[Audio] Cyclist reMixes Pat Lok’s ‘All In My Head’



Torontonian Disco multi-instrumentalist Mark Penner A.K.A. Cyclist unleashes not one, but two new tunes this week. Both are exclusives to the new compilation from Toolroom Records, this year’s Poolside Miami. The compilation was released this week and sees Cyclist’s tunes sit alongside the likes of Eli & Fur, NTEIBINT, LoFrames and 5 Reasons. For one of his contributions Cyclist has taken on the task of reMixing fellow Canadian House genius Pat Lok’s excellent All In My Head.

Cyclist takes Lok’s Desirée Dawson featuring original, a full-on Disco House monster, and give it a Funky House makeover with a raw analog feel. The original vocal ride over a seemingly laid back backing, but one that bristles with nervous dancefloor energy. Spikey synths and punchy bass lay themselves thick over a slick Disco beat all building towards the welcomes Acidic growl of the finale’s hypnotic riff. Surprisingly soulful for what is, at first glance, quite an abrasive Disco tune.

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Desirée Dawson) – All In My Head (Cyclist reMix)

While you’re here check out Cyclist’s new original tune too. Featuring Jocelyn Alice on vocals, Heartbeat Speed is a slinky five minutes of warm House with a breezy summertime vibe. Amusingly Mark and Jocelyn met when she answered his Craigslist ad for a new roommate. Random!

♫ Cyclist (Feat. Jocelyn Alice) – Heartbeat Speed

Toolroom Records’ Poolside Miami is out now.

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[Video] Cyclist’s ‘Shine’


Cyclist   Maiko    Shine  Music Video   YouTube

Last summer Torontonian groover Cyclist enlisted fellow Canadian songstress Maiko Watson and tore up dancefloors with their track Shine. Better late than never, here’s the video!

Directed by Adam Goldhammer, the clip is freaky neon fun that sees Cyclist presiding over a funky future dancefloor.

Cyclist’s Shine is out now.

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[Audio] Cyclist & Maiko’s ‘Sunrise’



One of our favourite Canadian producers Cyclist had once again teamed up with fellow Canadian Maiko Watson to deliver one of the most pleasing tunes of the summer so-far. Last time these two teamed up it was for Cyclist’s awesome track Shine, this time they take it to the next level with some of the most blissful vibes you’ll hear this year.

Injecting both Cyclist’s jazzy groove and Maiko’s smokey R&B vocals into a solid Nu-House tune has produced a real ‘musicians’ Disco tune. Titled Sunrise, the track is so dripping with sunkissed nostalgia and soul that it’s hard not to get sucked into it’s smooth depth. With a slight Motown vibe hidden amongst it’s Cosmic synth Disco and poolside House façade; Sunrise had a vibe that truly lives up to it’s name. Optimistic and passionate, Mark and Maiko have served up a tune that never gets old (really! we’ve had it on repeat for ages!), and a timeless track for discerning dancefloors.

♫ Cyclist & Maiko – Sunrise

Cyclist & Maiko’s Sunrise is out now.

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[Download] Cyclist reMixes Beastie Boys’ ‘Root Down’



You can always rely on Torontonian producer Cyclist to deliver something a little more left-fied within the Nu-Disco arena. A talented Funk musician as well as a skilful Disco producer, Cyclist throws all his traits into the mix here as he takes on the mighty Beastie BoysRoot Down.

That bassline is just impossible to ignore, Cyclist’s reMix kicks of with some grinding synths, before launching into the funkiest four minutes you’ll have hear din a while. Doing The Beasties proud, Cyclist works his strongest 70s Disco and Funk together the deliver a powerhouse tune. Every attention to detail is paid as the track injects flourishes in all the right places, rocking with the tune at every tune. This one kept us going this past weekend.

Beastie Boys – Root Down (Cyclist Disco Mix)

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[Audio] Cyclist & Douze reMix Joshua Collins’ ‘To The End’


Joshua Collins

Get set for another awesome release from French label on On The Fruit Records. Next up is ex-Human Life member Joshua Collins’ new record To The End, a buzzing, euphoric slice of synthesizer Disco that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day with it;s playful melodies. the single comes backed with a couple of storming reMixes from two of our faves, French producer Douze and Torontonian funketeer Cyclist.

Douze kicks thing off slow and steady with rattling purcussion and rich, enigmatic synths, gradually building pace until, around the 1m20s mark he launces into a thick Elector Disco groove, loaded with futuristic Funk and warbling keys. Sci-Fi Disco at it’s finest, Douze’s reMix delivers 22nd century vibes. Cyclist goes in the opposite direction with a blissful retro Disco jam full of sunkissed sounds. Smooth synths intertwine with a head nodding bassline and a jazzy line in guitars that ease their way toward a cosmic solo at the tracks finale. Another spot-on release from On The Fruit.

♫ Joshua Collins – To The End (Douze reMix)

♫ Joshua Collins – To The End (Cyclist reMix)

Joshua Collins’ To The End is out now.

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[Audio] Cyclist edits Anoraak’s ‘Behind Your Shades’



French Dreamwave legends Anoraak release their new single, Behind Your Shades, this week. One of the standout tracks from the recent Chronotropic album, the single comes equipped with this edit from Canada’s finest; Cyclist. And it’s well titled, as it is more of an edit than a reMix, but one of the best edits we’ve heard in a while.

Ringing every last drop of dancefloor goodness from the track, Cyclist works the beat and bassline into a thick House monster, letting the tracks floaty Dreamwave overtone glide over the intoxicating groove. Knowing just when to use the vocals, and when to let the music speak for itself, Cyclist lets the mood rise and fall with a couple of deftly placed builds and drops. Definitely a let night floorfiller with a vibe that is as comforting as a warm blanket.

♫ Anoraak – Behind Your Shades (Cyclist Edit)

Anoraak’s Behind Your Shades is out now.

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[Audio] Cyclist reMixes Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’



We’ve already heard both the original, and the slick reMix from Bronx, of Chicago’s Chicago House master Rogue Vogue’s Until The Dawn. Now the Patrick Baker featuring anthem has been given a stunning workout by Canadian synth Disco guru Cyclist. Prepare for the clean House sounds of Rogue Vogue to be transformed into some dirty, raw, Disco grooves.

Thick synth bass and squelchy keys drift through the track, dragging the tune with them on a journey of slick retro dancefloor sounds meets analog funk. Patrick’s vocals feel right at home among the warm vintage  sound pallet. There’s tons of Boogie in this track too, the 80s Pop bassline and snappy purcussion see to that, and it gives the track a nostalgic flavour, like a half remembered tune from your youth, and a compelling call-to-dance. Get involved!

♫ Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn (Cyclist reMix)

Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn is released 3rd February.

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[MP3] Cyclist reMixes Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’



It was way back in the day, the day being Monday last week, that Goldroom released his latest tune, and lead track on his new EP, Embrace. The track’s been on our MP3 player all week, but now it’s time to mix things up a little with the first of the reMixes. This opening salvo comes from Toronto’s dude of the Disco, Cyclist. Are you sitting comfortably? This one’s smooth as hell.

It’s hard to write about this reMix, ‘cos we’re just sinking into it and the keyboard seems like too much hard work. This is a seriously dreamy and chilled slice of windswept Dreamwave. Ariela Jacobs’ vocals sound graceful as you like as they drift over Cyclist’s concoction of toytown beats, twanging bass and starlight synths. Add in some haunting guitar work and you got an interesting, enthralling, sunshine jam that sees cyclist stretching his musical legs. We love it.

Goldroom – Embrace (Cyclist reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[MP3] Cyclist’s ‘Shine’ (+ Rogue Vogue reMix)



Our friend Mr. Penner is back. Next week Cyclist releases his new single on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records, and it’s a stormer. Featuring the vocal stylings of fellow Canadian Maiko Watson, it’s full-on vintage DiscoPop gold that comes equipped with reMixes from Rogue Vogue,  Lou Teti & Drop Out Orchestra.

That track’s called Shine, and it does what it says on the tin. Bringing tons of Nu-Disco and even more Boogie to the table, Cyclist heaps on squelchy Moog-esque basses and a wired Disco beat to create a rock solid foundation of Electro-Funk for Maiko’s massive, soulful vocals. This one could easily be slotted into most kinds of Disco or House sets and would undisputable keep the dancefloor moving. One of our favourite Chicago House acts, Rogue Vogue, deliver a slick warehouse jam, deep and funky with a glamorous twist. Pure vintage House vibes. The whole package is pretty sweet and definitely worth checking out when it drops next week.

Cyclist (Feat. Maiko Watson) – Shine

♫ Cyclist (Feat. Maiko Watson) – Shine (Rogue Vogue reMix)

Cyclist’s Shine is released 29th July.

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[Audio] Cyclist reMixes Andrew Clarke


Andrew Clarke

Acid funk gospel vibes in the house right now as we check out Torontonian Disco don Cyclist’s latest work. It’s a reMix of British groover Andrew Clarke’s current single, Under The Sun, out now on SoulDeep Inc. Records. So stand by for some classic House reference points and big vocals.

The reMix is a massive departure from the synthetic boogie of the original. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the massive dose of vintage gospel vocals came with the track, but they are all Cyclist’s input. The vocal’s come courtesy of Aretha Franklin’s Never Grow Old, and Cyclist weaves them in and out of the track. Integrating them into a steadily rising, squelchy electronic House tune that builds and builds both in intensity and with the vocals into a dirty synth and piano groove explosion.

♫ Andrew Clarke – Under The Sun (Cyclist Gospel reMix)

Andrew Clarke’s Under The Sun is out now.

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