[MP3] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’



We dropped the video for London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG’s Mogadisco a few months ago, well this week the single finally saw it’s release. It’s now available to but in all it’s urban Tropical glory and the single package comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of Fare Soldi, Pharo Black Magic and Eliot. Thanks to Continental Records, the original version of the tune is right here as a free download.

Mogadisco is a popping, carefree slice of instrumental DiscoPop. With a solid House beat behind it and heaps of Tropical purcussion, Mogadisco conjures up a mood of late night good times, good friends and good weather. Of those times when your in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor and nothing else matters. Hint’s of retro stylings in it’s B-boy breakdown and grumbling synths give the track a little twist, but really, it;s all about that euphoric lead line. The picks of the reMixes has to go to Pharo Black Magic, who deliver a deep Disco rendition of the track with an infectious bass and an almighty breakdown and Eliot’s Tropical Euromix in all it’s early 90s glory. This is a collection that deserves a place in your crate.

JBAG – Mogadisco

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Eliot’s Tropical Euromix)

JBAG’s Mogadisco is out now.

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[MP3] €urocrats reMixed by Eliot


Recently Aeroplane’s own record label released it;s second single. Unite/Follow Me by €urocrats, a collaboration between Vito aeroplane and Dimitri From Paris. The single is awesome, definitely worth your attention, it sounds more DFP than Aeroplane, but that’s a good thing as we’re loving Dmitri’s recent out put, he’s ranking in our favourite producers right now. unfortunately we haven’t been able to feature the release here as AeroPop saw fit not to steam the single on SoundCloud or anywhere similar, but we can give it a nod with this awesome vocal reMix from Greece’s Eliot.

Eliot deliver a stunning take on the track to compliment his Dub version on the single. He perfectly captures the mood of the song, the late 80s orchestral stabs and horn hits, but makes the track his own. Although he keeps a lot of the track intact, the vocals, the rolling percussion, the Hooky bass, what’s really special here is the added vocals. Eliot takes a dance record, with a vocal hook, and turns it into a fully fledged song with verses and everything! The new vocals fit into the song so well, you would have thought there were part of Follow Me all along, resulting in on of the standout version of the track.

€urocrats – Follow Me (Eliot Rollerblade Vocal reMix)

€urocrats’ Follow Me is out now.

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