[Download] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Costal’


Box Of Wolves

Costal is the latest slice of sweet, laid back, Tropical Disco Chillwave bliss from the wonderful Mr. Box Of Wolves. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, Box Of Wolves hazy dance sounds always take you away to a warmer climate and better times. Check out his new symphony of nostalgia and groove; and prepare to let the sunshine into your life.

Riding in a hazy organ hook, Costal rolls together elements of House, SynthWave, Chillwave and Nu-Disco into one warm and relaxing four minute jam. Layered with intricate purcussion and waves of smokey pads, the track take you on a smooth voyage where you can forget your troubles. Sometimes we thing Tropical is the sound of the summer, but sometimes it occurs to us that Tropical should be the sound of the winter, when you really need warming up, so we’re glad Box Of Wolves brought us Coastal when he did.

Box Of Wolves – Coastal

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[Download] Box Of Wolves reMixes Hawaii94’s ‘Runaway’



Canadian smooth merchant Box Of Wolves has offered up another of his awesome reMixes. Be prepared for some driving beats and dreamy keys on this reMix of frequent collaborator Hawaii94’s Runaway. The track is taken from the Australian producers recent Nightvision EP, which is available now, and walks a nice line between nostalgic and contemporary.

You’d think it would be hard to reconcile the pounding beats and pulsating synth bass of this track with the hazy keys and slight Tropical undertones, but Box Of Wolves juggles the styles with ease, delivering a track that is both light and airy and a floorfilling juggernaut. Hiwaii94’s anthemic vocals on the track serve to enhance this effect and his vintage style lends the track a retro twist. All-in-all you’re left with a track that’s just as suited to the headphones as it is the dancefloor, both epic and irresistibly funky.

Hawaii94 – Runaway (Box of Wolves reMix)

Hawaii94’s Nightvision EP is out now.

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[Video] Box Of Wolves’ &’Let’s Start Again’


Box Of Wolves   Let s Start Again  Official Video    YouTube

A week into it’s release and the acclaimed new single from Canadian Disco Chillwaver Box Of Wolves, Let’s Start Again, is already making serious waves. With the voice of Christa Vi and reMixes from UK Producer Meloder, Brooklyn’s AIMES, and DeltaFoxx, the track is already lined up to appear in some pretty high profile mixtapes and getting some serious club play.

Now we present to you the official video for the track, directed by Monikard which perfectly captures the breezy summertime vibe of the track. Enjoy life in the dreamy lane….

Box Of Wolves’ Let’s Start Again is out now, a Beatport exclusive.

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[Release] Box Of Wolves – Let’s Start Again


Box Of Wolves

Bring the summertime to your winter months with the new single from Canadian Disco Chillwaver Box Of Wolves. Bringing you the sequel to his critically acclaimed début single, Boy, Box Of Wolves once again lets the voice of Christa Vi glide over his smooth keys and warm beach-bound beats as he delivers Let’s Start Again.

Stepping up for reMix duties on this carefree release are UK Producer Meloder, who’s intricate Deep House treatment is both nostalgic and forward thinking, Brooklyn’s AIMES, who delivers one of the biggest Tropical Disco tunes of the year and DeltaFoxx, who has the big ElectroPop arena covered.

With something for every dancefloor, the Let’s Start Again single is on target to be packing underground dancefloors this summer with the likes of Jerry Bouthier (JBAG), Ben Macklin (Cassette Club), P A U L I E, Rüfüs, Ali Jaimeson, Polar Sun and Jowie Schulner showing early support.

♫ Box Of Wolves – Let’s Start Again (Single)

Box Of Wolves’ Let’s Start Again is out today, a Beatport exclusive.

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[Download] Pat Lok’s ‘Same Hearts’ reMixed by Box Of Wolves



Canadian producer Pat Lok and Bear Mountain’s Same Hearts has been out just over a week now and in that week has been getting a fair amount of play ‘round these parts. It’s set to see even more spins now on the form of of the brand new reMix from our own Chilly Disco don Box Of Wolves, Stay tuned for more Box Of Wolves news and we announce his new single in the coming days.

In the meantime he’s whipped up a jackin’ House tune with this track. It’s got a nice retro swing to it courtesy of some thick synth stabs running throughout that give the vocals a buoyant quality. All this resides upon a deep bassline constructed from pulsating and echoing synths. It’s as atmospheric as it is dancefloor friendly. Perfect for that Deep House portion of the night. A true meeting of talents.

Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Box Of Wolves reMix)

Pat Lok’s Same Hearts is out now on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

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[Download] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Hello’


Box Of Wolves

Canadian hazy Disco don Box Of Wolves is back with a new track ahead of the release of the follow up to his last single, Boy, single next month. Hello is just the kind of track to keep you warm on these increasingly frosty winter days. Once again featuring vocal assistance from Christa Vi, albeit in a heavily modulated and chopped-up form here, Hello is an excuse to forget about your worries for four minutes and sink into an all-encompassing electronic dreamscape.

Leading with pin-sharp chords, bright and shiny, Hello soon weighs-in with a resounding bassline and a solid groove. Heavy on the purcussion, Hello also gets you on-board with  haunting melodies and distend hook, all coming together in a cloud of swirling Disco. Christa’s vocals are morphed into another instruments in this instance, adding to the sound pallet and enhancing the wave of chill that emanates from the speakers.

Box Of Wolves – Hello

Box Of Wolves’ Hello is out now’

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[Download] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Close’


Box Of Wolves

Close is the new tune of Canadian Chilly-Disco-meister Box Of Wolves. Taken from a compilation released this week, it perfect mid-week music. Funky enough to get you thinking toward the weekend, but chilled enough not to mess with your shit this Thursday. Check it out.

Close is just under four minutes of pure electronic bliss. With a healthy nod to both 80s SynthPop and early 90s classic dance music, it’s a tune that you can just relax into and let it carry you away. The play between the chord progression and the purcussion sounds particularly SynthPop which, when coupled with the Orbital-esque bass vibe and the waves of hazy vocals make for a spot-on slice of synthesizer escapism.

Box Of Wolves – Close

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves reMixes Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’



Since Goldroom gave away the stems to the lead track of his latest EP, Embrace, we are expecting an almighty flood of reMix to be hitting our inbox any time now. Before the inevitable happens, let’s get in some quality and have a look at what our boy Box Of Wolves, Canadian Chilly-Disco producer extraordinaire has come up with.

Box Of Wolves take on the track is suitable rich and textured. Laid back in it’s approach, it’s like a warm blanket of beats and snyths. For Box Of Wolves, it shows off a surprisingly Housey beat, but one that works really well to underpin the washes of dreamy pads and electric piano. The vocals take on a new, hazy, quality when coupled with this soundtrack and you’re left with something you could equally dance to or chill to.

Goldroom – Embrace (Box of Wolves reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Two Of Us’


Box Of Wolves

Late last week, that Canadian purveyor of all things DreamPop Box Of Wolves served up a brand new tune. We know of some quite exciting thing approaching in Box Of Wolves pipeline, but until then this kind of gloriously breezy ElectroPop is just the ticket to tide us over.

 Two Of Us is a swirling, synthesizer fantasy. A reverb drenched symphony of ghostly sounds and twinkling melodies with the ghostly fragments of a voice we believe we recognise drifting in and out of the soundscape. Box Of Wolves captures a nostalgic innocence in all his music, but it’s particularly shown off here, the music equivalent of warm summer evenings.  We’ll be bring you another stunning Box Of Wolves single on electronic rumours (the label) in the coming months, keep an eye out for it, it’s a corker!

Box Of Wolves – Two Of Us

Box Of Wolves’ Two Of Us is out now.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves & Hawaii94’s ‘Control’


Box Of Wolves

That Canadian purveyor of all things dreamy and ElectroPoppy Box Of Wolves has just served up a new single, free to download, alongside Australian producer Hawaii94. Box Of Wolves really does have the sound of summery day locked down, his hazy synths and infectious beats get us in a sunshine mood every time.

Control is the title of the single, a thick synthed slice of nostalgia that weaves a thread of early 90s Pop into Box Of Wolves usual, slightly Chillwave, DreamPop. Strongly heartfelt vocals, that at first glace you would consider too forceful for the music but soon blend into the swirling hazy of synths perfectly, give the track it;s resonant core whilst Control’s reverb soaked chords and skippy hi-hats conjure images of lazy summer evenings. The single also comes equipped with an instrumental version of the tune.

Box Of Wolves & Hawaii94 – Control

Box Of Wolves & Hawaii94’s Control is out now, you can download the whole single for free here.

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