[Download] DiscoSocks’ ‘Getcha”



London bass monster DiscoSocks has quietly snuck out a new tune. His first new tune since the middle of last year, this one proves he’s not been making the most of his time. Sitting on his SoundCloud page as a free download  is Getcha’. After a couple of Housier outings DiscoSocks returns to his bass slappin’ roots with a huge chunk of old school Funk for your ears. Get Involved.

Setting up a groove, liberally peppered with cowbells and dirty, growling, slap bass, that would be right at home on an old Hip Hop record (think the Wild Style soundtrack), DiscoSocks works up something infectiously nostalgic and a compelling floorfiller. Building on the rhythms as the track progresses keeps the energy levels rising, but as always the star of the show is DiscoSocks bass. Soak it in.

DiscoSocks – Getcha’

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[Download] DiscoSocks’ ‘Had A Thing Together’



Here’s the new one from the man DiscoSocks. This is the second track from the London based producer this year and so far he’s nailing it. Mixing up a little House into his Nu-Disco sound he’s consistently unleashing dancefloor gold. His latest offering, Had a Thing Together, brings together a House beat with a nice French Touch groove. Check it out.

If you like your House filtered and sample-y, you’ve come to the right place. DiscoSocks works a funky vocal hook around some sweeping synths and his trademark bass playing in a track that harkens back to the heyday of French Touch whilst sounding ultimately fresh. Reminisce about those sweet summers and get your head nod on with DiscoSocks.

DiscoSocks – Had A Thing Together

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[Download] Disco Socks’ ‘Sock Drawer Secrets #3’



It’s not often we cover collections of Edits on these pages, the odd one or two here and there when they impress us, but collection we generally pass over (mainly because we get confused as to who gets the article image and purchase links!), but this new three tracker from London’s DiscoSocks definitely bears mentioning. These three new Edits from the man make up his just released Sock Drawer Secrets #3 EP which, as the title would suggest, is his third release of Edit secret weapons. All three are pretty stunning, here are our favourite two for the EP.

The Three Degrees are first up here with their Giorgio Moroder produced hit Giving Up, Giving In. The original’s fuzzy synth grove is easy fuel for an Edit and DiscoSocks runs with it, layering the funk over a solid House beat. Giving the track a whole new lease of life with a decidedly clubby pump and a new arrangement that suddenly delivers a more dancefloor oriented journey, DiscoSocks has managed to retain the original’s slick Saturday night flavour whist dragging it into 2014. Fire Fox’s 1985 single Round Trip Ticket is up next, in it’s inception a slick 80s Soul Pop jam, loaded with synth funk goodness. Ripe for the editing definitely. In this case DiscoSocks knows just what to bring to the fore and what to drop back, driving the B-Boy beat and synth stabs, along with the vocals, to headline the track making it sound as fresh as ever. Want some sure-fire tools for your crate? DiscoSocks has got you covered.

The Three Degrees – Giving Up, Giving In (DiscoSocks Edit)

Fire Fox – Round Trip Ticket (DiscoSocks Edit)

DiscoSocks’ Sock Drawer Secrets #3 EP is out now, you can download the whole release free from here.

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[Download] DiscoSocks’ ‘Gotta Get It Goin’



Hold tight! there’s a new tune from London Disco ‘N’ Bass groover DiscoSocks in town. Following his awesome I’ll Be Getting Down/Goldman Sax single the man is indulging his Houseier side with this new track and kicking things into high gear. This one is aimed squarely at the dancefloor,

Gotta Get It Goin is a monster House jam that powers along on the pairing of frantic bass and infections piano hooks. Riding over some pretty complex purcussion the who thing has a forward momentum that drops and builds in just the right places, when it kicks back in it’s pure energy. Expect to be hearing this quite a bit in the clubs over the coming months.

DiscoSocks – Gotta Get It Goin

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[Audio] DiscoSocks reMixes Reset!’s ‘I Need You’



Reset!’s I Need You was one of the big songs of the summer, big grinding Electro-House with a Disco soul. It occasionally veered a little too far of the Turbofunk path into American ‘EDM’ territory, but on the whole was a slamming tune. So, a few months later here’s London bass jockey DiscoSocks to smooth over the tracks rough edges and reel it back into a dancefloor fun arena. It’s part of the official reMix package that was released this weekend. Get on-board.

DiscoSocks morphs the aggressive growl of the original into a Chromeo-esque slice of slick Disco. Leaning heavily, of course, of the Sock’s awesome bass playing, the track revels in the irresistible bassline running throughout. Layering that with slick Disco licks and heavyweight vintage synths DiscoSocks makes everything, from the hook to the vocals, just that little bit groovier. We just can’t imagine a situation that would prevent you for moving to this one, not even if your dead. If you can’t dance to this one then it may be time to reassess what you’re doing with your life. DiscoSocks really is rising to the top of the London Disco scene.

♫ Reset! – I Need You (DiscoSocks reMix)

Reset!’s I Need You is out now.

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘I’ll Be Getting Down’ & ‘Goldman Sax’



What’s better than a new single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks? A free single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks, that’s what. Courtesy of the fine folk at Heavy Disco, here’s the double A-side of I’ll Be Getting Down and Goldman Sax, two tracks that are set to put you in a weekend anticipating mood.

If I’ll Be Getting Down was a movie it would be a blockbuster, a summer crowd pleaser, loaded with explosions and effects laden set-pieces, but it’s not, it’s a slammin;’ Disco tune that sees DiscoSocks pulling all the tricks out of his bag and loading them into one track. Frantic purcussion, diva vocal snatches, big stings, vinyl scratches and, of course, DiscoSocks magic fingers blurring over the fretboard of a bass. It’s four minutes of power Disco goodness backed with a more Disco-House leaning affair titled Goldman Sax. Once again riding on DS’ hypnotic bass skills, Goldman Sax injects a rolling sax sample into it’s mesmerizing Disco mix. Go download this now.

DiscoSocks – I’ll Be Getting Down

DiscoSocks – Goldman Sax

DiscoSocks’ I’ll Be Getting Down/Goldman Sax single is out now.

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘1000% Horse’


It’s meat you can eat with no fear of surprises. London’s DiscoSocks is proudly proclaiming his latest creation to be 1000% Horse. Which means no beef whatsoever, just pure, tasty, thoroughbred Disco and crazy amounts of DiscoSocks insane slap bass skills.

1000% Horse is the prefect platform for showing off DiscoSocks bass talents, his grimy, funky as hell playing is the heart and soul of this tune. A mid-pace jam that would churn up even the most lifeless of dancefloors. A solid, cowbell infused, groove full of pop, wicked little licks and vocal snatches, gives the track a laid pack party vibe, but really, it’s all about the infectious bass. There’s even a bass solo, which is odd as I thought the whole track was a bass solo!

DiscoSocks – 1000% Horse

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘Lifetime’


Just in-case your Disco wasn’t rockin’ you hard enough, London’s DiscoSocks is back with another driving slab of groove to keep you moving. Hot on the heels of his last single, Motivation (out now on MofoHiFi’s sister label Heavy Disco) this new tune takes no dancefloor prisoners

This is Lifetime, and this is guaranteed to get you dancing, or your money back. But wait, Heavy Disco are giving this massive tune away for free, it’s a win.win situation. DiscoSock’s bassline work, arguably where the man excels, rolls underneath a duvet of thick stabs and messed up vocal snatches, keeping a loose Funk and the track in check. With a pitch perfect Disco breakdown and build, dancefloor mayhem will ensue.

DiscoSocks – Lifetime

DiscoSocks’ Motivationsingle is out now.

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DiscoSocks’ ‘Motivation’


Did someone order a big slab of actual Disco? Well MofoHiFi sister label Heavy Disco have snapped up London groovemeister DiscoSocks to bring you just what you want. And, man, does he deliver. Keep it locked for some insanely infectious Disco action.

Motivation is a huge feel-good tune. Layered thick with slap bass, a catchy hook and a big horn section. This track is just all about the dancefloor, nothing more nothing less, and what more is needed? DiscoSocks’ crazy bass playing give the track it’s heart, literally flying through the track, whist all around it horn stabs and snatches of big diva vocals provide an uplifting groove that is just irresistible. This is Disco.

DiscoSocks – Motivation (Radio Edit)

DiscoSocks’ Motivation is released 8th October.

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DiscoSocks’ new single


London based bass player turned Disco demon DiscoSocks released a new double A-side single today.

From the moment ‘Voodoo’ kicks in you seriously get hat this guy is experienced with bass. Both the slap playing and the synth lines are amazing. Funky and complex lines intertwine around each other to create a wall of dancefloor destroying synthesizer Disco. the flip side, ‘Boogie Hour’ is just as meticulously crafted and brings more of a banging Electro-House vibe to DiscoSocks Nu-Disco. Both tracks are top quality productions prime to be dropped at peak time.

♫ DiscoSocks – Voodoo (Original Mix)

♫ DiscoSocks – Boogie Hour (Original Mix)

‘Boogie Hour’/’Voodoo’ is out today on HouseRecordings, and be sure to catch DiscoSocks spinning some tunes HERE! Winking smile

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