[Audio] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Foreign Boy’s ‘Dance Like A Light’



One of the surprise groovers of the summer, London’s Foreign Boy’s Dance Like A Light, is set to receive a new lease of life with a follow up reMix collection. Once again coming courtesy of Nude Disco, the Italo Disco monster gets some heavyweight working over from the likes of LosBikini, Sex On TV, SunnySunday and this juggernaut from our pal The Sanfernando Sound. Listen in.

In contrast to Foreign Boy’s decidedly British take on Italo, The Sanfernando Sound delivers an European epic, complete with thunderous EBM basslines and EuroDance leads, all wrapped up in a retro Disco package. Foreign Boy’s robo-vocals fit this soundtrack perfectly, forming a hypnotic mantra until they give way tot he soaring synth solo. The whole reMix package is currently available on Bandcamp, you should check it out.

♫ Foreign Boy – Dance Like A Light (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

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[Audio] Foreign Boy’s ‘Dance Like A Light’


Foreign Boy

Out this week via Nude Disco comes the début EP from London’s Foreign Boy. We’ve been quite eagerly awaiting this release ever since he teased us with the slick BedroomPop tune Desperately Broken. The EP’s titled Dance Like A Light and holds four original songs and a reMix of the title track which all present a journey through the funkier side of retro electronics. Check out the title track and the reMix from Boysinadisco below.

Dance Like A Light is a full-on ‘jump up and dance’ track, awash with heavy layers of Italo and Boogie. It’s a surprisingly stomping tune after the introspective Desperately Broken, but still takes it’s cues from the most energetic of 80’s Pop. In five minutes of rapid fire basslines and shimmering synth riffs a vocoded dancefloor command becomes a mirrorball mantra that is easy to obey. Spanish duo Boysinadisco give the tune a Nu-Disco spin with their reMix, injecting the tune with a cheeky Disco licks and a blissful little lead line. Their mix manages to take the tune into heavier territory without loosing the original’s sense of fun. The whole EP is a strong début that makes Foreign Boy as one to watch.

♫ Foreign Boy – Dance Like A Light (Original Mix)

♫ Foreign Boy – Dance Like A Light (Boysinadisco reMix)

Foreign Boy’s Dance Like A Light is out now.

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[Video] Foreign Boy’s ‘Desperately Broken’


Foreign Boy   Desperately Broken   YouTube

One of London’s best kept secrets, BedroomPopseter Foreign Boy is about to become less of a secret with the release of hid début EP. Out at the end of the month via Nude Disco, the Dance Like A Light EP features a track we posted last September, Desperately Broken, which has now got a video.

The clip is an orbital dream that perfectly matches the tone of the track.

Foreign Boy’s Dance Like A Light EP is out 21st July.

Check out more from Foreign Boy on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Ben Macklin, The Penelopes, Nude Disco & Foreign Boy appear on ‘Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1’


nude disco

At a party in the depths of South London at the weekend, our friends over at Nude Disco (one of the capital’s grooviest clubnights) launched their and new record label. Now that’s definitely something you should be keeping en eye on, Vern and the guys have got stunning taste in music so you can definitely expect an interesting stable putting out nothing but quality releases.

The celebrate the beginning of big things, Nude Disco & Friends have put out a free compilation album and a gateway into their world. Amongst Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 you’ll find ten tracks from the core Nude Disco crew, ranging from Nu-Disco to SynthWave to ElectroPop. Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin puts in a solo appearance with Saved, five minutes of dreamy poolside Italo funk, alongside London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes’ single, Now Now Now, here give the Nude Disco treatment in big summery piano House fashion. Much of the album is built up from Nude Disco himself, who opening track, Neon Hearts, is retro SynthPop excellence, unusually pure Pop from Nude Disco, but totally irresistible. Foreign Boy’s contribution to the album is a slick late 80s tinged DiscoPop tune that is a lot more polished than we’ve heard from him before, signalling big things from this guy. As far is opening manifesto’s go, this one a loaded with killer tracks, you’d be a fool not to grab yourself a copy.

Ben Macklin – Saved

The Penelopes – Now Now Now (Penelopes Nude Disco Mix)

Nude Disco – Neon Hearts

Foreign Boy – Devon Sands

You can pick up Nude Disco & Friends’ Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 for free from here.

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[Audio] Foreign Boy’s ‘Desperately Broken’


Foreign Boy

Time for some synthetic BedroomPop now from Londoner Foreign Boy. Ex-Tommy And The Thieves, Foreign Boy latest demo goes by the name of Desperately Broken and, yes, it is as melancholy as the title suggests, but with a injection of musical optimism.

Gentle toytown beats and reedy synths come together to form Foreign Boy’s sound. Incorporating elements of classic SynthPop, Lo-Fi and quirky minimal Pop, Desperately Broken tells a tale on loneliness set to a soundtrack of pulsating keys and abrasive sound effects used in a raw, human way. Get drawn into the robotic, yet emotional, world of Foreign Boy, just make sure you take a hanky.

♫ Foreign Boy – Desperately Broken

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