New tunes from Monsieur Adi


We’re loving the new stuff from French prodigy Monsieur Adi. He seems to have got making storming dancefloor tracks out of his system, for a while at least, to concentrate on some really beautiful pieces. Not that there was anything wrong with Adi making banging tunes, he’s was the best at it, but there are other areas his considerable musicality can shine.

So here’s three new tracks from Adi. The first, Alabastre, is a sweeping orchestral electronic piece where washes of stings ebb and flow over a sparse electronic beat while synthetic pluses and Sci-Fi tones. Mysterious and otherworldly, the futuristic opus of Alabastre truly captures the imagination as Adi;’s sting arrangements once again lift us up. Manual is an altogether different best. At once jaunty and reflective, with Aid adding horns to his orchestration before slowly bring in broken beats while Blueprints/Utopia (a sequel to his track Dystopia?) sees Adi return to the dancefloor. Melding driving electronic beats and synth growls with his cinematic strings with a rousing, and slightly Italo, result. We hope Monsieur Adi has an album in the works, we could listen to his works all day.

Monsieur Adi – Alabastre

Monsieur Adi – Manual

Monsieur Adi – Blueprints/Utopia

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