[Audio] Moon Boots reMixes Florrie’s ‘Little White Lies’



Bristolian Xenomania drummer come Pop superstar Florrie has just released her latest single, Little White Lies, and amongst the plethora of reMix talent she has enlisted to rework the track is Disco showstopper Moon Boots who takes the track and gives it a tasty House makeover. We’ve had hints of this track singe late last year, mostly in the form of mix rips (Moon Boots himself played it during his Boiler Room set) but now the tune is out in the open.

Moon Boots used the lush, ethereal tone of Florrie’s voice to cast a nice haze over a punchy House track  Pulsating synth bass and starlight chimes play out cheekily over the track and Mr. Boots rolls Little White Lies over a relentless Chicago beat. Easy-going, yet an immense dancefloor tune, Moon boots delivers the goods with this one. Come the chorus and Florrie kicks into full sassy Pop mode as she croons over Moon Boots deep soundtrack. Irresistible.

♫ Florrie – Little White Lies (Moon Boots reMix)

Florrie’s Little White Lies is out now.

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[Audio] Zimmer’s ‘Sensify Me’



Released at the end of the month is the new slab of Horizontal Disco from Parisian Groovemeister Zimmer. We last heard from the man later last year with the post-summertime bliss of Galapagos and now he continues his laid back House journey with a tune that started life as a jam session with none other than Moon Boots, and drums from Crayon. It features vocals from KLP and is called Sensify Me.

Destined to become one of the tunes of the summer, Zimmer eases a slight Deep House flavour into a sprawling Tropical tune where pulsating subby basses mix with nostalgic pads and an effortless funk. A hazy, but dancefloor friendly, backing indeed for KLP’s hushed vocals to work their magic over the top. We’re saving this one up for the weekend.

♫ Zimmer (Feat. KLP) – Sensify Me

Zimmer’s Sensify Me is released 30th June.

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[Download] Moon Boots’ ‘Don’t Ask Why’


Moon Boots

Not a month has passed since Disco don Moon Boots’ last track, the storming C.Y.S., the spaceman serves up another blissful slice of poolside gold. Featuring Kyiki on vocals, the tune and it’s predecessor surely must point to a new release coming from Moon Boots. This is Don’t Ask Why.

Warm, easy, House in that particular style Moon Boots is becoming best known for, Don’t Ask Why curls out of the speakers like smoke. a drifting groove over a laid back beat soon evolves into an utterly enthralling chorus. Once that’s rich, rising and surprisingly catchy. this is poolside Pop at it’s finest, with bass to spare.

Moon Boots (Feat. Kyiki) – Don’t Ask Why

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[Download] Moon Boots’ ‘C.Y.S.’


Moon Boots

Just out courtesy of those fine folks at French Express is the latest track from Disco showstopper Moon Boots. After a gradual build up, this guys had an amazing twelve months, delivering track and reMixes that have cemented his reputation is a purveyor of the finest poolside sounds. Weaving House and Disco sounds into a laid back groove, Moon Boots kills it every time.

C.Y.S., his latest tune, lifts Total’s Can’t You See’s vocal line and repurposes it for his own variety of smooth jams. With loose keys and floaty pads drifting over a rock solid House beat, Mood Boots conjures a chill, summery, mood with an easy dancefloor flavour, This ones warm, and not just warm weather warm, it’s got a warm House vibe that’s so easy to sink into.

Moon Boots – C.Y.S.

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[MP3] Chvrches’ ‘The Mother We Share’ reMixed by Moon Boots



OK, we’ll be honest, we weren’t really feeling this reMix on first listen. Which was odd as we adore Chvrches, and The Mother We Share is our favourite Chvrches tune. We’re also huge fans of American Nu-Disco don Moon Boots, and are normally all over his reMixes. It kinda’ felt like Moon Boots didn’t really ‘get’ the song and just tried to shoehorn it into a standard Nu-Disco track, but on reflection we don’t think it’s his fault. The Mother We Share, lyrically and vocally, just isn’t a song that lends it’s self to laid-back poolside disco. Once we stopped worrying about the vocals fitting we we’re actually able to enjoy the track a lot more. So we decided to write about it after all.

Just taking the track on it’s own merits, it’s another excellent Moon Boots production. utterly infectious bass, sparse and mood building piano, little funky synth riffs, it’s got everything you;d ask for in a slick slice of synthetic Disco. We can’t really fault the actual track at all, it’s a really good tune. Chvrches’ The Mother We Share is an amazing song, and Moon Boots production on this track is superb, we just can’t help but feel the two shouldn’t have met. It’s an awesome five minutes of future funk, it would probably be better with less vocals though, and that’s something we never say!

Chvrches – The Mother We Share (Moon Boots reMix)

Chvrches début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

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[MP3] Moon Boots’ ‘Love Strong’



Stop what you’re doing, there a new Moon Boots tune in tow. the American Nu-Disco sensation had dropped another poolside slice of hot hot Disco, this time with a slick House flavour. This guy has gone from strength to strength since we’ve been writing about him, and now every new tune he unleashed garners massive attention, and one listen to Love Strong will let you know it’s attention deserved.

Big House vibes are order of the day here, with a little side of Tropical purcussion. Epic diva vocal samples and an infections piano hook give Love Strong a pure early 90s flavour. This is one of those tunes that beautiful people dance in slow motion to somewhere, in fact, if there’s a video out money is on beautiful people dancing in slow motion. Don’t you want to be one of those people?

Moon Boots – Love Strong

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[MP3] Moon Boots’ ‘No One’

Moon Boots

American Nu-Disco producer Moon Boots is a generous fella, always giving away free tracks. the man had an awesome 2012, where he really came into his own and carved out a name for himself, cementing his wider reputation. He’s kicking off 2013 in fine form with this new track, No One.

This one is a nice mix of Topical and House, mainly House though. Premièred on The Magician’s last mixtape, No One is a dreamy ol’ slice of late night Boogie. The ex- Hey Champ!-er lays down some silky smooth sounds over a classic 909 beat. Dropping in a silky vocal line is just the icing on the cake for this five minutes of warm 90s House. We’re hoping to hear a lot more from Moon Boots in the coming months, we’re sure he’s going to rock our ears.

Moon Boots – No One

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Moon Boots reMixes Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine

After a couple of recent, stunning reMixes for the likes of Little Boots and a series of ace originals over the summer, American Disco don Moon Boots is keeping up the pressure with this new reMix of Alison Valentine’s Peanut Butter, which seems to be universally loved.

The last time we featured Moon Boots we called him “one of the best Nu-Disco producers working today”, and once again he is proving that to be true, only this time he’s working a little House into the mix. Ms. Valentine, the latest addition to The Knock’s Heavy Roc Music stable, is treated to a bass heavy, summertime, workout. Spacious production gives all the cosmic synths and Tropical percussion room to breathe amongst the infectious House piano and ‘90’s DancePop beat. It’s an amalgamation of funky fresh electronic styles all wrapped up in Moon Boots’ Disco sheen. And the perfect sunshine jam.

Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots reMix)

Alison Valentine’ Peanut Butter is out now.

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Moon Boots’ ‘Sugar’

Moon Boots

American producer Moon Boots is seriously cementing his reputation as one of the best Nu-Disco producers working today. Especially in the last few months, he;s been wowing us time and time again with his slick retro Disco track and reMixes . His latest track, Sugar, does noting but add to that rep and débuts itself as the perfect hot weather soundtrack.

Riffing off Janet Jackson’s If,  you could go so far as to say Sugar is an extreme reMix (as in it’s a completely new tune with Jackson’s vocals). Moon Boots really plays to his strengths here, that late ‘80’s funky, synth R&B flavour, that laid back LA beach party Disco vibes, and hint of Tropical just to make it even more feel good and a slick , engaging arrangement. The real ride here, though, lies in the retro Funk bassline and big ‘80’s synth stabs. Moon Boots has give us another, perfect, summer tune and hopefully this being released by French Express means an EP is on the way.

Moon Boots – Sugar

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Moon Boots’ ‘Running From’

Moon Boots

Hot on the heels (we really have to find out where that saying comes from!) of his amazing and massively hyped reMix of Little Boots’ Headphones, American Disco don Moon Boots is back with a brand new tune to brighten up your day. Get ready, ‘cos this is a big summer one, just warning you.

You might have heard this tune if you have got your ears round the Kitsuné Soleil mix album, but here it is in all it’s glory. Featuring vocals stylings from Violetness, Running From is is big thick vocal Disco tune that gets you into a solid groove in the verses, you’re nodding along thinking ‘yeah, this is some good shit’. It doesn’t prepare you , though, for the huge summery chorus. When the choruses big vintage synths drop it’s like the whole track swoops in from some funky place and carries you off with it. Big Disco bass, lush nostalgic synths, and a vocal that works really well. This one’s got it all.

♫ Moon Boots (Feat. Violetness) – Running From

Running From is out now on Kitsuné Soleil.

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