[MP3] Ben Macklin, The Penelopes, Nude Disco & Foreign Boy appear on ‘Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1’


nude disco

At a party in the depths of South London at the weekend, our friends over at Nude Disco (one of the capital’s grooviest clubnights) launched their and new record label. Now that’s definitely something you should be keeping en eye on, Vern and the guys have got stunning taste in music so you can definitely expect an interesting stable putting out nothing but quality releases.

The celebrate the beginning of big things, Nude Disco & Friends have put out a free compilation album and a gateway into their world. Amongst Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 you’ll find ten tracks from the core Nude Disco crew, ranging from Nu-Disco to SynthWave to ElectroPop. Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin puts in a solo appearance with Saved, five minutes of dreamy poolside Italo funk, alongside London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes’ single, Now Now Now, here give the Nude Disco treatment in big summery piano House fashion. Much of the album is built up from Nude Disco himself, who opening track, Neon Hearts, is retro SynthPop excellence, unusually pure Pop from Nude Disco, but totally irresistible. Foreign Boy’s contribution to the album is a slick late 80s tinged DiscoPop tune that is a lot more polished than we’ve heard from him before, signalling big things from this guy. As far is opening manifesto’s go, this one a loaded with killer tracks, you’d be a fool not to grab yourself a copy.

Ben Macklin – Saved

The Penelopes – Now Now Now (Penelopes Nude Disco Mix)

Nude Disco – Neon Hearts

Foreign Boy – Devon Sands

You can pick up Nude Disco & Friends’ Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 for free from here.

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[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Dive In’s ‘Let Go’


Dive In

Here’s the latest dollop of sunkissed synth Disco from our Robo-Boogie overlord Touch Tone. This time the funkster has turned his attention to quaint Glastonbury based rockers Dive In’s recent single Let Go, a gangly affair in the vein of major label summer IndiePop ‘hits’ that’s given a warm and pulsating treatment from Andrew that slowly build layers of toasty synths.

Stating off gently, with a moody kick and lush pads, every few bars Touch Tone introduces a new element to the mix until you head is nodding along to a Piano House tinged Dreamwave monster. Really, despite the bouncy piano line that admittedly does get stuck in your head, this one’s all about those sweeping pads and little arpeggiated melodies that make up the tunes ambient soundtrack, it’s a pure carefree sunshine concoction that lends it’s laid back vibe to the rest of the song, smoothing everything out.

Dive In – Let Go (Touch Tone reMix)

Dive In’s Let Go is out now.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves reMixes Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’



Since Goldroom gave away the stems to the lead track of his latest EP, Embrace, we are expecting an almighty flood of reMix to be hitting our inbox any time now. Before the inevitable happens, let’s get in some quality and have a look at what our boy Box Of Wolves, Canadian Chilly-Disco producer extraordinaire has come up with.

Box Of Wolves take on the track is suitable rich and textured. Laid back in it’s approach, it’s like a warm blanket of beats and snyths. For Box Of Wolves, it shows off a surprisingly Housey beat, but one that works really well to underpin the washes of dreamy pads and electric piano. The vocals take on a new, hazy, quality when coupled with this soundtrack and you’re left with something you could equally dance to or chill to.

Goldroom – Embrace (Box of Wolves reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[MP3] 2CV’s ‘Fievre’



While they are busy working on their next proper release, not-French Frenchmen 2CV have decided to give away two tracks to tide us over. Fievre is the first. Both the track come straight from 2CV’s live set and have never been available before. This one is not so much “living room Disco” as kitchen Electro-House.

Interplaying between solid Disco licks, grinding Electro-House riffs and bouncy ElectroPop leads, Fievre hits you with a mesmeric hook that keeps on going and doesn’t let up. Once you’re drawn in there’s all manner of sweeping synths and stabbing melodies in a track the never gets boring. With so much going on, 2CV still manage to keep the groove levels up, and keep your head nodding. We’re looking forward to track number two.

2CV – Fievre

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[MP3] Chvrches’ ‘The Mother We Share’ reMixed by Moon Boots



OK, we’ll be honest, we weren’t really feeling this reMix on first listen. Which was odd as we adore Chvrches, and The Mother We Share is our favourite Chvrches tune. We’re also huge fans of American Nu-Disco don Moon Boots, and are normally all over his reMixes. It kinda’ felt like Moon Boots didn’t really ‘get’ the song and just tried to shoehorn it into a standard Nu-Disco track, but on reflection we don’t think it’s his fault. The Mother We Share, lyrically and vocally, just isn’t a song that lends it’s self to laid-back poolside disco. Once we stopped worrying about the vocals fitting we we’re actually able to enjoy the track a lot more. So we decided to write about it after all.

Just taking the track on it’s own merits, it’s another excellent Moon Boots production. utterly infectious bass, sparse and mood building piano, little funky synth riffs, it’s got everything you;d ask for in a slick slice of synthetic Disco. We can’t really fault the actual track at all, it’s a really good tune. Chvrches’ The Mother We Share is an amazing song, and Moon Boots production on this track is superb, we just can’t help but feel the two shouldn’t have met. It’s an awesome five minutes of future funk, it would probably be better with less vocals though, and that’s something we never say!

Chvrches – The Mother We Share (Moon Boots reMix)

Chvrches début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘I’ll Be Getting Down’ & ‘Goldman Sax’



What’s better than a new single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks? A free single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks, that’s what. Courtesy of the fine folk at Heavy Disco, here’s the double A-side of I’ll Be Getting Down and Goldman Sax, two tracks that are set to put you in a weekend anticipating mood.

If I’ll Be Getting Down was a movie it would be a blockbuster, a summer crowd pleaser, loaded with explosions and effects laden set-pieces, but it’s not, it’s a slammin;’ Disco tune that sees DiscoSocks pulling all the tricks out of his bag and loading them into one track. Frantic purcussion, diva vocal snatches, big stings, vinyl scratches and, of course, DiscoSocks magic fingers blurring over the fretboard of a bass. It’s four minutes of power Disco goodness backed with a more Disco-House leaning affair titled Goldman Sax. Once again riding on DS’ hypnotic bass skills, Goldman Sax injects a rolling sax sample into it’s mesmerizing Disco mix. Go download this now.

DiscoSocks – I’ll Be Getting Down

DiscoSocks – Goldman Sax

DiscoSocks’ I’ll Be Getting Down/Goldman Sax single is out now.

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[MP3] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’



We dropped the video for London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG’s Mogadisco a few months ago, well this week the single finally saw it’s release. It’s now available to but in all it’s urban Tropical glory and the single package comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of Fare Soldi, Pharo Black Magic and Eliot. Thanks to Continental Records, the original version of the tune is right here as a free download.

Mogadisco is a popping, carefree slice of instrumental DiscoPop. With a solid House beat behind it and heaps of Tropical purcussion, Mogadisco conjures up a mood of late night good times, good friends and good weather. Of those times when your in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor and nothing else matters. Hint’s of retro stylings in it’s B-boy breakdown and grumbling synths give the track a little twist, but really, it;s all about that euphoric lead line. The picks of the reMixes has to go to Pharo Black Magic, who deliver a deep Disco rendition of the track with an infectious bass and an almighty breakdown and Eliot’s Tropical Euromix in all it’s early 90s glory. This is a collection that deserves a place in your crate.

JBAG – Mogadisco

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Eliot’s Tropical Euromix)

JBAG’s Mogadisco is out now.

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[MP3] You Love Her Coz She’s Dead’s ‘Be Brave’


You Love Her Coz She’s Dead

It’s been a rough couple of years for Brighton based ElectroPunks You Love Her Coz She’s Dead culminating in the departure of singer Elle. Now, complete with new vocalist Poppy, the duo are set to release their first single in two years. There’s a lot riding on this release, YLHCSD have to reassert themselves after a long absence and reassure that Poppy works as a Elle replacement. Thankfully Be Brave delivers on both those counts.

Be Brave is You Love Her Coz She’s Dead back and fighting fit. Big stomping, slightly euphoric, dance tracks with some over-excitable shouty vocals, all present and correct, and really, what more do you want from a YLHCSD track? Be Brave is, surprisingly (surprisingly because we weren’t sure what to expect with this comeback), one of You Love Her Cos She’s Dead strongest tracks to date. This is a huge return to the scene. And, yes, we still think they are better than Crystal Castles.

You Love Her Coz She’s Dead – Be Brave

You Love Her Coz She’s Dead’s Be Brave is out now.

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[MP3] Gigamesh reMixes Talking Heads’ ‘Once In A Lifetime’


Talking Heads

The background hook from Talking Heads’ 1980 classic Once In A Lifetime, has been sampled in everything from Hip Hop to House, now it’s the turn of Minneapolis based synthetic Disco merchant Gigamesh to bring the jangles to Disco with his pretty storming reMix of the track. The man is heading out on tour this autumn, you can find the dates here, so this one makes for a nice primer.

A nice primer for the weekend too, as Gigamesh deliver the grooviest of backbeats, an infectious mix of Disco and Big Beat, to drive the shining Once In A Lifetime hook and a cavalcade of psychedelic synths. Gigamesh does what no other reMixer of this track has done before, that is to look at the song and think ‘how would this have worked if it was initially written as a dance track’, and keeps faithful to the original arrangement while really getting perfectly where the breaks and builds feel like they should be.

Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (Gigamesh reMix)

Once In A Lifetime is taken from Talking Head’s album Remain In Light, which is, unsurprisingly, out now.

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[MP3] Cyclist reMixes Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’



It was way back in the day, the day being Monday last week, that Goldroom released his latest tune, and lead track on his new EP, Embrace. The track’s been on our MP3 player all week, but now it’s time to mix things up a little with the first of the reMixes. This opening salvo comes from Toronto’s dude of the Disco, Cyclist. Are you sitting comfortably? This one’s smooth as hell.

It’s hard to write about this reMix, ‘cos we’re just sinking into it and the keyboard seems like too much hard work. This is a seriously dreamy and chilled slice of windswept Dreamwave. Ariela Jacobs’ vocals sound graceful as you like as they drift over Cyclist’s concoction of toytown beats, twanging bass and starlight synths. Add in some haunting guitar work and you got an interesting, enthralling, sunshine jam that sees cyclist stretching his musical legs. We love it.

Goldroom – Embrace (Cyclist reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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