[Video] JBAG’s ‘Everybody (Come On)’


JBAG   Everybody  Come On   feat Shindu   Official Video    YouTube

London’s DiscoPop powerhouse production duo JBAG’s storming new single Everybody (Come On) is out now. The track features an enchanting mantra of a vocal performance from Chibi of Belgian ElectroPop outfit Shindu as Jerry and Andrea lay down some seriously thick beats and funk fuelled  vintage House. The bass alone is enough to shake you to the dancefloor.

Check out the brand new video, which we’re premièring right here, A simplistic affair proving you don’t need a budget or to be a great artist to make a video as it flashes in time to the JBAG’s monster tune and features a cast of superstars.

JBAG’s Everybody (Come On) is our now.

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[Download] JBAG reMixes Jolie Jolie Chérie’s ‘Où Tu Veux’



Parisian DiscoPop trio Jolie Chérie have release a free reMix package for their Où Tu Veux single. Released in January, the rousing SynthPop ballad features extra vocals from Valli and has now got a fresh set of versions from the likes of James Curd, Solar Systems, Quater Chic, Scuola Furano and this soaring slice of Island ElectroPop euphoria from London’s finest DiscoPop duo, JBAG. Jolie Chérie reMixed JBAG’s X-Ray Sex single of 2010, it’s well overdue that the favour is returned.

JBAG eschews and mood of the original in favour of a carefree dancefloor vibe. Despite being quite mid-tempo, JBAG keep the energy up and the mood hectic, inserting random riffs and sirens into the mix; giving the track an organised chaotic feel. At it’s core lies a laid back Tropical grove built around syncopated stabs and a clap-a-long beat that never relent over the tracks seven minute length. A departure indeed from the original, and a surefire summer jam.

Jolie Chérie (Feat. Valli) – Où Tu Veux (JBAG reMix)

Jolie Chérie’s Où Tu Veux is out now.

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[Download] JBAG reMixes Scarlet Fantastic’s ‘No Memory’


Scarlet Fantastic

The awesome Continental Records has just released the second round of reMixes of 1987 classic No Memory from Scarlet Fantastic. The first incarnation of this reMix onslaught contained work from the likes of Luke Million, Pherotone and Mighty K, and just two months later the second EP is unleashed this week. This time around label boss Jerry Bouthier’s own JBAG duo leads the charge with this deep, Topical ElectroPop rework.

A departure from JBAG’s usual straight up DiscoPop masterpieces, this reMix of No Memory takes in some broader influences. With a jump-up beat and a breezy Island groove, the tune is more Chilled than we are used to from this pair, but still retains a solid dancefloor feel. Airy licks permeate a buoyant track loaded with heavy synth bass and a healthy dose of Reverb. The original’s vocals are used sparingly and with a haunting quality. Awesome stuff you can download right now!

Scarlet Fantastic – No Memory ’14 (JBAG reMix)

Scarlet Fantastic’s No Memory ’14 (reMixes) EP2 is out now.

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[Audio] JBAG & Kamp!’s ‘Through Blue’ (+ Holmes Price reMix)



London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG are back in business, and this time they are dragging Polish SynthPoppers Kamp!’ along for the ride. Out today on Jerry Bouthier’s own Continental Records is Through Blue. The comes with a packed collection of reMixes that includes work from Holmes Price, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver and Venice Beach. Get ready for some deep and enveloping grooves.

Through Blue sees JBAG testing the waters of Deep House and folding it into their sassy DiscoPop sound. Weaving robotic and bassy synth sounds into a soulful and emotional sonic tapestry, JBAG offer up some seriously warm summer sounds. Kamp! singer Tomek Szpaderski’s low key vocal style add to the laid back vibe of the track, his subtle croon sharing time with the chiming leads. Holmes Price’s take on the tune injects a little vintage piano House into proceedings. A euphoric symphony of 90s House sounds, frenzied purcussion and filtered vocal snatches, Price’s reMix grabs the track and drags it straight to the dancefloor, and we’re happy to go along with it. The whole EP is definitely worth you checking out.

♫ JBAG (Feat. Kamp!) – Through Blue

♫ JBAG – Through Blue (Holmes Price reMix)

JBAG’s Through Blue is out now.

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[Mixtape] Jerry Bouthier’s ‘Heart & Soul #4’



Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #4 = Here’s the latest in Jerry Bouthier’s Hear & Soul series of mixtapes. What you’ll find inside is some of the choisest ElectroPop and Nu-Disco cuts around, Mr. Bouthier sure does know how to pick ‘em.

♫ Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #

The tracklist:
01. Don Carlos – Chicago (Enzo Elia reMix)
02. Pacifique 16 MMM
03. Raik (Feat. Henri) – Hold Me (Henri reMix)
04. The Cautious Arc – I Always Got You Brother
05. Vera – Beatfanatic remix
06. The Cautious Arc – Sunsick
07. Boot & Task – Confuzed House
08. Little 15 – Peckham
09. Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – And You
10. Little Comets – Joanna (Amtrac reMix)
11. Gwenno – Golau Arall (Islet reMix)
12. Wild Culture – Fade (Lexer reMix)
13. Colour Vision – Nite Swim (Club Edit)
14. Mirror People (Feat. Iwona Skwarek) – Come Over (Instrumental)
15. Amane – Tangerine
16. Original Swimming Party – Requiem
17. Scanner – Masterdisk Europe
18. Nikita Soul – Future (Ullapul reMix)
19. Klangschwester – Please Don’t
20. Kodak To Graph – Lo Lindora
21. Irrelevant – Epitaph
22. French Horn Rebellion – Prelude No.7 In Eb Major BWV

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[Download] JBAG reMixes Mjolnir’s ‘Just A Boy’



So, you know we love our Indonesian bros Mjolnir, and you know we love out London bros JBAG, so the combination of the two is an exciting prospect indeed. Out soon on, one half of JBAG, Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records is Mjolnir’s new single, Just A Boy, and as a war up; here’s JBAG’s lush, summery, Dub mix of the track.

JBAG lay out the dancefloor side of the tune thick. An immense wall of Tropical sounds and deep Funk grooves. A tidal wave of sunshine beats and uplifting snyths that crashed over you. I defy anyone to not move, even a little bit to this one. Frankly, if you don’t find yourself shimmying to Just A Boy, you may want to consult with your Doctor about possible paralysis or the atrophy of your fun gland.

Mjolnir – Just A Boy (JBAG Dub)

Check out more from Mjolnir on their SoundCloud.

[Mixtape] Jerry Bouthier’s ‘Heart & Soul #3’


jerry bouthier

Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #3 = Here’s a new Mixtape from London’s DiscoPop mainstay Jerry Bouthier. Clocking in at nearly an hour and a half, this mix truly is a journey through compelling electronic music new and old.

♫ Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #3

The tracklist:
01. Popnoname – Matt Karmil (La Pacho reMix)
02. New Navy – Regular Town (Baio reMix)
03. Plastique De Reve (Feat. Ghostape) – Love, Sometimes (Ext Club Mix)
04. Cut Copy – Free Your Mind (Fort Romeau reMix)
05. Cassian – The Ninth
06. Iñigo & Kamizi – Foreplay (Earl Grey Sexual Deviant reMix)
07. Edwin Van Cleef – Two As One
08. Blunted Dummies – House For All (Volta Bureau reMix)
09. Shook – Cloud Symphony
10. Royksopp & Susanne Sundfor – Running To The Sea (Pachanga Boys reMix)
11. Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Nadastrom & Sabo Moombahton Edit)
12. Re-Run – Takshi
13. Tele Music – Life & Fun (Mudd Edit)
14. Roosevelt – Montreal
15. Abstraxion – Les Histoires
16. Zero 7 – On My Own (dub Mix)
17. Potholes – Chauma
18. Popnoname – Timenation
19. Tele Music – Red Heart (Vlad Nayward Edit)
20. Visage – Never Enough (Marc Mitchell reMix)
21. Beat Connection – Theme From Yours Truly
22. Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (MiGHty mOUse reMix)
23. The Night Music – Forspent
24. Aril Birkha – Winter
25. Irrelevant – Little Figurines

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[MP3] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’



We dropped the video for London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG’s Mogadisco a few months ago, well this week the single finally saw it’s release. It’s now available to but in all it’s urban Tropical glory and the single package comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of Fare Soldi, Pharo Black Magic and Eliot. Thanks to Continental Records, the original version of the tune is right here as a free download.

Mogadisco is a popping, carefree slice of instrumental DiscoPop. With a solid House beat behind it and heaps of Tropical purcussion, Mogadisco conjures up a mood of late night good times, good friends and good weather. Of those times when your in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor and nothing else matters. Hint’s of retro stylings in it’s B-boy breakdown and grumbling synths give the track a little twist, but really, it;s all about that euphoric lead line. The picks of the reMixes has to go to Pharo Black Magic, who deliver a deep Disco rendition of the track with an infectious bass and an almighty breakdown and Eliot’s Tropical Euromix in all it’s early 90s glory. This is a collection that deserves a place in your crate.

JBAG – Mogadisco

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

♫ JBAG – Mogadisco (Eliot’s Tropical Euromix)

JBAG’s Mogadisco is out now.

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[Mixtape] Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix by Jerry Bouthier



Jerry Bouthier – Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix = Kitsuné Music have got their latest instalment of the Maison compilation series lined up for an October release. Can you believe it’s volume fifteen!? All Kitsuné’s freshest cuts for the past few months are present and correct alongside some future treats. Once again JBAG’s Jerry Bouthier is on MiniMix duties.

Jerry Bouthier – Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix

The tracklist:
01. Antimatter People – Only Ark
02. Years & Years – Traps
03. The Swiss – Kiss to Kiss (Amtrac reMix)
04. Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oliver Nelson reMix)
05. Jonny Pierce – Home
06. Techniques – Switch (Adelaide reMix)
07. Horixon (Feat. Robert Owens) – Lifeline
08. Chela – Romanticise
09. Nonono – Scared
10. Denitia And Sene – Casanova

Kitsuné Maison 15 is released 21st October.

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[Video] JBAG’s ‘Mogadisco’


JBAG   Mogadisco  official video    YouTube

This is the brand new video for one of London’s première ElectroPop duos JBAG’s Mogadisco. It’s a carefree piano House and Electro tune that features on the forthcoming Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 compilation, which put together by JBAG’s Jerry Bouthier and Kitsuné Music’s Gildas.

Caio Zini put the video together, and animated affair featuring some robot shenanigans.

Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 is released 1st July.

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