding a subtle new dimension to the track, Patrick drags When A Fire Starts To Burn even further into the 90s.

♫ Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn (Patrick Baker Vocal Edit)

Disclosure’s début album Settle is released 3rd June.

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[Audio] Patrick Baker’s ‘Slip Away’



Another day, another post about Patrick Baker. Anytime this guy want to take a holiday is fine, he must be knackered. Having seen out the end of last year with his Televisor and Hot Hot Hawk collaborations, so far 2013 has seen a single and a new track from the man himself and his vocals leant to tracks from 5 Reasons and Silent Gloves and now he;s bringing it back with another new single, Slip Away.

Bringing it back to the ElectroPop after his excursion on New Jack Swing, Patrick once again show us why no-one does 80s American Pop music quite like him. With a Breakin’ beat and punchy synths this track announces itself from the first bar. Add a sprinkling of Pop guitar and Patricks epic Pop voice and you have another catchy slice of nostalgia from the man out of time. reMixes come from DigitalNativeDance and this opus from French SynthWaver Tommy. Tommy bring it energetic and upbeat, with phasing drums and a driving arpeggiated bassline, in case you felt like bringing it to the dancefloor. Top stuff!

♫ Patrick Baker – Slip Away (Original Mix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Slip Away (Tommy reMix)

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[Audio] Silent Gloves & Patrick Baker


Silent Gloves

Out this week is the début proper release from Dayton SynthWave Silent Gloves. Long-time staple of the SynthWave scene ‘Gloves has roped in Disco’s current vocal darling and ElectroPop trailblazer in his own right Patrick Baker to Pop up his SynthWave and between the two of the they deliver So Real, a massive slice of classic Pop.

So Real is as close to perfect American 80s Pop music as is probably humanly possible to get. It’s one of those track you just have to listen to, there’s no way we could explain the energy and excitement of So Real, the rolling arpeggiated bassline, the lush, authentically 80s synths, Patrick’s sweeping vocal. It’s pitch perfect nostalgic Pop, totally evocative of the mid-80s and catchy as hell to boot. With a track like this you really do have to rope in the big guns for reMix duties, and the SynthWave scenes heavy hitters are on board. Outrun pioneer Miami Nights 1984’s take on the track delivers a high octane rendition of the original. The bassline more driven, the synth more stabby and the groove more street, MN84 turn in the montage version of So Real. the king of soundtrack Electro Mitch Murder brings his FM dreamscapes to the single package with a reMix that channels the best 80s electronic ballads and proves one again, that whatever mood Mitch turns his hand to he makes his own. Simple question. Do you like retro electronic music? If you answered that question with a ‘yes’, then you need to buy this whole single package right now.

♫ Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real (Original Mix)

♫ Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

♫ Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real (Mitch Murder reMix)

Silent Gloves & Patrick Baker’s So Real is out now.

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[Audio] 5 Reasons & Patrick Baker


5 Reasons

Out this week on Shiny Disco Club is this new collaboration between Russian Nu-Disco producer 5 Reasons and out good friend Patrick Baker. 5 Reasons is a ridiculous 16 years old with a grasp of smooth Disco and House that, really, no-one that age has any right having. Putting more than a few of his contemporaries to shame his new single, Nightdrive In Moscow, once again makes us wonder where Russia is getting all this talent from. Something in the water?

Nightdrive In Moscow is loaded with elements you’d normally associate with more seasoned Nu-Disco producers. Rich 70s strings, relaxed Disco licks, choppy synth work, this isn’t cookie cutter Disco, this a well thought out, highly musical, nostalgia that is generally the realm of the top tier of artists. Patrick’s vocals flow like water over this smooth groove making the whole experience slick as hell. reMixes for the single are supplied by two Nu-Disco staples. Germany’s kings of Boogie Satin Jackets deliver a sumptuous, string lead, Disco mix that’s laden with warm bass hooks and a breezy feel, and Mexico’s Bronx, who gets a little more Housey with the track, mixing a warehouse vibe with some sweet Tropical percussion. Did we mention 5 Reasons was 16. Insanity!

♫ 5 Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Original Mix)

♫ 5 Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Satin Jackets reMix)

♫ 5 Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Bronx reMix)

5 Reasons’ Night Drive In Moscow is released this week.

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