[Audio] Black Magic Disco’s ‘Break It Down’



London based House master Black Magic Disco recently released his long awaited new single, Break It Down, after what seems like quite the holiday. Oh sure, the man has steadily released a stream of killer mixtapes and reMixes, but it feels like it;s been ages since we were treated to a brand new original. Break It Down slipped out over a week ago to slightly less fanfare that we would have expected, but hear it is featuring some lovely vocals from Aussie Amber Maxwell.

Break It Down is set to carry you off on waves of enchanting nostalgic bliss. If you know Black Magic Disco you know warm and inviting Chicago House and with this new single he truly delivers. Easing itself into your life with a shuffling drum pattern and a classic piano hook, Break It Down soon ramps up the good vibes with a Deep-y hook and Maxwell’s chopped up vocals. It’s got a touch of London club scene about it, keeping the historic House sound contemporary; but more than anything, this one is just about pure good vibes. Sink into this!

♫ Black Magic Disco (Feat. Amber Maxwell) – Break It Down (Original Mix)

Black Magic Disco’s Break It Down is out now.

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[Mixtape] Black Magic Disco’s ‘Disco Summer’



Black Magic Disco – Disco Summer = Inspired by the first hints of good weather of the year, Black Magic Disco has put together a sunshine soundtrack crammed full with some of the hottest tracks around right now. This one is an hour of power indeed.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Disco Summer

The tracklist:
01. Fouk – Kill Frenzy (Original Mix)
02. Purple Disco Machine – Magic (Original Mix)
03. Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (Claptone reMix)
04. Chesus – Special (HNNY Edit)
05. Gene Farris – The Way To Go (Jay Vegas reMix)
06. Julien Jabre – Sun Is Back (Original Mix)
07. Justin Faust – Bird Of Paradise (Original Mix)
08. Mateo & Matos – Body ‘N’ Soul (Ian Pooley’s Soul Mix)
09. Purple Disco Machine – Where We Belong (Original Mix)
10. Late Nite Tuff Guy – Do U Wanna Get Down? (Original Mix)

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[Audio] Black Magic Disco reMixes Glass Slipper’s ‘Caught Up’


Glass Slipper

Black Magic Disco is back in effect with this new slice of House goodness. It’s a reMix of one of the new tunes from US project Glass Slipper; put together by Lisa Cork-Twiss, formerly of Real McCoy, and San Francisco DJ BradElectro. Their new release, the Universal Love Vibe EP, features the track, Caught Up, and BMD’s monster rework of it.

Black Magic Disco comes on string with the early 90s Chicago vibes on this one. The vocal here mixes up big diva moments with a particularly 90s soulful sound, and BMD works them to their dancefloor friendly fullest. Pairing them up with a deep filtered organ and punchy bassline, he hits the House nail on the head and serves up a modern club track that plays to nostalgic bliss in the best way possible. It’s got a nice Poppy sheen too, this could easily be a classic tune; and maybe it’s desisted to be.

♫ Glass Slipper – Caught Up (Black Magic Disco reMix)

Glass Slipper’s Universal Love Vibe EP is out now.

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[Audio] Black Magic Disco reMixes Volta Cab’s ‘Native Talk’


Volta Cab

Prepare for a Chicago House perfect storm as the one and only Black Magic Disco serves up this heady reMix of the utterly prolific Ukrainian smooth Disco outfit Volta Cab’s new single Native Talk. The single is out at the end of the month and also features reMix work from JKtiv and the slick original.

Black Magic Disco goes deep and groove with this strobe light fuelled. Only the best in 909 beats, warm organs and pulsating basslines make the cut here. The drifting vocal sample adds an air of mystery to this funk-as-all-hell tune with a groove that will take you back in time to the early 90s and deliver to you a compulsion to mode your body. This one should be a crate essential for and House DJ.

♫ Volta Cab – Native Talk (Black Magic Disco reMix)

Volta Cab’s Native Talk is out 24th March.

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[Audio] Pole Position release ‘50’


Pole Position Recordings

One of the countries finest Disco and House labels, Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings has reached the big five oh. No not in years, in releases. And to mark their fiftieth release they have put together a storming compilation of some of the last couple of years highlights. But that’s not all, the album also contains four exclusive, brand new tunes from Honom, Dato, Deep Sound Express.

Encompassing everything the label stands for, slick Disco tunes, good-time vibes and hazy, dream synths alongside some hypnotic Deep House tunes the album is jam packed. The collection really shows off what a mental couple of years Pole Position have had, going from a new start-up to one of the scene’s staples and a mark of quality on any release. Just look at the line-up that includes the likes of Black Magic Disco, ODahl, Deep Sound Express & Raha, Final DJs, Phunktastike and MiDiMAN as well as tones more tunes from Satin Jackets, Sixth Avenue Express, Arcadis and more. We wish Pole Position all the best heading toward their century of releases.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (ODahl reMix)

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Phunktastike reMix)

♫ MiDiMAN – Dreams come true (Original mix)

Pole Position Recordings’ 50 is out now.

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[Mixtape] Black Magic Disco’s ‘Mixtape 006’ (+ reMix of Movable’s ‘Bend the Light’)


Black Magic Disco

Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 006 = Start your weekend off with a bang with Black Magic Disco’s latest workout. A whole hour of Deep House and Garage grooves, a soulful, pumping collection of late night and warehouse jams to get you in the mood.

Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 006

The tracklist:
01. Huskey – So Crazy (Original Mix)
02. Sonny Fodera – You Made Me Do It (Grant Nelson reMix)
03. Claes Rosen – Daydreaming (Original Mix)
04. Wez Saunders – Fire (Grant Nelson Mix)
05. Hedlum & Jose Caruana – Justified (Original Mix)
06. Nathan G – Burn (Exclusive Main Mix)
07. Codec – Open Mind
08. Icon – Full Intention (Original Mix)
09. Friend Within – The Renegade (Original Mix)
10. Paul Sherriff – Preach It (Original Mix)

Also new on the cards is this reMix Black Magic Disco has served up of American House duo Movable’s début record, Bend The Light. This one properly shows of the Black Magic Disco magic, mixing deep, solid, basses with woozy synths to create a hedonistic, warehouse, groove that wears it’s House and Garage music heritage on it’s sleeve. Another instant classic floorfiller from Black Magic Disco.

Movable – Bend the Light (Black Magic Disco reMix)

Black Magic Disco’s First Avenue is out now.

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[MP3] Black Magic Disco edits Joey Musaphia’s ‘I Miss You’



UK ex-pat and all round slick producer of House and Disco, Black Magic Disco, has put together this little re-edit of House and Garage legend Joey Musaphia’s I Miss You. Originally taken from his now sought after Cover Ups Vol. 1 EP and itself a radical reworking of Hard Drive’s Deep Inside, the track is a club classic and BMD brings it right to 2013’s dancefloors.

This track is summer nights incarnate (although not really as music doesn’t have form, but you get the gist). Six minutes of shuffling Garage beats and warm synths gliding along like there was nothing smoother in this world. Snippets of vocal are played around with, big sweeps are indulged in and the crowd are left in a state of hypnotic euphoria. Download and add to your crate.

Joey Musaphia – I Miss You (Black Magic Disco Edit)

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[Audio] Black Magic Disco’s ‘First Avenue’ reMixes



It’s been quite a while since the release of Black Magic Disco’s Downtown single, over a year in fact. The release came equipped with a storming B-side track, First Avenue, that this week gains single status of it’s own with the unleashing of BMD’s First Avenue reMixes on Pole Position Recordings. Pulling together talent such as Final DJs, Viper Strike, Phunktastike and Tom Eales, alongside BMD himself, this release covers a nice chunk of dancefloor ground.

The obvious track of most interest in the collection comes from Pole Position’s own Viper Strike who have teamed up with Mr. Patrick Baker to create a slick vocal version of the track. All sweeping synths and lazy piano hooks, Viper Strike’s mix a pure poolside bliss. A proper late summer nights groove with a smooth voice, these guys nicely weave together Disco and House. Germany’s Final DJs, the most prolific guys in Nu-Disco it seems, get into a bit of an SynthWave/Boogie crossover groove with their reMix. Mixing up Bronx beats with Acidic squeals and Sci-Fi synths, this duo roll their own genre and give it a Disco twist. Black Magic Disco’s own reimagining of First Avenue replaces the originals midnight funk with some full-on Chicago House sounds. Revelling in it’s early 90s heritage, BMD’s mix is a total white gloves moment. Also holding reMixes from Phunktastike and Tom Eales, this reMix package is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Viper Strike (Feat. Patrick Baker) reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Black Magic Disco reMix)

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[Mixtape] Black Magic Disco’s ‘Mixtape 005’


Black Magic Disco

Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 005 = Black Magic Disco is gearing up for the release of his long awaited new EP, a collection of reMixes of his awesome First Avenue from the Downtown EP. To tide us over until it’s release, he’s dropped this storming deep and funky House mixtape. This one for late nights.

Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 005

The tracklist:
01.Golfclap – Another Way (Animist reMix)
02.Ross Couch – What’s Going On
03. Squarehead & Mella Dee – Get Together
04. Paul Sirrell & Swing Kings – Dub No.2 (Original Mix)
05.Harry Wolfman – Booty Call
06. Screwface – No Other (Original Mix)
07. Copy Paste Soul – Rum & Bass
08. Hector Couto – My Love Is Underground (Original Mix)
09. Gorgon City & Yasmin – Real
10. Disco Kid – Deeper Love (Original Mix)
11. Ejeca – Jump
12. Pablo Fierro – Surprise (Original Mix)

While you’re here, check out this new Black Magic Disco freebie. We say freebie, it;s actually about four years old, but nonetheless is a spot on Dubby, Downtempo tune for relaxing in the sun to. That’s our day sorted.

Black Magic Disco – I Believe in Music

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[Mixtape] Black Magic Disco’s ‘Mixtape 004’


Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 004 = The latest mixtape from Black Magic Disco is a treat for the ears. Loaded with deep Disco and House tunes. Leaning more and more toward jacking House, BMD takes on a hour long trip through warehouse vibes.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Mixtape 004

The tracklist:

01. Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure reMix)
02. Sixth Avenue Express – Props (Original Mix)
03. James Dexter – System Check (Original Mix)
04. John Doe – Detroit Swindle (Original Mix)
05. Waze & Odyssey – I Want You, You, You (Original Mix)
06. New Jack City – Gimme’ That Chance (Original Mix)
07. Adrian Barron – Float (Original Mix)
08. Audiojack – Polka Dot Dress
09. T. Williams – Dreaming (Original Mix)
10. Just Kiddin’ – Zurprize (Original Mix)
11. Toyboy And Robin – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

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